Thursday, 8 September 2016

Learning Treasure Hunt: A Sneak Preview

Nau Mai Haere Mai!  Welcome to our Learning Treasure Hunt!

We are inviting our parents/caregivers in to see all that goes on on the classroom on Monday the 12th of September.  There will be a rich assortment of activities being run and managed by students.  These include Food Science activities, music, writing, and much more.  
The activity presented below is advanced taster of one of the Maths activities our guests will be having a go at.  If you want to look like a flash mathematician when you visit do this activity in advance and pretend that you have never seen it before.  Ha ha!

Sophia has just been given a dart game for her birthday.

The board has three rings.
The outer ring scores 4 points, the middle ring scores 7 points, and the inner ring 9 points.
The game has three darts.

(a) What scores can Sophia get?

(b) Sophia thought that was a bit boring so she decided that she could add and subtract the 4s, 7s and 9s. What possible positive scores could she get now?

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