Friday, 26 June 2015

Game of guess who?

In our writing lessons, we have been learning how to write in the "third person." We wrote a description of ourselves without naming them and then we handed them to Nicola. She mixed them up and read them out. We had to guess who the person was. Then we decided to use puppet pals to publish them. By George 

Who is he from Matariki on Vimeo.

Who is he from Matariki on Vimeo.

Who is she from Matariki on Vimeo.

Who is he from Matariki on Vimeo.
Who am I??? from Matariki on Vimeo.
Who is she from Matariki on Vimeo.
Who is she from Matariki on Vimeo.
Who from Matariki on Vimeo.
Who from Matariki on Vimeo.

Whangarei Mystery Skype

Using Twitter to record our progress

Some of us Mystery Skyped a class from Whangarei Primary School. We recorded our progress on Twitter @MatarikiWBS #mysteryskype. It was fun having to research and find places on a map.  We took turns and asked questions to each other to narrow it down until we got the correct school.

Whangarei mystery Skype from Matariki on Vimeo.

Today's Assembly 26.6.15

Thank you to our fabulous presenters and people who shared their learning today at assembly

. We all loved the dancing! Well done to all of those children who received Principal Awards for persevering.
Amazing assembly from Matariki on Vimeo.

Student Run Workshops: Writing a book review

We ran a workshop about how to write a book review. We gave the people in the workshop templates to help them. By Asha

We had to write a book review. We had to call the workshop leaders by their surnames. We wrote about our favorite books and whether we would recommend the books to other people. I learnt that you have to talk about the action and the main characters. By Lucie

I liked this workshop because you learnt how to write a book review and the template helped us with the layout. By Anna

Writing A Book Review from Matariki on Vimeo.

Library Visit: Weds- Who is in our community?

Anna- I learnt that where the Miramar library is now, it used to be a lake. I enjoyed the walk and the talk from Sharon. I am interested in the library (I am doing the Library research). My next steps are to go to the library and interview at least two librarians and ask them questions about their past and their job!

Khailin: I liked learning about Miramar’s past.

Charlie P:  I liked learning about how the library used to be a lake & more!

Zoe.R: I learned a lot about what Wellington used to look like and what Wellington used to look like and what it look likes now. The librarian told us a lot about Miramar. Definitely check out the Miramar Library! 

Blake: I learnt that the Miramar library used to be under a swamp. I also looked at a book with some friends and it was about what Wellington used to look like in the past and what it looks like now!

Alex P: I really like learning about Miramar Peninsula, the library & the lake

Library from Matariki on Vimeo. By Asha


Do you think you will make a great student councillor for Worser Bay School?

We have had a very motivated group of student councillors who over the past year have worked hard, fundraising, organising events and representing the students of our school.
However it is now time to select a new student council who will be able to represent to voice of the students at Worser Bay School over the coming year.

If you would like to apply for the new student council, you need to be:
  • a good communicator who is able to connect with children and adults across the school. 
  • an excellent team player, 
  • organised and able to meet deadlines,
  • passionate about wanting to contribute towards improving our school community
  • currently in Y3-6.

Please apply in writing to Jude and Danny by Friday Term 3 Week 1, telling us why you feel you should be selected for this role.
You can email your letter to Jude, and Danny, or hand in person by Friday 17th July, Term 3 Week 1.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Stepping Out Dance

Chanel: Yesterday we did some dance, Dean and  Ezra came in to show us some hip hop
Then we played a game called copycat, we had to copy everything Dean was doing, it was fun and they were wearing tuxedos.

Perry: The dancing was fun!

Blake: Yesterday the seniors and juniors did some hip hop. There were two people who came in and there name’s were Dean and Ezra to be honest, I thought it was even better than the hip hop lessons that I do. When I first saw them, I thought one of them was the prime minister of another country or something like that, but when we got out there it turned out that they were just  hip hop dancers.

Lucas: I liked how we had to copy Dean and Ezra.

