Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Beach week - Sailing

 On Monday we had a beautiful day, cloudy with light winds. Alfred (Teddy's big brother) and Zoe came and taught us some of the fundamentals of sailing. They were in the two rescue boats buzzing around us and giving us sailing tips on the water. Then we had a try, we also got to have a turn in the rescue boat and watch others. Generally we had two people in a boat and one was on the tiller steering and the other pulling in the mainsail. Sometimes one person chose to sail solo too.

It was a good opportunity to do sailing and it was really fun, because it's something you can't do everyday - Chester.

It was really fun because it was a new experience for some people and we could do it ourselves. It was fun to steer the boat and touch the buoys. I liked it because my mum went sailing when she was young - Janne.

I thought it was cool how we got the experience to learn how to do everything and what all the parts were - Gemma.

It was fun crashing into people - Rico.

It was really fun, but there wasn't as much wind as I expected - Theo.

It was really fun even though there wasn't so much wind so we couldn't move as fast as we thought we could - Cody.

It was really fun and I think that it could be something you could easily make into a hobby - Elliot.

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