Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Sounds of Miramar

My art exhibition piece I have recorded different sounds of I made this because I was thinking that it would be cool to   hear what's in our backyard Miramar. The process was to record the sounds, try to put the sounds on Garageband but that didn’t work so then I used movie and it was a success. I have chosen 12 different places to record, each recording is 30 seconds long, so that means the total of the recordings together is 6 minutes. The places I have recorded are  Worser bay beach to hear the waves, A cafe to hear a coffee machine, School inside to hear people making sculptures, School outside to hear people playing different games, The airport to hear the planes take off, The road to hear the cars driving past, A supermarket to hear the bleeping sound of when an item has gone past the checkout, Miramar park to hear people playing football, Miramar Tennis club to hear the tennis balls getting hit, Asb sports center to hear the basketballs bouncing, Kilbirnie pool to hear the splashing of the water and My backyard. I chose to record My backyard because this years inquiry is “What’s in my backyard”. You will hear the sounds of Miramar Wellington.

By Hunter

Sounds of Miramar from Matariki on Vimeo.

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