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2016/ 2017 Digital Technologies Information (BYOD)

Question and answer meeting:

Wednesday 26th October 8.20am
Thursday 27th October 3.15pm

Our Chromebooks and iPads have led to incredible opportunities for our students over the last few years. The school has increased technology by around 50% in the last two years which has been so fortunate. We are relying our learners to be connected more and more. So, we need to keep the BYOD growing in order to keep our students connected to all of the new, exciting learning possibilities.  

Senior students at Worser Bay School are able to bring a digital device to school to assist their learning. This is not compulsory but we would like to encourage people who are able to get on board.  

If you are interested in purchasing a device before the start of school, we have provided some guidance below. If you have any questions before the end of the term, please see or email Nicola or John:,

Students can use their devices throughout the day for collaborative learning, web-based research and applications, including creating documents and presentations.
Learning with Technology
  • Students will need to access Google Apps.
Device Security
  • The security of a student owned device is the responsibility of the student.
  • All insurance (theft and damage) should be covered by the owner of the device.
  • A safe will be provided for device storage at school.

Data Security
  • Devices should be protected by a private password (selected by the owner).
  • Virus protection must be kept up to date.
  • Passwords or log in details should not be shared.
Digital Citizenship/Acceptable Use of Technologies Agreement
  • The Acceptable Use of Technologies Agreement make it clear what the expectations are regarding the use of devices at school.
  • Guidance and support to students to keep themselves safe online will be provided in class.

Management and Care
  • Always store the device in a protective bag
  • Devices must not be left in unsupervised areas during the day
  • Devices must be fully charged at the beginning of the day
  • WBS BYOD Device Guide

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