Thursday, 28 July 2016

How Much Water Do We Use? How Much Water do We Waste?

How much water are we wasting?
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We found out that we wast 22 ml of water per minute. It costs $2.24 per cubic metre of water. 950,000 -190-5 days a week for 39 weeks= 25.641025641. Most people use the tap water fountain and can't/won't turn it off. When you leave a tap dripping for 24 hours it will waste 29 litres.
How much water will we probably use this year?
We estimate that this year we will use 950 cubic meters. We may not be using as much as we should be but we don’t know if all this water is being used to its proper usage. Technically we are not using as much as we should, which is 29 - 30 litres for health purposes, such as going to the toilet twice (13 - 13.5 litres a flush ) and drinking 3 litres of water to keep ourselves healthy.
25.9138025095 litres roughly Per student Daily is how much we are using.

Our proposal / recommendation / next steps
  • Fix the drinking fountain tap
  • Try to turn the drinking fountain which has the tap handle off or not use it at all.
  • Don’t wash your hands for longer than a minute.
  • Use grey water for the toilets {grey water is when dirty water from taps or household equipment gets used for toilet flushes}
  • Collect the rainwater
  • Get www.watersaverme for the school

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