Thursday, 20 September 2018

Futsal Tournament Update!

Some absolutely outstanding skills, and some equally as awesome attitudes, were certainly on display at
the ASB centre on Wednesday, as the year 3,4 and 6 girls from Worser Bay School played in the Futsal

The Thunder, The Lightning, The Boltz & The Fireballz (we came up with the names ourselves!) all
played their socks off! Not to mention we had an awesome time!

The year 3’s and 4’s gave it a right go! Got stuck in! And had a ball! Nobody wanted to take a rest, but
we were definitely knackered by the end! James could not believe the zest on display! You guys are
absolute champions, I’m sure you’re all keen to keep playing and I hope to see you playing futsal
together out on the playground!

The two year six teams scored over 70 goals combined! And let in only 2!... But the most remarkable
part of all, is that every single team member scored at least once! Now that's rare for any team! Some of
us were super experienced, while for some it was our very first time playing, but our team work and
desire to give everyone a chance to show what they had (the skills to pay the bills) was the true meaning
of Manakitanga. Well done girls, some clear leadership was certainly on display.

All of the girls want to give a special thanks to all the parents and of course Stu from Team Wellington
(He thinks that there are a few future Football Ferns at Worser Bay, and James certainly agrees!)

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Where is Maths in bridges?

A few of us are doing our inquiries about bridges. 
How are they made?
How much weight can a bridge hold?
Are bridges the best thing to make for the purpose?
What bridge can hold the most weight in the world?
What materials are used to make bridges?

Are there different types of bridges?

So to add to our investigation we had a go at making some bridges in a Maths Challenge!

This video helped us with our research.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Beauty in maths: Fibonacci numbers in nature

Can you keep this sequence going?
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8. 13, ...

We were pleased that many of our students can... we've been exploring Fibonacci numbers and how they keep cropping up in nature. Here are some videos to whet your interest...

We also explored counting spirals in pinecones and draw our own spirals using Fibonacci numbers, we're wondering where else they are around us. Here are some of our first thoughts:

Ziya - it made my mind super screwy. I know I can do maths with patterns and swirls.
Pyrenees - it makes me wonder how many more things have spirals. I wonder about trees and fingerprints and in Maori tattoos.
Sammy - it made me feel like dizzy and swirly. It makes me want to learn more about swirls.
Cameron - Eloise’s necklace is a swirl!
Coco - There are so many swirls in the world.

We also drew spirals using the Fibonacci code...

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Student Council: ICT Group update

As part of the Information, Communication Technologies (ICT) Student Council group we have been brainstorming ways that we can help others to learn computer skills.

All of our students are involved in a student council group as it promotes a Positive Purpose. Not only does this have the benefit of helping others, but it is said to be one of the most therapeutic things we can do for ourselves. Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as saying, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

We have been teaching younger students how to use the Dash robot and also how to use the coding programme, Scratch. We have enjoyed sharing our expertise. 


We have been talking about ways that we can become practitioners or experts so that we can help novices to with digital technologies. We have been working with buddies to learn more about Scratch.

Ollie and Finlay: We worked on scratch, we did four things. 1. If you press the B key it will become bigger, if you press the S key it becomes smaller, when it hears a sound it changes colour, if it is on the 25% of the screen it says I like it here. this is what we did for ICT.

James: I am trying to make a game that the sprite can move left to right and jump properly.

Jan: I learned how to use lists in scratch. I think I am nearly a expert in scratch because I nearly can code anything I want.

Angus: I learnt how to use multi colour and use controls as well as creating a pattern behind your character. I also learnt variables so you could get lots of money!!!

Tommy and Hunter R: We made our sprite colourful and get bigger and smaller.

Looking for Errors in our Maths

In writing, we always edit our work. We not only reread our writing, but we also make any changes to improve it. We are having a go at doing the same thing in our Maths. We are looking at how we can EDIT our maths.

Part of editing our maths, is looking for any mistakes we have made that just don't make any sense. Sometimes we can be in a rush, and we skip this step.

We practiced this by searching for errors in problems and circling where the error is. We then had a go at fixing them up.

We also had a go at making our own problems, with sneaky errors in it. We solved each other's problems and tried to spot the error. 

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Staying with a problem, accepting challenges!

We have been working through logic problems. We know that accepting challenges and staying with a problem helps the brain to grow.

Can you solve this puzzle? 