Frankie: Yesterday we did some dancing some people named  Dean and  Ezra came in to show us some hip hop that they made up. We played a game called copycat we had to copy everything that Dean was doing, it was fun and it was funny because they were wearing tuxedos while dancing.

TakehisaI liked the dance and copying what Dean and Ezra. Also, I enjoyed dancing really cool.   All of the dance that we did was tricky and hard to remember and dance.  I had lots of fun dancing to hip hop with Dean and Ezra because sometimes we had to dance really fast. I couldn't see the bit where Dean’s fingers were creepy. (Because I was on road patrol.)

Gretel: I really enjoyed them and I think everyone else did!

Molly A: We all made mistakes, but we just kept trying.

Louis: I had lots of fun doing the dance!

Dance weds arvo from Matariki on Vimeo.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Mystery Skype with St Teresa School in QLD

Today, We had another Mystery Skype. We took turns asking other schools yes or no questions, we gave each other a couple of clues, but the rest was used Chromebooks and google maps as tools.

We asked....

- Are you from New Zealand?
- Are you in Asia?
- Are you a Catholic school?
- Are you intermediate?
... and other questions.

The school was Saint Teresa in Monto, Queensland.
They guessed us before we guessed them. We guessed just after them.

By Asha

Mystery Skype #3 from Matariki on Vimeo.

Today's Visitor: Robert Gordon

Molly A: Today a man called Robert came in and talked to us about his radio career. He tried to get a licence to be on the radio but he failed. You need a license for getting a radio station so you don’t do anything nasty. He talked about when he started trying out for a radio station and when he stopped.

Josie & Millicent: A man called Robert came into school to talk about his radio life. He talked about what he enjoyed about it. He talked about how competitive the radio industry was. When he was at university, he started a pirate radio station. His station was soon closed down by the post office because they did not have a licence so they didn't say nasty thing about other people. They were on television once because of his station and they had to wear stockings over their heads so people didn’t know who they were.

Liv: It was so exciting! He also mentioned the fact that he wanted to play sports but didn’t because his brother was better than him and he didn’t want to show that to others. But then his brother hurt his hip and now Roberts probably better than his brother now.

Danielle: Now he is working behind a desk at a computer helping people at the Commerce Commission.

Charlie: Robert wanted to play sports, but he didn’t because his brother was better than him so he didn’t want to embarrass himself.

Takehisa: I liked the bit where he talked about Tennis and other sport stuff.

Elliot: I like the part when he talked about using American accents and he changed his voice lots.

Jack: I liked the talk about the radio stations and how they have changed over time. He was really interesting because he told good stories.

Hanne-I liked how Robert was very interested in radios and I liked how funny he was!

Khailin: I liked learning about the radio stations. And how they became so popular. Angelina: I liked learning about the radio it was very funny to listen to him talking in funny accents.It was fun hearing about radio.

Message from Robert, "This morning I went to Worser Bay school and talked to lots of children there.  The class was very welcoming and made me comfortable talking about myself and things I have done in radio. The questions the children asked were excellent! Amongst other questions, I was asked about my music preferences when I was at university, whether I played an instrument, and whether I was still kept up the friendship with the radio people I worked with. They were all great questions that help understand what the person talking to them is like and what makes them tick.

After I finished talking to them, the children clapped and sang to me wonderfully. And then, in the afternoon they published a blog article about my talk. My workmates at the Commerce Commission were most impressed!"

A big thank you to Robert for coming in to talk to us. Here is a song to say thanks...

Singing from Matariki on Vimeo.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Matariki Celebrations

 We hope that you enjoyed our Matariki Celebrations as much as we did...

Marilyn Head got up extra early to chat to us about the stars
Collaborative Art by everyone in the school
Whanau Groups
Whanau Groups
Preparing the Hangi

Click here to see our Haka

These children made a movie about Ngake and Whitaitai:
Ngake and Whitaitai from Matariki on Vimeo.

Evie and Charlie made a movie about how to weave:

How to make weaving patterns with Evie, Charlie from Matariki on Vimeo.

