Thursday, 9 March 2017

What do we know about Photosynthesis?

This week we have been looking into Photosynthesis and how our trees and plants are powerful!

Tommy's diagram of Photosynthesis

Our Diagrams of Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is how plants get their food and drink. Their leaves have tiny holes where the rain, sunlight and co2 come together. The leaves turn those 3 things into sugar/glucose and send it to the rest of the plant. After the co2 has been used oxygen gets released. Now before you think that plants need co2 let me tell you that plants need co2 for food but breathe in oxygen and breathe out co2.
By Jan

What?                                                                         What?
So so what does a tree need?                         What do plants need?
Well a tree needs its food and                       So a plant will need these
If it's hungry it can't just make                     things it needs sun,rain,
Toast so it collects all it can                            and drum rolls please wind.
Around it and makes sugar
And it eats the sugar for its food.

What does a plant breath in?
A plant breathes in oxygen  like
Us and i think some carbon dioxide
As well.

By Eden

When they breathe they breathe in oxygen and out carbon dioxide.
When they eat they breathe in carbon dioxide and out oxygen .
By Gina and Maddy

Trees collect rain, sun and carbon dioxide.
Then turn it into sugar for food.
Trees change carbon dioxide into oxygen so that we can breath. Without trees we wouldn’t be able to breath!And the reason why some leaves that are on the top are small and  on the bottom there are big leaves is because the small leaves have more chlorophyll so they do not need as much sun and water as the leaves at the bottom.But the leaves at the bottom have to work as much as they can to get more sunlight and water as possible!
By Daisy

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