Thursday, 23 March 2017

Sculptures for Cubadupa

Sculptures for Cuba Dupa:

We spent the day on Tuesday making these sculptures for the Cubadupa festival this coming Saturday.  The festival is going to be zero waste so to emphasise this message, all bins will be covered. Recycling bins will be available and the rubbish bins in the whole Cuba Street area will be covered by sculptures!  Some of them ours.  

Super Sewer:  Your waste is coming right back at you!  We used piping to create a tangle with the idea that all of the muck we produce is hidden from us and sent away.  What about if those pipes twisted and turned and ended up spitting their contents back at us?
Shing Kong:  The Shopping Demon.
We were thinking about the madness of shopping and how much is wasted.  The distorted figure is stuffed with clothes, some of them almost new.  What a waste.

The Twelfth Heaven: Tane te Wanaga is climbing the spiral of the winds to seek the baskets of knowledge, Te Wanaga.

The Wheel of misfortune: An accident waiting to happen.  We used old tools and found pieces to make this moving sculpture.  We are asking the question, what do we need?  Can we do without all of those products?

Kurangaituku: The Bird Woman.  Watch out Barbie Doll.  Kurangaituku is angry about the way her Mokai or pets have been treated in the forest.  

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