Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Flynn's Poem- When you are sleeping

Today in Tautoru, for their reading, they read Flynn's poem, "When you are Sleeping". "We liked it because he chose the best words for the purpose. It also paints a picture in our mind. During Independent writing, some of us decided to write our own scary poems. Thank you for the inspiration Flynn!"

When you are sleeping...

When you are sleeping, sneaking through streets,
Snatching, eating, gobbling, slithering, he whispers,
In Parseltongue “kill, kill, kill, KILL!”
Cats meow, dogs bark, wind flows, rain flies,
Trees drip, no one sees the monsters,
Roaming feet thudding, houses crushing,
Water rising, trees falling, ground ripping.

People growing, ideas flowing, time spinning,
Coming, going in and out, blackness falling over,
Mountains growing, trucks towing,
Rivers Flowing,
Things Roaming.
By Flynn, WBS,  (Year 4)

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