Home Learning

We strongly encourage the discussion, reflection and questioning at home around our Inquiry. It is essential to build and reinforce the home/school partnership to ensure children make connections with what they learn at school to the wider world. The discussion you have with your child around the ideas and concepts we are investigating is the richest homework possible. Please check out this blog to find out what we are doing so that you can keep up to date.

Inquiry Chat: 
A weekly prompt question for whānau to discuss aspects of the current Inquiry. This will be sent via a Seesaw announcement to families with short and clear instructions of how to encourage the discussion.


Students will get a set of new words at least every fortnight. These will be posted on Seesaw. 

Online Maths, 2021 reinforces Maths learning from school. 

All students need to be reading at home. This could be reading independently or might involve sharing a book with a sibling or parent. This is still a rich literary experience and can be nice time together. We encourage students to choose books for enjoyment from the library. 

If students are pre Gold on the colour wheel, they will receive books from school. 

We provide a range of Literacy activities on Literacy Links, 2021

Most of our students are connected on Google Apps for Education and continue to work at home independently on things which they are interested in or passionate about. These children are doing homework because they want to keep their head in something that they are interested in.  

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