Thursday, 27 November 2014


Today we did our Miniball trial. Some of us went to Eastern Zones!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Date for the Diary: Innovators Fair

Innovators Fair Tuesday the 2nd of December: 6:00 in Mahutonga Matariki


We are really excited to Invite parents of all students in Matariki Mahutonga and parents of our transitioning year 3s to an evening of Invention and Innovation.
To conclude our year of Inquiry, we will be presenting the wonderful creative thinking of our students, sharing Fish ’n’ Chips and discussing the kids’ work, their ideas and the creative process they have all been through.

Year 3 students and their parents are invited to join us for the evening and be part of some of the initial planning taking place for 2015.
This will include:

  • Viewing and contributing to the initial planning for 2015
  • Adding thoughts about our theme Connecting and Relating
  • Contributing to the PADLET so that we have a heads up prior to the meeting (please include any questions that you might have)
  • responding to interview questions delivered by students
  • creating a directory of parents skills and areas of interest which might potentially lead to parent driven workshops.

Trip to Cancer Society: We have been planning our own trips that link with our own inquiries

At 9:00 on Wednesday morning 26th of November, Asha, Chanel, Gretel, Eloise, Frankie and Maya went on a inquiry trip to the ‘Cancer Society’ We asked some questions and we found out that the most common type of Cancer is Skin Cancer (In New Zealand). We got a photo with the staff members beside the Cancer society sign. We found out a lot while asking our questions:

Next we went to the Wellington hospital, we looked at the x-ray rooms, Chemotherapy room, operating room and the radio therapy room.

After that we went to the Hospice and made a gold coin donation, we talked about why people come here and when.

We got an ice-cream on the way back! (Yum)

By Asha, Frankie, Maya, Eloise, Gretel and Chanel.

Gretel: What types of Cancer are there?
Answer: Breast, lung,

Chanel: What is the most common Cancer?
Answer: Skin Cancer (Wellington)

Maya: Has medicine changed and helped Cancer?
Answer: “I have been working here for 30 years and I have definitely seen some changes in the medicine and technology”

Eloise: Has there been anything different that you have found out in Cancer over recent time?
Answer: :Yes there is a new technology being tested by doctors and nurses that they think will be new and will help”

Frankie: To treat patients are there different technologies/Medicines that you use?
Answer: “Yes there are different types of Technology that we use here. There is usually pes of Cancer for the individual”

Last: What can we do to help?
Answer: You can participate in fundraisers, organise a fundraiser or donate to the Cancer society.

SPCA Trip: We have been planning our own trips that link with our inquiries

SPCA Trip photo.JPG - We saw these puppies!
On Tuesday the 25th of November Josie, Betty, Meg and Danielle went to the SPCA! We saw puppies, kittens, cats, a goat and bunnies! We asked lots of questions like “Who inspired you to choose this job” or “What do you find challenging about your job” - we had to stay positive with our questions. We also needed to stay quiet so we didn’t spook the animals. Before we entered each enclosure we had to put on hand sanitiser. We had lots of fun and can’t wait to go again!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sustainable Coastlines

Sustainable Coastlines

Today we had two people from the Sustainable Coastlines come in and talk to us about our coastlines and how our coastlines are really messy with rubbish.

They showed us a slideshow of beaches and explained how the rubbish got there the one that I found really interesting was drains, the rubbish gets dropped or blown into the drain and that then washes out to sea. They took the lid off one drain and looked inside it and took all the rubbish out and counted 130 pieces of rubbish.

The year 5’s then when down to the beach and did a beach clean up.

By Gretel

"We are picking up plastic and other rubbish on the beach!"

Our Gardens

Our gardens are growing really well. There are flowers on the tomato plants and the peas are starting to grow. 
Thanks for helping to take care of our gardens.

Pikpok Games: We have been planning trips that link with our inquiry.

Hi Brett we loved the trip to Pikpok because I found out about Pikpok and what you do. I have started playing Giant Boulder of Death and Monster Blade and I've started creating a game on unity, it’s pretty hard but I think I will learn.
Pikpok is amazing how they have worked with Maze Runner and Adult Swim and more.

Thanks for showing us how you make games and apps with Unity.

I LOVED the trip, thanks for giving up your time for us to come look.

From Liam G

Gaming Trip

We left school just as I finished my explanation writing. We went in Jack R’s car. We went to a gaming place were they make video games. The company
is called Pikpok. We had to walk into the elevator then we had to walk through the library. We went out of the library then we walked across the road into the building. We went there because at school we got to choose our own inquiry about innovation and I chose to go to a gaming company called Pikpok. We learnt that at my age I can be a gaming tester and that is awesome!

