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Retelling the Ngake and Whataitai Myth

We have been reading and writing about how Ngake and Whataitai created Wellington harbour by changing it from a lake.

Here is some of our work:

 Ngake and Whātitai

    Once long ago before kupe when te-ika-a-māui was just fished up
    there lived two taniwha Ngake and Whātitai.

Wellington harbour was a lake still cut of from the sea and abundant in fresh fish
Ngake was abundant in energy and would leap up to the sea birds and grab them.
And Whātitai was lazy and would laze about on the seabed dream taniwha dreams .
But they grew out of their lake quickly and ngke convinced Whātitai that they must leave and explore.
Ngake decided to leave he made a hole using his tail as a spring
Whātitai followed but got stuck on the rocks and when the tide came in it only soaked him and provided him with water he got used to life until one morning a earthquake came and lifted him up then he took his last breath and became te koe and flew up to Mount Victoria.

By Thomas

A long time ago in a lake, a place that you know of Wellington harbour, there were two taniwha. One called Ngake, was so hyper he chased the fish through the water and jumped into the air. The other one called Whataitai was the opposite, he would lie in the sun and chill out all day. But the taniwha were getting too big for the lake and they needed to break free.
One day Ngake said “THIS IS THE DAY! This is the day I break free into the never ending sea to swim forever”.
Ngake twirled his tale into a ball and let it free. It smashed into the mountains and smashed away into the sea. Whataitai was amazed with his actions. So he tried to break free too, but he didn't notice the tide was out so he was stuck for good.
Over the years there was a big earthquake that moved him up the bay. With no water he would die. As he said his goodbye's to the bird friends he met over the years, he died and he turned into a spirit bird and flew up to the closest mountain, Mt Victoria. As he looked upon his dead body he cried as he flew up to the spirit land.

By Ollie H

Ngake and whataitai
Ngake and Whataitai are the taniwha of the  Wellington
River but is now called Wellington harbour.
Ngake is energetic and playful whether Whataitai is
Lazy and lousy.
Ngake and Whataitai lived in a special river called Wellington river they had all the time in the world to do as they pleased.
Ngake loved to chase the seagulls and other sea birds.
And Whataitai loved to sleep and doze around.
After a long time Ngake and Whataitai grown too big for the river and they started talking to the birds.
Ngake wanted to go to the ocean so he did and Whataitai
Tried but he didn't notice that the tide was out and he jumped too but he didn't make it he got stuck between the ocean and the river he was dry and the little amount of water kept him alive one day there was a earthquake a big earthquake he said goodbye to the birds
And got lifted into the air and died and he transformed into a bird and he said goodbye to his body and went to the taniwha spirit world. And Ngake lives in the cook islands now but very less people have seen him

Ps it was a lake not a river.

By Ruby

Ngake and whataitai the Taniwhas            of wellington harbour.
By Greer T

Ngake and whataitai are the taniwhas of the lake in Aotearoa (where wellington harbour is).

Ngake and whataitai loved  their lake,
But Ngake wanted to see what it would be like to be in the sea.

Ngake was a hyperactive (runs around)
Whataitai was very calm and wanted to dream all day.

Ngake and whataitai lived very close to the south side of the lake (Te whanganui a Tara), where the cliffs came down to the water edge.
Ngake curled up his tail and sprung over the cliffs and into the sea,Whataitai wanted to follow , so he curled up his tail and took a light spring over the cliffs and whataitai ended up very shallow and stuck.
Whataitai needed help, Whataitai had made friends with the sea birds and animals.

While Whataitai was stuck, there struck a big earthquake which moved Whataitai up to the surface.
Ngake was enjoying the freedom in the sea.

Whataitai was farewelling his bird friends and other animals saying.
“Goodbye my friends it’s time for me”

Whataitai It's sprite turned into a bird and flew up to mount victoria.

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