Thursday, 25 August 2016

Music workshops

We've had some music workshops this week to complement the work everyone has been doing for their musical performances.

Rob came in and performed on the bagpipes for us in the courtyard. Everyone got into the spirit of this and joined in a jig, then marched. We also listened to a 'quieter' piece (Amazing Grace), then Rob spoke to us about how the bagpipes work and the different sounds the drones and other parts make. Thanks Rob, we all really enjoyed learning about the bagpipes and listening to you play!

WBS marching to bagpipes from Matariki on Vimeo.

In the afternoon, Ray came in and talked to us about his experiences listening to the guitar as a child then learning to play, joining bands, performing, and then learning to make guitars and building this skill into a career. He showed us a beautiful guitar he had made, with paua inlaid around the edges and penguins inlaid, and showed us the pieces he uses to make a guitar. He also talked to us about the different types of wood he uses, and why he chooses them. It was really interesting and we were treated to Ray playing a piece at the end. Thanks again Ray.

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