Thursday, 1 September 2016

Lizard Garden

Lizard Garden

No, This is not a lizard but a lizard gardener!

You may have noticed at the Awa road entrance to the school some delightful new plantings.  A small but enthusiastic group including two students (thanks Zach and Joanie) spent a sunny Sunday morning, setting boulders and driftwood artistically and putting in grasses and small shrubs.  We have created a habitat which Lizards will love!  Geckos and Skinks are regulars on the hillside anyway but will now have a purpose built, sunbaked piece of prime real estate in which they can warm their cold blooded skins.
We hope that they will thrive and proliferate in this environment but we need to make sure that we look after it.  It is not an area for playing in!  Please help us make the lizards feel at home and the new plants grow unhindered.
A special and MASSIVE thank you to Joakim from Te Motu Kairangi who lead the planting and brought in a number of his own plants.  Joakim and his group are doing amazing work all over the peninsular.  Keep an eye out for them and join them on one of their planting missions if you are feeling inspired.
Thanks also to Brian Thomas of the Wellington City Council who continues to support us with our environmental projects.  Awesome work Brian!

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  1. Brilliant work, you have really improved the environment, looks great. Love the new plants and also the driftwood. Great work team!