Friday, 26 August 2016

Orange Day Entertainment

Today we performed and represented Worser Bay School for over 1000 children at the Michael Fowler Centre.
We had to bring the character strengths of bravery, teamwork and creativity to the stage!

" I was nervous at the start but once people started to wave their arms and clap I knew they loved it and I felt warm and confident" Betty-Jo
" I was more nervous than I had ever been in my entire life, but once I started singing I felt like I was meant to be on the stage." Olivia

We are so extremely proud of these 2!

A duet of a viola and the cello

Thanks Margaret and Chris for coming in and playing to us. It was beautiful to hear you play and you really sparked our imaginations with Beethoven's melody...

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Music festival: daytime rehearsals

Just in case you missed our performances, here is a daytime rehearsal we did on Wednesday in front of Mahutonga Matariki. Of course performing at night adds an extra special element and we weren't all in our costumes for this practice, but it gives an idea of what we were up to!

Music workshops

We've had some music workshops this week to complement the work everyone has been doing for their musical performances.

Rob came in and performed on the bagpipes for us in the courtyard. Everyone got into the spirit of this and joined in a jig, then marched. We also listened to a 'quieter' piece (Amazing Grace), then Rob spoke to us about how the bagpipes work and the different sounds the drones and other parts make. Thanks Rob, we all really enjoyed learning about the bagpipes and listening to you play!

WBS marching to bagpipes from Matariki on Vimeo.

In the afternoon, Ray came in and talked to us about his experiences listening to the guitar as a child then learning to play, joining bands, performing, and then learning to make guitars and building this skill into a career. He showed us a beautiful guitar he had made, with paua inlaid around the edges and penguins inlaid, and showed us the pieces he uses to make a guitar. He also talked to us about the different types of wood he uses, and why he chooses them. It was really interesting and we were treated to Ray playing a piece at the end. Thanks again Ray.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Assembly 19.8.16

Thank you to our wonderful presenters!
We shared some of our poems.

Well done to everyone who got a principal award!

Preparing for the music festival!

There are so many things we are thinking about in creating our musical piece for the Music Festival. First we each chose the elements we wanted to include in the production. We chose dreams, outer space and emotions. From there we each brainstormed and shared our ideas about the story our music  represents.

Here is the story our performance is loosely based on....

Someone goes to sleep and dreams of going to outer space. He dreams of finding a new exciting thing in the galaxy. He feels nervous and excited. When he brings that new exciting thing to his rocket, the new thing brought him to the edge of outer space and when he went there he found a time portal and teleporter.

When he was driving towards the teleporter the new exciting thing accidently pushed the steering wheel to go to the time portal. He felt scared and terrified. The time portal let the boy choose what time he wanted to go to. He said that he wanted to go to the past when the rocket was first made. And guess what! He was the first one to go to space. Three, two one, BLAST OFF!! When he went to outer space he landed on the moon and named the new exciting thing the time GPS. When the boy woke up, his dream came true.
By Catilynn H

We have composed our own music, collaborating in small groups, to tell the story. We have also reflected on which character strengths we will need to bring to our learning - common threads have been creativity, zest and courage.


Recording voices and All Sorts of Sound for the Music Festival.

We have been incredibly creative over the last week recording voices and all sorts of sounds for our piece.  The wind, birds, rocks rolling down the slide; it’s all inventive.

We are also turning poems into chants and songs.  There is a great deal of learning going on around the recording process, layering sound and arranging these layers into a cohesive piece.
Lucas is concentrating on making his music sound good.  Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have four teams in the regional sports fest: hockey, netball, football and basketball. The aim of the day was to focus on the 3 F's: Fun, Fairness and Friendship. We were so pleased to have awesome weather on the day and everyone had a great day. All teams were impressive in the way they demonstrated fair play, sportsmanship and teamwork. 

A big thanks to all our parent helpers who got us to all four venues and supported us through the day. We could not have done it without you.  











Thursday, 11 August 2016

Poetry, Storms

Poetry Writing:
We have been writing poems: about storms, about what happens when we are sleeping, about what the city does in the middle of the night and we have been writing poems for Peace Week.  We have been writing some crazy songs too but we will share some of those later.
Land, Planet, Psd-File, Sky, ...
We used a William Blake poem about caring for each other and caring for our World as a model.

