Sunday, 1 March 2015

Writing with Murray Gadd

Murray came in to work with us. He told us a story about a naughty dog called Baxter. He inspired us to write our own animal stories. Here are some of them... (more to come)

My Pet Ruby
By Milly

My brother, my sister and I got a got a bright red guinea pig lead. There are two red holes that you clip around her body. As soon as we put it on her, she started zigzagging around her cage. The longer she had it on the faster and wilder she got. We could not stop her from zigzagging around so in the end, we decided to tie the lead to her cage so she couldn't move. When we had tied her up we picked her up and unclipped the lead. Since then we have never put the lead on her again.

Casper- My Aunt's Cat
By Molly A

My Aunty has a cat, a small grey and white striped cat. He is always waiting under my uncomfortable green stretcher. Just waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting to be played with.

But today when I push open the heavy white, window patched door, I couldn't find him anywhere... but wait! What was that small round bump in the middle of the bed under the white patterned duvet? I slowly, carefully, looked under the duvet and there was Casper pulled into a tight ball staring at me with big scared eyes!

The Cat
By Meg
I was three when it all happened. We were going get a cat, a nice friendly cat for me and Jack. Then we came back from the adventure of getting a cat... it was all very well until we had her for one week then something very bad happened. The cat was stalking Me and Jack, she would jump onto me and Jack’s backs with her claws and would pee on my dad clothes. So in the end, we gave her away and got a new cat.

The Very Naughty Cat     
By Burton  

We get lots of cats in our neighborhood, some of them sneak into our backyard.
One day we went looking for bottles, digging amongst the weeds.  We came back with at least 11 or so and put them on our deck railing to dry.

A few hours later one of these cats was tiptoeing through the long grass when it  spied the bird feeder with its old mouldy bread. The cat hurled itself up on to the railing to get at it. It knocked one of the bottles which teetered, toppled and fellSMASH!
A frightened tabby blur skittled into the hedge just as dad came down to see what all the racket was about.

He saw the shards of glass.
“Damn!, it must have been one of those bloody cats again. That was a nice bottle too”.  

And that is the last we saw of that naughty, scaredy cat.

By George

Queenie enters the room with the door left open. She spots a foam carton, she tore a hole in the very top. Whilst there, she spies leftover noodles she gobbles them up until it was sparkly clean. Then she sits on top and does her business! We arrived. I smelt something awful I crept into the play station room and there it was “Typical Queenie” I thought to myself.

Naughty Dog
By Anna

Max’s naughty paws rip the bed, the stuffing goes crazy. His bed looks like a dump  of old demolished things, it looks like a ghost has ripped it’s icy fingers in the bed……. but it was just Max!

His green beady eyes were staring at the bed hoping for it to disappear!

Later when we got back home we saw his bed and Max was frozen, just standing there, staring at us, hoping we won’t get mad!!

The Cat Who Scratched
By Alex B
I was going down into the garden on a sunny Saturday morning. Suddenly the cat from next door jumped off the fence. I went up to it and said “hi kitty”.
I went back up to the house to fetch him some water. When I went back down I gave him the water, but he didn’t do much. So I pushed it forward and he scratched me.

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