By Jasper

Zumba: A Great Way To Start The Day!

Zumba from Matariki on Vimeo.

Some of us started the day with Zumba. It is a great way to wake our brains up so that we are ready for learning.

"It was funny!" Molly
"Everybody was having fun" Manaia
"It was tiring" Sophia
"We learnt some new dance moves" Eleanor
"Can we do more tomorrow?" Zoe and Anna

Monday, 24 November 2014

Events and Costs for End of Year Activities

We have planned a series of activities for the students and these incur costs. They are as follows:
Other Notes
Year 6
Year Book
Each Year 6 Student will be creating a page to represent themselves, filled with poetry, art and photos to go towards a final Year 6 Leavers’ Booklet. We will then be getting the booklets printed professionally by Rapid Copy so that each child has their own booklet to look back on in the future.
3, 4, 5, 6
Innovators and Inventors Fair/Fish ‘n’ Chip Evening
2nd December
To conclude our year of Inquiry, we will be presenting the wonderful creative thinking of our students.
We will be sharing Fish ’n’ Chips and discussing the kids’ inventions, their ideas and the creative process they have all been through. Year 3 students and their parents are invited to join us for the evening and be part of some of the initial planning taking place for 2015.
Year 5/6
Have a Go Sailing
2nd December
A programme offered by Worser Bay Boating Club to introduce students to sailing. This is weather dependent. (Eastern Zones Miniballers will be attending on this day.)
Year 5/6
Have A Go Sailing
3rd December
Have A Go Sailing is weather dependent.
Year 6
Zoo Sleepover
3rd December
Price includes light supper and continental breakfast. Please eat dinner before you arrive. Sleepovers start at 7pm. We will meet you at the zoo!
Year 6
Porirua Pool
10th December
$ 2.50
We will be asking for parent help (drivers and people who can stay for the day to help supervise).
Please email Nicola at
Year 6
Dinner and
Parent Drinks
11th December
Children will dress according to the theme (as yet to be decided) and bring a plate of food to share.  Parents are invited to join Jude and Staff for drinks and nibbles in the staffroom while the kids eat. Students will advise their parents about the dish that they have arranged to contribute.
4, 5, 6
Beach Week
11th, 12th, 15th, 16th December
Activities will include snorkeling, sailing, skateboarding and kayaking. The cost is $8 as we will have a BBQ on the beach. Brooke Rapson and his students from Wellington High School will be leading these activities. We are giving a koha of $5 toward their fundraising. Worser Bay Surf Club and Boating Club are also delivering elements of the programme. We will need adults to help supervise and provide a safe ratio of adults to students for these water based activities. More details, including the programme will follow.
Whole School
End of Year Wrap
16th December
Roll up, roll up to the greatest show on earth. Carols, Year 6 speeches, BYO, dress ups, you name it, it’s got it!

YEAR 6:  $73.00    YEAR 4 and 5:  $8.00  (Please pay, if possible, via

Magnificent Miniball

One of our workshops today was minball. The Eastern Zones Miniball Tournament is coming up!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Worser Bay School's Got Talent

Do You Have a Special Talent?

Enter Worser Bay Schools Got Talent
Bands, Singles, dance/gym, Duet, are all Welcome
Monday 15th December- Wednesday 17th December
There will be two age groups:
0-3 Monday 15th
4-6 Tuesday 16th
Final Wednesday 17th 

Bring your own instruments or Costume.

Please Read the Blog for More Information.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How to Prepare Good Interview Questions...

"We went to the Photography Department at Victoria University. We met Colin McDirmuird. We had to interview him about how photography has changed. They had some old cameras and they also showed us some panoramic  picture views around Victoria University" 

We have started to plan our own trips that link with our inquiry. We have been talking about what makes a good interview question...

It is a good idea to record the interview so that you can go back and listen again.  

 Types of questions

Open-Ended: "Tell Me About..."

Clarification: "What Did You Mean by ..."

Fact-Checking: "How Do You Know..."

Follow-Ups: "Is There Anything I Haven't Asked..."

Remember that it is a conversation between you and the interviewee. 

Have your questions prepared before you go.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Designing Inventions

Innovation and Invention in Surfing and Surfboard design

In our surfing workshop we looked at surfboard innovation and invention. We discussed how people have invented, innovated and experimented with different surfboard designs to try to improve the way that surfboards work. This included lengths, widths, shapes, tails, noses, fins, leg ropes, deck grips and even wax! All of these design changes can alter the way the board performs in different surf conditions.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Innovations in Waterproof Technology: Properties of Materials

Innovators and Inventors must choose the right material for the purpose of their product. We also need to think carefully about what materials we use when we are inventing...