Friday, 19 May 2017


This is Week 3 of swimming. Flippa Ball was lots of fun. By Thomas

Swimming was fun. We practised a lot of back stroke. By Hugo W

Today we did Flippa Ball. We played a game in teams. You have to use one hand to catch but the goalie can use two hands. By Luca

I was doing diving. We went back to the basics and went back to the boards. We did two straight jumps off the 1m boards. Then we moved up to the 3m boards. By Henry

Swimming was really fun. At the end we got to do "Seals". We had to get them from the bottom of the water. By Megan

We played water polo. It was hard to tread on water for so long. We had to put our hands in the air for 10 seconds while we were treading water. We did egg beats. Our ankles really hurt. By Haare

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