Thursday, 21 June 2018


Matariki is coming up and we are going to celebrate by walking up to school from the beach on Wednesday 4th July, starting at the beach. We will have BYO kai at school to celebrate.

We have learnt about stars and how they are kaitiaki. We chose one out of all nine of them. We will also sharing what we found out with others. Here is a slideshow to help us with our learning about the stars...

By Yasmin and Orla

Matariki Celebrations - Save the Date - Wednesday 4 July at 7am
We will be celebrating Matariki - Māori New Year on Wednesday 4 July. All whānau are invited to join us at 7.00am with a Karakia and BYO breakfast together, before the school day starts as usual.

Throughout the day children will be involved in Matariki learning through the arts, moving around different workshops and working in whānau groups. There will be further information in the next few Newsletters, so save the date now.

Positive purpose: Choir Trip

A group of singers walked down to Miramar North Kindergarten and sang some songs for them. They also sang to us! It was lovely. We do activities like this to share Positive Purpose. By singing for them, we hoped to make them feel good and therefore make us feel good. I know that we felt really special when they sang their practiced songs to us! We felt  Positive Accomplishment walking back to school, knowing we had shared our happiness. 

We did a Quick Write before we left about WHY we are doing. 
I am sharing music with the kids at the kindergarten. I want the kids to feel happy. I think I will feel good for sharing our happiness.
By Hunter R

We want everyone to feel happy. Like if you are sad maybe sing a song in your head.We love and like sharing the music. We want people to feel proud and happy like never before!
By Stella

I want to sing my best because I want them to feel happy. I remember when I was there are I loved it when people came in. I think they are really lucky as well.
I have achieved my goal because I think I made some kids laugh and smile.
By Jessie

The positive purpose for singing in the choir is to sing for free to kids. They would like it and so would we. We can spread the joy.
By Mia

I want the kids there to feel happy and to jump around and to have fun and I most importantly we all wanted to have fun. What I feel after is to feel that I made the kids have fun. Why we are doing this is because we want the kids to have lots of fun and to sing along if that want to.

By Lily S

I would like the kids to feel happy. Because if you see that you made someone happy it makes you feel happy. Plus we are sharing our happiness and are joy. Afterwards I will feel proud that we are sharing our kindness with the community.

By Ben B

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Our Array City

Array City

Today the Year Four kids made an Array City. Each person made a different building to put on the wall. On the buildings there were time tables to help us remember them.

An array is equal rows and columns. We can make equations from these like 7 X 8 = 56 or 8 X 7 = 56. We can also do repeated addition. Some kids based their building on a real buildings and some just made it up. Now that you know what an array city is you can make one!!

By Marnie and Zoe

We have been learning about arrays because it helps us to visualise Maths in different ways. It also helps us to develop "Number Sense". We have been thinking about multiplication, division, repeated addition, fractions, area and shape! It is great to see how Maths is connected and how we can think about it in different ways. 

What is Number Sense? 

I am Powerful Plan

Matariki and Mahutonga have been learning about different emotions over the past weeks, and now we have begun to learn about the Thinking Brain and the Emotional Brain. These two brains -or parts of our brain- help us to understand how we feel and make decisions about how we act. The scientific terms are the prefrontal cortex (Thinking Brain) and the amygdala (Emotional Brain).

Charlotte and Emelia sharing their learning about the brain

But what do we do when the Emotional Brain gets overwhelmed? How can we come back to our Thinking Brain and make a good decision? We have been learning different ways to calm our Emotional Brain by breathing. Have a look at some ideas here:

We have made a plan so we can be powerful and make better choices when situations get tricky.

We started by thinking of some things that might provoke our Emotional Brain, then brainstormed what character strengths might help us get back to our Thinking Brain.

Now we have a plan for when we might face challenges, and we will be practising how to make our brains powerful and make a good choice. Our plans might change over time as we learn more.

Jump Jam every Wednesday!

We are doing Jump Jam on every Wednesday at morning tea.
It’s at the front of tautoru and it’s optional.
There will 6 of us to show you what to do.
We would love you to come and dance with us.

Bring your best dance moves!

Friday, 15 June 2018

Bush Builders

Today, aka June fifteenth we did Bush Builders at our school. Educators from the zoo came to work with us. We got to use this cool and safe equipment to find creatures and creepy crawlies in the school. Some of us went to the lizard garden and some as to top grass! We searched everywhere. We found animals we even didn't even know of! It was amazing. We also visited the zoo in Term 1. It was amazing too. We learnt how to classify different plants and animals. 

By Ruby

Mindful walk... wake up your brain

We are doing wake up the brain differently this term so everyone experiences a range or ways to wake up the brain. This week some of us did a mindful walk to wake up our brain. It was strange to walk really slowly and see how our bodies move. We noticed lots of sounds that we don't normally hear and found ourselves feeling calmer. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

Hospi’s Pyjamas for Winter Appeal

mage result for flannelette pyjamas
mage result for hospi
mage result for childrens flannelette pyjamas

xpressions Polar Bear Flannelette PJ product photoxpressions Polar Bear Flannelette PJ product photoJessie (Year 6) wants to help!

Hospi’s Pyjamas for Winter Appeal

Please donate a pair of NEW flannelette pyjamas

Wellington Hospitals Foundation is calling for brand new pyjamas for sick children both in Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital, and out in our community.

Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital sees a significant increase in the number of children who are admitted to hospital over the winter months, and many of them come without a pair of pyjamas. For many Wellington families in need, the simple act of having warm pyjamas and heating their home is more than they can afford. A warm pair of pyjamas, to keep our children warm at night, can help prevent them from being admitted to hospital this winter.


Purchase a pair of flannelette pyjamas (Postie Plus, Farmers, KMart and The Warehouse have a great range and at great prices)

Drop them into school by FRIDAY 29 JUNE

All donated pyjamas MUST BE BRAND NEW. Size 2-10, flannelette 2 piece pyjama button shirt sets preferred. Unisex, Boys and Girls pyjamas needed.

Drop Off Pyjamas

Pyjamas can be dropped off at Worser Bay School in MĀHUTONGA classroom into the HOSPI PYJAMAS APPEAL BOX in the mornings before 8:30am and straight after school - Jessie and friends will collect them and bring them home so we can deliver them all to the Hospital Foundation on Friday 29 June after school.

*All pyjamas must meet NZ product safety standards for fire safety. Due to the risk of infection, only new pyjamas can be accepted.


Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Anna's basegroup's goal - learning the Karakia translation in English!

We have a goal to say the Karakia in English, and to know what each Maori word we say means.

We brainstormed the different ways we could do this

  • Say it in English after we say it in Maori every day
  • Make a translation Movie where we translate each word as we say it. We could use this to help teach others too. 
  • PALs could run workshops for other spaces.
  • We could put up both translations onto the wall
  • Alternate saying the English translation and the Maori version each day. 
There is the English translation on the school website. Check it out to practice at home.

Stay tuned to see our progress when achieving this goal!
We know we will have to use a Growth Mindset to be able to remember all of it, even when it gets hard!

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Maths songs to help learn times tables!

These are different songs that help with learning times tables! Have a go at using them to practice.

This is a link to a google site that his different songs to practice skip counting your tables.

Different websites for times table games

My Amazing Brain: Neuroplasticity.

We have been learning about the AMAZING BRAIN!  It is incredible how the brain can develop, grow and change when it is challenged in the right way.  We understand that when we are learning and things are hard, but not too hard; when we are 'in the flow', our brains are building new connections.  To a degree we can all shape our own brains.  This involves effort, perseverance, using the new connections and applying new knowledge.  Sadly, as they say, if you don't use it, you lose it.

We had a go at imagining how we would shape our brains and we put it in a frame so that it can hang in an Art Gallery.
Hey! I like your Brains!

Weekly Goal Setting

In Mahutonga Matariki, we set goals each week. This helps us to manage our learning by taking baby steps.

We set goals on a Monday and reflect on them on a Friday.  This week we have made goals around Aroha. We have also made goals around other parts of learning.
Here are some of our goals we made for this week!

My Aroha goal is to help people do two random acts of kindness and be inclusive.

My Aroha goal is to help at lest three people.

To play fair in football and include others.

I want to help friends in need and show them Aroha.

My aroha if kids are on the rainbow bench I will play with them.

 I am going to shows aroha and tidy the Matariki safe twice. 

If I see someone left out from a game, they could come and join me.   
I am going to say nice things (compliment) three people. Example of a compliment: That's a nice hat.
My goal from going from a fixed set to a growth mind set. Mine is for math I want to say I can’t do it yet from I can’t do it because in math I always say I don’t know how to do this or I can’t do this and I am going to say I can’t do it yet now I will keep trying and won’t give up.

My maths goal is to practice my place value more at home.

My literacy goal is to put more things on seesaw. My reading goal is to practice my big words.

My maths goal is to practice doing questions like: how many tens are there in the number 150?

My literacy goal is to finish my persuasive piece of writing by the end of the week. 

My literacy goal is to finish my persuasive writing and focus on my feedback and finish what I had to do before doing anything else.  

My Math's goal is to practice the things I got wrong in my Ikan test and the stuff that I highlighted, things I need to work on. 

My literacy goal is to practice my spelling words and do the right punctuation.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Tale of the Inclusive Friends: Travelling Tales

We started this tale. It got sent on to other schools around the world and created a unique tale for a global audience.

The tale got passed onto:

Durham Academy, USA

Shekou International School, China

American International School of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

We had a lot of fun making this tale!

Helping Circle in Maths

We have been doing helping circles in writing for years! We wondered how this might work in Maths. We used a Number Mat (a way to show how to work out a problem in different ways) and read it to one another to see if changes needed to be made. 

We listened to our buddies so that we can get ideas for strategies. We made changes and discussed the ideas.

Whanau Day: Anna and Susie's Group

On Friday the whole school split into Whanau groups to explore some of the Character Strengths we talk about daily at school.

Susie and Anna's Whanau group explored the Character Strengths of:

Throughout the day we worked in small groups to unpack each strength. Some of us read picture books about the strengths and did role plays. 

Some of us had challenges or scavenger hunts to help us find out more about the strengths. We all worked together to contribute ideas and help each other understand the Characters Strengths better.

Our aim for the day was to create a collaborative piece of artwork to represent the Character Strength we were focusing on. Each piece of Character Strength art will be put together to make a display for us to use in each space across the school.

Our Whanau group was lucky enough to have two very talented artists from our community share some advice on important things to think about when creating a piece of art.

Check out our amazing artwork. Thanks so much to all our wonderful parents who came to help run workshops.