Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Celebration of learning

Celebrating our Learning with Parents. What a fantastic day!

It was really packed and noisy when Parents, Friends and Family came in today, It was really fun. Everybody was looking at the work we have done and the artefacts that we found down the bank. All the parents were so excited to explore the classrooms and find out what is down the bank, they also enjoyed seeing what we have to offer. There was also some delicious Kawa-kawa tea that we put out for the parents and students, tasty! There was a table for sketching and drawing with charcoal, so the parents could do some art. The parents  loved all of the amazing bird feeders that we made! We  planted the seed bombs down the bank with the parents and teachers so that they could see what the seed bombs do. Here are the parents looking at the footprints we got through our tracking tunnels, The parents look at the treasure we found down the bank  and planting seed bombs!
photo 1.JPG

The parents look at the treasure we found down the bank.

Planting seed bombs,(These were the ones we froze first.)

photo 1.JPG

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