Friday, 12 February 2016

What's in the Rock Pool?

We had a great time exploring our rock pools. We were amazed to find so much different flora and fauna. It sparked lots of questions and ideas for getting into the inquiry. Our next step is in researching what some of these creatures are and classifying them like scientists.

Do you know what these are?

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Parent Evening Workshop

Parent Evening Feedback

Thank you for the great turn out on Tuesday night.  It was very impressive considering the amazing evening and how inviting the sea looked from our view-point on the hill.

We asked, How do you see your child flourishing within the framework of our Worser Bay School Curriculum Document?  We are very excited about the document which succinctly expresses our approach to learning and the philosophy which supports the emotional, spiritual, physical, social and academic growth and achievement of our children.  Although the document has been available on the school website for some time, Tuesday’s meeting was a kind of unofficial ‘unveiling’.  

Comments and responses to the question posed are as varied as the learners the document represents.  Here are a sample of responses:
  • The key concepts are so modern and relevant-it is exciting and hopeful!
  • Our children will become aware that they are part of something ‘bigger’
  • We are ‘aiming high’
  • Students will stay engaged in their learning
  • They can express themselves
  • They feel connected to the history of Worser Bay School and the surrounds
  • Different children and their learning styles are recognised and catered for
  • Imagination and creativity is encouraged and celebrated
  • Students are thinking for themselves and are learning to be critical
  • Being taught the ‘art of learning’
  • Students are collaborating, solving problems together
  • Learning from others and passing on knowledge to others
  • Positive and genuine relationships are flourishing, connecting family, student and school
  • Modelling a healthy community and citizenship.  This can be a applied when children are introduced to wider society
  • Skills are taught which enable students to flourish beyond Worser Bay School
  • Being able to discover and learn both inside and outside the school
  • Collaboration across the school and whole school planning which gives coverage of the curriculum in a progressive manner
  • They will have the skills to connect and to work with others
  • Inquiry allows growth in core curriculum areas (students are reading, writing and doing maths while involved in their own Inquiry projects)
  • Learning is flexible and adaptable
  • Good teaching, good learning cycle
  • Having fun learning
  • There is a place for risk taking and discovering capabilities in supported environments
  • All elements of the child are equally important; the social, emotional, spiritual, physical and academic
  • Unexpected things are happening

There is a palpable sense of excitement within the Mahutonga Matariki area.  Our students are buzzing, ready for the challenges and hard work which are part and parcel of profound learning.  It is heartening to see this come together in a practical sense, kids engaged in their learning while philosophically it is encapsulated in this curriculum document.  

As we all become more familiar with it no doubt you will think of other responses.  Please share these with us as you see fit.

Maths Problem Solving Strategies.

Maths Problem Solving Strategies.

We have been getting stuck in to new learning in Maths.  Here you can see students involved in collaborative problem solving exercises.  We have been discussing and practicing different strategies for solving complex problems.  Some of the methods we have looked at already are Trial and Improvement (formerly known as Trial and Error) and Drawing a Diagram.  Some students actually made a model of one problem.
What does Problem Solving require?
  • Creative and flexible thinking
  • Discussion
  • Questioning each other
  • Exploring possibilities
  • Perseverance

Kids comments……….
What have you found out about Problem Solving?
  • It can be hard
  • You have to keep talking to each other
  • We are using Trial and Improvement and drawing a diagram and sometimes, using them both at the same time

Our Changing Coastline Inquiry.

Our Changing Coastline Inquiry.

We are very excited to have begun our Inquiry with a trip to stunning Worser Bay Beach on Wednesday. This was the first activity in Tuning in to this Inquiry. (Read more about it on the blog post What’s in The Rockpool?)

This year the theme is ‘Change’.  We will begin by exploring some of the change evident in our immediate environment.  We have already been able to make strong connections to the work we did last year, using the words Flora and Fauna to describe the plant and animal life we have observed.  There is a strong science focus.  We are encouraging students to be observers, to look closely and carefully and to ‘look’ with all of our senses.  It was interesting to see that some people tried eating some of the seaweeds today.  They were ‘observing’ with their taste buds!

We will be doing some detailed ‘Finding Out’ about particular species which live in the tidal zone.  We will then move to a Scientific Investigation in which kids will be able to predict, observe, explore, test and come up with their own explanations of the phenomena which they are investigating.  This will be very ‘hands on’.

Of course this means more time at the beach!  And, because we will be there we are planning to do more sailing and kayaking, taking advantage of the brilliant weather we have been having.  More on this later.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How Big is Your Stride?

 We've started looking at measurement through estimating then measuring how many strides we take in 10 metres. We learnt to measure 10 metres and then counted our paces. There was quite a variety of step sizes - some people took 12 steps in 10 metres and others 28, but most people took about 20 steps.

Next we'll use this information to work out how long our steps are in both metres and centimetres.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Co-operative Learners

We've been practising our co-operative skills in our learning groups by creating a game with two balloons. There were some varied and creative games that the groups came up with, ranging from: can you find the nose on a moving balloon while blindfolded?, guess who's holding the balloon, and whose balloon will zoom out of air the fastest? We had to practice talking and listening to each other's ideas and communicating our ideas to others.

We Are Collaborators

We Are Collaborators!
We have been thinking about the attributes of effective learners when we work in groups.  Are this group doing all of the things you would expect to see when people are cooperating, using all their strengths and helping each other with learning?