Long Live

                               Long live our unextinguished zest
                                     Long live our forever love
                                   Long live our love for animals
                                     Long live the scarce green.

                            Long live what little freedom we have
                                  Long live the buzzing bees
                                       The colorful flowers
                                     Long live the coral reef.

                                    Long live the white rhinos
                                   Long live our brown  world
                               Long live our undented courage
                                 Long live our beautiful world.

                            Long live the freedom women have
                                   Long live the compassion
                     that has led us to both destruction and victory
                               Long live our love for learning.

                                       Long live our hope
                              Long live the good in people
                                Long live the kelp forest
                          Long live our precious rainforest


                                  Let our passion wonder
                         Let the unreasonable fighting stop
                           Let us thrive in green and blue
                                   Long live the peace.
                                      Long live us!                                      By Danielle

                              What Happens When We Are Sleeping             
                         The basilisk roams around in the middle of the night 
When you are sleeping sneaking through streets
                            Snatching, eating, gobbling, slithering, he whispers
                            In Parseltongue   kill      kill       kill      KILL

                              Cats meow, dogs bark, wind flows, rain flys
                             Trees drip, noone sees the monsters
                              Roaming feet thudding houses crushing
                               Water rising, trees falling, ground ripping

                                People growing, ideas flowing, time spinning
                                Coming going in and out, blackness falling over
                                Mountains growing, trucks towing, rivers
                                 Flowing things roaming.   By Flynn

Storm by Dani
Grumble rumble, treacherous churning
Raging howling thundering funnel
Clouds coiling, pots boiling
Wind smashing, trees clashing

Dark sky darkening, inside apple pie
Krackle crash smash bash, kersplash
Hail piling up outside
No one dares no one tries

Pitch black, then lightning crack
Thump whump plop throup
Rain stain, what a shame
Krackle bash bang

Clouds munching, sticks crunching
A black monster, a white fright
Which is day, what is night?
Scary fork, stabbing light

Curled up, book in hand
Wind blowing, heater going
Tv on, all together
Disaster strikes, what a night

Last night I saw the City…..

Last night I saw the city thinking,
couriers zipping along, like nerve signals,
boats drifting like ideas,
Tiny thoughts in the harbour of the city’s mind.
                                                                             by Ben

What Happens When We Are Trying Sleep…..

The leaves scatter from the wind
As cars hurry past your house
The trees sway, the sounds
Get deeper into your mind.

You struggle to get to sleep
You wonder what it’s like
On the other side of the world?
Were the murderers creep

                                                      Were the devils speak
And the monster peek into the
                                                                 by Haare

Maths Strategies

We are delving into multiplication and discovering new strategies to solve problems. 

These are animal arrays. Some of us have been using these to support our multiplication problem solving. 

We are learning to use repeated addition to solve multiplication problems. 

We are also learning to use 2 different strategies to solve 2 digit multiplication problems: place value and rounding and compensation.

Making Music

We have been creating music soundscapes inspired by pictures and photos. We have been focusing on creating a mood through our choice of instruments, tempo and dynamic.

How do instruments make sounds?

We have been exploring how different types of instruments make sounds. We have looked at how the sound wave is first produced, how you can change the pitch of an instrument and how the instrument amplifies sound. For instance, in a guitar the sound chamber amplifies the sound and you can make the pitch higher by placing your finger on the string (making chords) or by using the tuners to tighten the strings.

We have had a look at guitars, ukeleles, drums, xylophones, harmoniums, and today Hamish's base group were lucky enough to explore a cello. Thanks for bringing it in Jane and spending some time with us. We've also done some research about how electric instruments work.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Creating and Playing our own Soundscapes

We have been exploring sound and creating music in lots of different ways over the last week. On Friday we spent the day creating a soundscape. Each row is a different person playing a certain instrument. Our music score means we play a piece of music together like an orchestra.

Soundscapes 1 from Matariki on Vimeo.

Soundscapes 2 from Matariki on Vimeo.

Soundscapes 2 from Matariki on Vimeo.

Soundscape 4 from Matariki on Vimeo.

Soundscapes 5 from Matariki on Vimeo.