Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Group Writing about Cooking Zucchinis

We’ve been writing in groups using the chrome books to describe our experience using the pizza ovens to cook zucchinis with John. It was tricky to put ourselves in the place of a reporter and not write as “we” all the time. How do you think we did?

Experiment Zucchini!   

The day had come, it was time for the zucchini chefs to show their masterpieces.
What could they be cooking? Their ideas emerged and took form onto the table.
The students were outside by the flaming pizza ovens. The trees shaded them from the searing sun. The sound of the chattering children was carried in the  wind.
Time to get cooking! The only ingredients were milk, egg, garlic, cheese, dough, pesto and zucchini. They all chose some different ingredients and made something with it.  

The amazing E (a group who all had E in their name) made a Zucchini roll. The ingredients they used were: garlic, cheese, pesto, dough and grated zucchini. It tasted like crispy toast.
It looked like a fluffy cushion of dough.

One group made zucchini pizza. They made a pizza base and put grated zucchini and zucchini juice  instead of sauce. As well as a little bit of grated garlic and cheese. Then cooked. It looked some what like a pile of cooked zucchini. It smelt like burnt zucchini. It tasted like zucchini

Another group also made zucchini pizza but their idea was to make zucchini bread with cheese on top. Their ingredients were: dough, cheese, garlic, pesto and zucchini. It tasted like salted zucchini on bread - that's only one persons idea. Another student thought it tasted like zucchini that had been rolled in dusty old dirt.

One group’s creation tasted like an omelette because it had lots of eggs in it. They also made one zucchini pie.

In the end, everyone loved their creation and I bet they all had fun making them.

By  Evie, Greer T, Parker, Rico, Yasmin, Elliot, Daisy, Arabella, Maddie, Gemma, Alex, Lucie  
And the teachers Gabrielle and John (head chef).


Gabrielle’s literacy group made pizza with John. It was a boiling hot day. First the children got into groups and decided what to make. We were at Worser Bay school in the courtyard, cooking with zucchinis. The zucchinis came from the school garden.
They were the best food ever.

The ingredients were zucchini,milk, olive oil, eggs, dough and cheese. One group made zucchini pizza. Another made zucchini bread, it was wonderful - it tasted like normal bread and you couldn’t even notice the zucchini. The pizza was starting to rise
higher and higher. Bubbles in the pizza popped like popcorn in a microwave.

The food was spectacular! When we saw the food rise we wanted to eat it all up. There were zuchinni pizzas, pies,and patties.

The pizza was puffy. We made it like this. First we made the batter, then we patted the dough, then we sprinkled zucchini , Cheese then we put it in the oven. when they were cooked we waited for them to cool down. And then we ate it.

It was the  first time for some people to eat zucchini.  It was awesome experiment for all of us.

By Vienna, Jessie, Orla, Logan, Alastair, Ben, Clara, Max, Peter, Stirling ,Molly J and Gabrielle

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