They are:

  • Talking to each other
  • With their heads together
  • All contributing
  • Taking turns
What do you think would be a good goal for collaboration?

Delicious Sultanas, or not.....

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Road Patrol Term 1 2016

Road Patrol- Term 1 2016 (Feb)
Morning please be on patrol at 8.45am
Afternoon please be on patrol at 2.55pm

Emma R
Alex B

Emma M

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Monday, 18 January 2016

Global ibook: The World is my Audience #3 Patterns

At the end of last year we were involved in a project called, "The World is my Audience". The focus was on patterns and we chose to learn about Fibonacci numbers and patterns in nature. 

Message from organiser, Johnathon Smith: #twima3 is now live in the iBookstore.  Tell everyone you know of every platform you use.  Let's get millions of downloads of the iBook.  I am very happy with the way this book turned out and I hope you are too.  A special thanks goes out to all of you who were willing to be part of this project.  A major round of applause needs to go out to Leah LaCrosse who helped me compile this iBook for all of you.  Below you will find a link to #twima3.  Share at will and keep your eyes peeled for #twima4 which starts at the end of next month.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Worser Bay Talent Show

Dancing down the drain
George and the Pies
We had a talent show at school today. Check out some snippets below...

MM checking out...

Milly Speech

Hoahoa = Friendship

Hi, my name is Millicent but most people call me Milly.

Over my time here at Worser Bay we have had some great laughs, but also had exciting, fun and creative learning. All my teachers throughout my 5 years at Worser Bay have taught me lots of things like Reading, Writing, Maths and much more.

I will remember the school on the hill, the times I've had, the ideas I’ve come up with, and the great friends I’ve had the chance to make.
I remember once we were meant to be doing silent reading and people started making funny faces at me, then Frankie and I started cracking up laughing and we almost got a think sheet. Whoops.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first 8 student councilers at Worser Bay School. I have helped make decisions about the worm farm and the sausage sizzle. I was also a presenter at one of the christmas wraps.

I’ve loved wearing the white and black Worser Bay t-shirt and representing the school at sports events. I’m going to miss this place but am looking forward to what my future may bring.

I also want to thank my teachers and friends for making these 5 years the best yet. We have had great fun.
Gretel and Tessa you are coming with me as well. I hope we have as much fun where we are going as we've had here.  

This is Millicent signing out.

Milly by Molly

You are my best friend Milly,
you love to laugh and play,
you really are quite silly,
but you are fun everyday.

You really love your sport,
we've played hockey, cricket, soccer,
you're great on the tennis court,
but croquet is just a shocker!

When you’re older you might be a swimmer,
and swim heaps of lengths,
and you could almost be a winner,
because of all your strengths.

Sadly you're moving to Wanganui next,
but I’ll surely see you there,
I will contact you on email or text,
and Worser Bay gossip I’ll share.

Milly by Meg                    
milly she is a silly sort of milly
always there to lend a hand
always a good friend

not never there
but so nice to be with
sporty too
she can swim a length in the speed of light

but you play soccer hockey
cricket to
and your larf fits are funny

you have giggly gangites
but all the same
you are so nice

but sadly you are moving away up north
to wanganui
but will text email or call
HOP THAT YOU LOVE IT bye  so sad that you are leaving !

Milly By Emma.R
Milly you are a silly Milly but your AWESOME all the same.
You are very good at your sports cricket, football and hockey.
Truly your amazing at the game!

Together we make hamish BLOW!!!!
WIth the laughing fits we share!
There's nothing more perfect then when our laughter FLOWS!!

you always greet people with a huge smile on your dial!!!
I have ran with you in eastern zones for more than a mile!!

You're moving far away now I hope to see you soon we’ll stay in touch I'm sure and I can share with you some news from Worser Bay and you can share with the new things that come your way!!!!!!
I would like that very much!!!!!
P.s good luck at your new school I am sure you will make lots of Awesome new friends!!!!!!!!!!

Milly by Josie
You like to laugh a lot,
You have a habit to smile,
You are really good at sports,
And you play them with great style.

You're great in the water,
And like to have a splash,
You're really fast at swimming,
And can swim a length in a dash.

At the end of the year,
Sadly you’ll be moving,
To Wanganui,
But you’ll still be grooving.
By Josie

Milly by Hayley
milly silly always smiles
crazy fun having a great time
with all her friends

milly we are sad that you're leaving
we don't want to say goodbye but the time has come you're moving to whanganui


Milly by Emma M

She has long blond hair
is quite a sporty girl
She has no fair
And she's always there for you!

we've had good times you and me
your going over the hill
and we both like the sea
you're a good friend milly

I will miss you when you go
over to wanganui
You are one of the best and i'll miss you so,
But i'll see you there

Milly by Betty        
To me you are my friend
your favorite colors red
and your least favorite thing to do
Is to butter your bread with spread.
                         You play hockey cricket football
yes you do them all
And one more thing you like to do is work at a stall.

Milly you like to laugh
You’re fun to be around
you have a little sister
and don’t like to wear a gown.

You came to my party ounce
I hope you liked it then
that was on saturday
I hope you come again
                             you’re sadly moving to wanganui     
I hope you like it there we will keep in touch
for quite that much
yes that is what we will share. HOPE YOU HAVE FUN                              

by  Meg R, Molly A,
Betty jo, Emma m, Emma R, Hayley H and josie O
Thank you everyone who has put together these poems. We hope you like them Milly!!!
We are so sad that you are leaving