Mystery Skype #2

Today at school we were skyping a mystery school.
What we did is we took turns asked questions to each other, to narrow it down until we got the correct school.

We asked questions like…
  1. Are you in NZ?
  2. Are you in the south island?
  3. Are you a primary school?
And we got a bunch of answers!
We finally got the school!
It was Queenstown!
It took about 3 - 8 minutes to find out who it was...
So… It’s sad but true, They guessed us before we guessed them…

By Charlie P

Road Patrol Competition

On 7th August the Year 5 and 6 children will be marching through the streets of Wellington to acknowledge the hard work that they have been doing on road patrol. Me and Sylvie made an imovie video with different orange day competition entries. We added Neon music after looking at the different audio options. They were all so great. We enjoyed learning how to make imovie videos.
By Sylvie and Liv

Road Patrol badge competition from Matariki on Vimeo.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Matariki Writing

Maui and the fish by Liv

Maui paddled hard in his waka. His waka slowly drifted along the water. He threw his fishing line overboard. He read the newspaper. Waiting. He put the newspaper down, as something gave a sharp tug on the line. He pulled persistently. Before he knew it, he was no longer in the water, but on the fish. Maui sat there mouth wide open. He was shocked. The fish was huge. The fish slowly turned to land. Most of the land was forested. That fish is now the north island.

The Seven Stars Of Matariki by Asha
Collaborative Art from Whanau Groups- Taniwha
Long ago, there was a young boy named Haki who had six older brothers. Every Sunday morning they would set out on their Waka to whetu-kairangi to catch seafood for dinner, but Haki was not allowed to go. One day Haki woke up and crept onto his brothers Waka and waited until the morning. When morning came the brothers pushed out their Waka and paddled to Whetu-Kairangi, when they arrived, they pulled out their fishing rods and started fishing. After about an hour of waiting they all got a huge bite, they pulled and pulled until seven big diamond reached the surface, the brothers were so mesmerised by the diamonds that they forgot all about fishing for dinner and paddled all the back to Motu Kairangi, Miramar Peninsula. Haki became more and more suspicious as the days went by because his brothers were getting more and more angry every day, they no longer went fishing for dinner and they spent their day staring at the diamonds.
One day Haki woke up early and paddled out to whetu-kairangi where the brothers had fished up the Diamonds, he waited in the waka until he felt an almighty bite on the end of his line, Haki heaved it out of the water and as soon as he saw the huge diamond he was enhanced, Haki discovered that the diamonds made who ever saw them really angry, Haki threw the diamond into the sky, told the god of the night sky ‘atua o te rangi po’ that he wanted the diamond never to be seen again except at the start of Maori new year, Haki paddled back to Motu Kairangi to warn his brothers, When haki arrived at his whare his brothers were trashing the whare and their was nothing that Haki’s mama could do about it. Haki slowly approached his brothers and told them to step outside and throw the six stars into the air, so that's what they did.

And that’s how the seven stars of Matariki came to be!

The 7 stars by Isaac
One day Tataraimaka went out with his waka to fish by himself. Tataraimaka saw 7 fish and he thought that it will be a good lunch so he got out his magic net made from flax. He threw it as hard as he could and he scooped up the 7 fish. He was so pleased that he caught 7 fish. He  got out his paddle and all of a sudden his magic net with the 7 fish in it got hauled up into the sky and that is how the 7 stars of Matariki got there.

The story of Matariki - By Gretel
One day Maui’s six brothers were going on a big fishing trip. Their Koro (Grandfather) gave them each a special stone. He gave the oldest a Ametista (Amethyst), the second oldest a Taimana (Diamond), the third oldest a Peara (Pearl) the fourth oldest a Topaha (Peridot), the fifth oldest a Matangongore (Opal) and the sixth oldest a Tanzanite and gave Maui the tiniest Garnet you could possibly find. Maui had longed to have a stone like his brothers, he knew he had always earnt it but how could he use this if he was not going out on a fishing trip with his brothers? He decided to come up with a plan and sneak into the hull of his brothers waka, just before the sun rose and hide there. ‘There they shall not find me as I am hidden and when they anchor the boat I shall surprise them by coming out.’ He thought to himself.

