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Welcome to the school library, an integral support for classroom learning at Worser Bay School. Trained student librarians work with our Library Assistant, Christine Cross, to ensure the library runs smoothly and is adaptive to learning needs and student interests.
On this page you can view the latest recommended resources that link to current class topics; see what books your child has out and what may be overdue; and keep up to date with useful website links on the library research portal.


  1. The pheonix paintings look greaT!!!!!

    Ella and CHANEL!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Art is one of my favourite subjects. I enjoy painting and sketching.

  3. Art is my favourite subject as well!

  4. Hello I'm Leanne from otautau school. I really like your art posts there really cool. I'm looking ford to quadblogging you. Do you have class pets or school pets? We have a school pet kitten its a boy kitten and we voted to name it Oreo. Do you enjoy quadblogging? Because I do it's really fun typing things to you guys. Well I've got to go now well bye.

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  6. Hi
    I really liked the first video the art was amazing

    Caitlin L