Why Logic Puzzles?

1. They develop Critical Thinking skills so that you can problem solve in different situations.

2. It exercises the brain. Practising these types of puzzles helps the brain to make connections. It helps your brain get used to focusing on a single problem.

3. It will help you to be a more successful Mathematician. You will be able to apply logic to work out Maths problems successfully.

Why not try some of our problems that we have published on Online Maths, Week 7 and 8, Term 3, 2018

Jan: This is a puzzle that asks you how many triangles there are. I had to persevere a lot to get the answer...

Sarah Flannery, at age of 16, won the Young Scientist of the Year award in Ireland.
This is Sarah talking about maths and the role her parents played in her own amazing achievements.

“My parents definitely let me see that mathematics was this beautiful subject. I think a lot of people never even hear those two words in the same sentence.
So they gave that to me, and they gave me, through these different puzzles, where even I thought I couldn't start out on them, they showed me, no, you have lots of tools, and techniques, and ways to visualise, and get started, and you can do it.”

Friday, 7 September 2018

100 Word Challenge: … but what colour should it be? …

We have signed up to the 100 word challenge. Some of our students decided to accept the challenge and write a story that included the prompt … but what colour should it be? … 

This has given us a purpose and audience for our writing. It is also a great way to edit our writing. Exactly 100 words is not easy!

“What colour should it be?” Asked Dave “Uhhh, blue.” Answered Danny “ Ok.” Concluded Dave “ lets do it” Dave and Danny started painting, Dave does the left side and Danny does the right side. After a hour of long hard painting, Dave and Danny finally get to the last stroke where a single screw stuck in the wall. Dave painted over the screw and the room was complete. All of a sudden, the room started to lean and the wall started splashing them with cold, fresh water. At this point, they couldn’t stand anymore, they fell into the water, and drowned.
By Henry

I squealed in excitement and raced up the stairs to my attic bedroom. I’m going to the mayors party! I’m going to the mayors party! Those words were racing around in my head. I finally reached my bedroom door. I threw open my wardrobe doors and looked inside. I had to wear a dress, it was the woman’s dress code, but what colour should it be? I had a jade green dress, a sky blue dress, a snow white dress, but finally I decided on a lilac dress. I grabbed some violet slippers and a purple ribbon. “Ready!” I shouted.
By Emelia

But what colour should it be? I wondered glancing at all of my clothes stuffed in the closet. Oh how I wish I could chose. blue leggings, red t-shirt? I emptied the last of the tops onto the floor and sighed. I gasped,there was a massive door in my closet. I unlocked it and saw a hole. I poked my head through. The tunnel was lit by dim lanterns that casted ghostly shadows on the walls. “Nell dinner time.” I pulled my head back out and rushed down stairs for dinner. Then I realised, the door was still open!!!
By Nell

“I finally get to dye my hair I’m so excited to dye my hair” said June “I’m only ten and I’m already allowed to die it”. “The only question is what colour should it be? Green? Nope too boyish. What about brown? definitely not. Hmm pink ? Too girly. What should I have? I can’t decide there are so many choices, purple, green, pink, yellow, brown, black, red, orange or white, even rainbow? Maybe some chicken soup well help me decide” June sat at the table trying to decide then she had an amazing idea for the colour of her hair.
By Yasmin

I decide what colour my room should be, Navy. Because I think that is a good decision.Then my friend walks in and says why not blue.Then I start to rethink my choice and doubt myself. But my the answer that was in my head was what colour should it be? I thought about it all day and then I thought pink because that shows powerful and fun and that is what I like. Then I change my mind the green is too bright. I decide to go with mint. It is not to bright but not to dull.
By Orla

What colour should it be? The crew didn’t know so they asked the schools. Each school said different colours. The crew choose a colour. But no one agreed. So they decided to think about it for a week. But it didn’t help. The schools grew impatient for the answer, then a kid in one of the school said “if you don’t know what colour you should chose why not choose a colour that the schools haven't said.’’ From that day, they thought of orange, a bright colour that no one said. Now there is the orange day parade. THE END
By Zoe

Reporting live from Orange Day Parade

Friday September the 7th

This is Lily V and Joni B reporting.
Orange Day Parade was a hit, we are here to tell you all
about it:
This Friday all the year 5&6’s went on a trip to town to do
a parade. When we got there, there was a theatre and 2 kids
from Worser Bay performed a song along with other kids,
they performed their talents in front of a audience. We had
lots of fun, the other schools performed too, but ours was
the best (in our opinion.) There was a gymnastics dance, a
band and then Jessie and Ridley’s song.