That night Maui stayed up late in his whare carving a fish hook he was planning to take the next morning. He created the fishhook using his grandmother’s jaw. He woke up the next morning feeling excited and nervous. He crept down to the waka and climbed in carefully making sure not to move it an inch. He reached into his pocket he made sure he had his hook. Feeling exhausted because he had not had much sleep in the night he lay down to rest.

He woke up to the sound of water lapping against the boat. He now knew that they were out in the open sea. When he heard the sound of the rope unraveling, because the anchor was going down he started to feel more and more excited he was about to catch his first fish. He heard his eldest brother call out to everyone “Bait your lines up, and throw them overboard, ready to catch some Fish”
“Okay” was the reply from all the brothers, perfectly synchronised.
He knew his brothers had all turned away when he felt the boat wobbling a bit side to side. He knew this was the time to come out and show himself. He crawled out of the hull, making a bit of a noise as he did. This caused all his brothers to turn around, when they saw him they all just stared in amazement. Then finally the eldest brother asked “How are you here?”
“You wouldn’t let me come so I decided to come secretly. I bought my birthstone as a lucky charm.” He replied.
The brothers stared at him again, then they looked down to where there stones were.
Maui then asked his brothers how many fish they had caught? They all looked at each other with a sullen look on there faces. One of them spoke up and said “None.” The brothers all looked sheepish and annoyed though Maui knew why they had caught no Fish.
“Get your lines baited up and throw them overboard while I sing a special song” Maui ordered his brothers.
The brothers looked at him as if he was stupid, but they did as they were told. One by one they baited their own lines. Maui began to sing as the first brother threw his line overboard. Immediately the fish began tugging at the lines and in less than 5 minutes they had a whole boat full of Fish.

The brothers thought they were done but then Maui produced his fish hook and said “Now it is my turn to fish” “Do you have any bait I could use?”
“No, it’s not like you are going to catch anything with that fish hook” The brothers said meanly.
Maui did not like his brothers speaking to him like this so he decided to cut a big scrape in his leg, using the blood to attract fish.
Maui threw his line overboard far away from the boat, and began to sing again. Then suddenly a pull of the rope made his hand jerk because he was holding onto the line. Maui immediately got onto his knees and started pulling, the brothers just stared in amazement. Maui just tugged and tugged and tugged. Finally Maui saw a big black shadow loom around them, Maui loosened the grip on the rope because the fish was now coming up on its own, its mouth was open wide and Maui knew what he was aiming for. The boat.

Brothers” he shouted. “The Fish I have pulled up is going to eat the boat, we will sacrifice ourselves but not our stones” he yelled. “Just before the fish swallows the boat throw your birthstone up in the air!”
And with that they all threw their stones into the air just before the boat got swallowed.

We now know these 7 stones as the 7 stars of Matariki. Their names are Ametista, Taimana, Peara, Topaha,  Matangongore, Tanzanite, and a Garnet for Maui. We see these stars once a year in between May and July.

There are around 500 stars, but only 7 are visible. Maori used these stars to navigate their way round the vast and open ocean.
This is my way of telling the myth of Matariki and also the giant fish.

By Gretel

Maui and the fish by Hugo W

Maui’s brothers said, “you’re too young to fish.”

Maui was sad and really wanted to go fishing with his six brothers, so he decided to make a fishing line out of flax, it was a magical fishing line. He hid in the boat when they went out to fish in the morning.

The brothers were complaining about how heavy the boat was. Maui knew that they were far from land so he jumped out of his hiding place.

“You trickster.” said one of his brothers.

Maui got out his fishing line and threw it out as far as he could into the sea. He could see the black outline of the fish, it began to rise up slowly.

They caught the world.