2nd part

We paraded through the streets and the police closed the
streets so we could walk on the streets and chant. We had a
banner and some people held the banner. This was a fun
day and a day to remember. Best Friday ever!

Joni’s goal is to work harder and put lots of effort into
Orange Day parade next year, so that we can win!

Thank you for looking at the blog. Bye!

Orange Day Parade!

Moment in Time about Orange Day Parade, by Ollie E.

Waiting, wind blowing, all I see is people dressed in orange. All waiting in a line for the one and only Orange Day Parade. Gabrielle looks like she has good news, she turns and looks at us and tells us "we have ordered a DOUBLE DECKER BUS!!" Everyone cheers and screams!!!

We had to wait for it though and everyone got a little bit down but then.... we heard the roar of the bus. Everyone started going through the gate and marching like soldiers. Everyone was practicing the chant for ORANGE DAY PARADE!

When we got on the bus everyone was rushing up the stairs to get to the top. The bus started moving slowly and we knew it was gonna be a good day.

We finally made it to our destination, outside the Beehive. We joined the back of the parade and all there was, was screams and shouts. 2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate?! Not the King, not the Queen but the Worser Bay Patrol Team!! After that we made it to the Micheal Fowler Centre and everyone was crowded at the doors. We found a lot of stairs and we went up them and found some seats.  Then one little group got lost (!!!!), lucky Anna was with them.  They finally made it up to the top floor where we were supposed to be.

Jessie and Ridley appeared from backstage and performed a song. Everyone was cheering, Go, Go, Go!!! The crowds were swaying to the beautiful tunes.

Next up the awards! They announced many awards but when they said the Parade Presence award, we knew we were in with a shot! And just like that Worser Bay School came out with an award! AMAZING!!!! We cheered and cheered.

What an amazing end to Orange Day Parade!

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Binary Code

Today we learnt about binary code as part of our "Beautiful Ideas in Maths" Inquiry. 

This is part of our big idea that Maths meets the needs of people. 

Binary code is a system of representing numbers, letters, commands, images and sounds. Amazingly, it uses only two types of information to do this – 1 and 0. Binary code is at the heart of anything that goes on inside a computer.  

We used our knowledge of binary to crack a code. 

Can you solve this puzzle?

Some of us went on to make our own secret messages and we asked our friends to solve these... 

Alex: I am interested in binary code and how you can use it in maths.

Milla: I’m interested in learning more about coding,make some for my friends and work some out

Nick: Does binary have anything to do with what we do everyday?

Jan: I am interested in learning how you write in binary.

Flynn: I learnt how to decode binary numbers and find messages. It links to math by being code and puzzles and numbers. I am interested in how it was invented. I want to find out how people use binary in other ways than computers.

Daisy: I would like to do more of binary coding in maths because it is really fun!

Jessie: I learnt that maths is fun and creative in the world and nature you can find it anywhere.

Thinking About the Origins of Maths.

We have begun exploring some initial ideas for our new Inquiry Beautiful Ideas in Maths by asking some questions about the origins of Maths.  Where does the need for Maths arise?

Some of our first ideas.

As part of today's session we looked at anthropologist Daniel Everett's work with the Pirahã, an indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.   We discovered that the Pirahã have no actual numbers; words for a few and many, but beyond that nothing.  They don't need to explain any further because they have no elaborate systems of time or finance.  Even in terms of their food, explaining that the have a few fish or many seems to be sufficient. Here, Everett can be seen interviewing some of the Pirahã, Daniel Everett explaining this idea

Does the need for Maths arise as lives and civilisations become more complex? 
We are keen to explore how Maths has developed. How was it imagined and who imagined it?  

Raffy said that "it was always there, people realised that Maths was there to be discovered".  We are looking forward to developing questions which will help to explore these ideas. 

Student Led Conferences: A Celebration of Learning

This week our students shared their accomplishments and new learning goals with their whanau. Student Led Conferences are a great opportunity for our children to celebrate their learning successes so far (positive accomplishment) and to identify new goals or challenges in their learning.

Students had the opportunity to reflect on their goals set with whanau in Term 1. Wow! Our students have achieved so much since then. What a great way to celebrate.