Wednesday, 5 August 2015

walking to the church

On Thursday this week  Matariki and Mahutonga  are walking to the St Aidan"s Church.

We are going there to help us investigate our big Inquiry questions.  They are
  • What is a community?
  • Who are the people/groups in our community that need/support help?
  • Whose role is it to care for people in need in our community?

We are looking forward to going to the church so that we can begin to find out about our community and what the church does to help people. We want to take something with us to contribute so we thought that taking some baking for their Friday Cafe would be cool. Somebody else suggested we could take flowers, all good if you have flowers.

Who will bring the nicest cake? Who will cook the champion sones?

We are leaving at 11:40.  Look out for our next report on our visit.

Lala: Film maker- Who is in our community?

Our inquiry is about, “Who is in our community.” We are learning about different people and their stories. Yesterday, Lala came in to talk about her work as a film director for documentaries and told us some stories.
She showed us part of 2 films/ documentaries that she has made. We thought they were very cool and interesting.
Then she told us a story that she and John made when they were young. It was a silly story about how he lost his finger. It made us all chuckle.
Lala told us how she got her interesting name. She was in a big family of 6 siblings. She was the 5th of 6 girls. Her mum did not know what to call her as she had run out of girl’s names. A fijian high chief in the village where she was born suggested that she would name the 6th child if it was a girl. The baby was a girl, she was called Lala after Adi Lala. We asked Lala a bit more about the high chief in an email. Here is her response:

“The chief was Adi Lady Lala Mara - a high chief of the Rewa province. Adi is pounced Andi (with the and i in the Maori pronunciation way) and Adi is the Fijian word for high born chiefly women. And the British gave her the title 'Lady' too. In Fiji if you name someone your name they become your yaca,(pronounced ya-the). Which means namesake but it also becomes special bond like a godparent. So she was my yaca and also officially became my godmother. And in Fiji when I was  kid I was very skinny and white and Fijian people used think it was hilarious to call me Adi Lala because I looked so different from her. So Fijian woman when I was  little and sitting on the bus with Eme my nanny used to squeeze my cheeks and say, "Isa Adi Lala"  and laugh their heads off...Tell everyone to go to Fiji for the holidays it's a pretty cool place.”

After she told us about when she found drawings in a cave on the west coast of New Zealand. They were drawn from  Taipei, the man who stopped the first fight between Maori and captain cook.
She told us we can help her fundraise for her documentaries to go on TV, which would be very cool. We would have to write to NZ on air to convince them to fund the show so that we can watch it on Maori TV. Her new documentary is about writers in New Zealand and will include the writer’s walk.

By Burton and Isaac

Monday, 3 August 2015

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori: Whakapapa

Last week was “Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week)” This also connects with our inquiry, "Who is in our backyard?"

We have been exploring our Whakapapa (genealogy) and learning about their tipuna (ancestors).

Where we come from is important to who we are. 

If you haven't done so please bring these back to school by Tuesday morning.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Worser Bay Zebra Crossing Banner: Orange Day Parade

Today we started to paint our Orange Day Parade banner. 

Orange Day Parade is coming up for our Year 5 and 6 Road Patrollers. We will be leaving school at 9am and will arrive back in school by 1 pm.

We arrive at Parliament at 9.30 am and the Road Patrol Parade will begin at 10am. Students will march along Lambton Quay to 

the Michael Fowler Centre for prize giving. You can find the latest road patrol schedule:

There is NO COST, however please give permission for your child to go by bus via WRAP IT UP.

Assembly 31.7.15

Thank you to our fabulous presenters and people who shared their learning today at assembly

. Well done to all of those children who received Principal Awards for demonstrating Maanakitanga. 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Twitter Photo Chat @Kidsedchatnz

Today we were using our school Twitter account (@MatarikiWBS) & we were answering some questions (see below). One of the questions was about a Cow with a suitcase & you had to answer why does the cow have the suitcase & where is it going?

Nicola's base group did this today as part of our rotations in Matariki & Mahutonga! It has been really fun doing this, this afternoon.
  • By Gretel & Eloise

Here are the questions copied from

T3 - W2 Photo Chat

Hey everyone, the first Kidsedchatnz for term 3 will be on at 2pm Wednesday, Week two. 

And what is the topic you ask? Well I'm going to try something a little different for this chat. The topic is a Photo chat! All questions are based on a number of different photos! 

Sounds interesting? Check out the photos and questions below! (All photos come from the fabulous website Lend Me Your Literacy)


Q1. If the doors above were portals into the future and the past, which door would you visit first and why?  

Q2. Do you think people that lived a 100 years ago had better or worse lives than us?

Q3. Why do you think the two sides are so different?

Q4. If you could be more like any animal, what would it be and why?

Q5. How do you think the little boys are feeling? Would you exchange places with them?

Q6. What does a cow pack in a suitcase? Where do you think it is going?

Q7. If you were trapped inside the tree, how would you escape?

Q8. You return to find your home city in ruin, what do you do next?

Q9. If you could have any super power that could help people, what would it be?

Q10. You discover a stone giant at the bottom of the ocean. Do you remove it or leave it where it is?

Big Dance: Wake your brain up activity

Every morning we can choose a "wake your brain up" activity. Today one of the choices was dancing. We worked through different levels. Here is our dancing by Lucie

Here is a link to "BIG DANCE":

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Apirana Taylor Visit

Apirana Taylor came into school today. He showed us various musical instruments that he has collected as he travelled to different countries. He also told us some stories, sang some songs and recited some poems. We liked the story about the lolly tree because it was funny and interesting. Apirana used his instruments in some of his stories and used great facial expressions. He used his body language to entertain us.

We thought that he was inspiring because he told us that he got his letters muddled up at school and had dyslexia, but he still really loved writing!  He said he enjoyed writing as much as the other kids liked art because he could paint a picture in the reader's mind.

By Jack H

This is the "Manu Roreka" poem that he performed:

Here are some photos of Apirana's visit:

Monday, 27 July 2015

Orange Day Parade: 7th August

Orange Day Parade is coming up for our Year 5 and 6 road patrollers. We will be leaving school at 9am and will arrive back in school by 1 pm.

We arrive at Parliament at 9.30 am and the Road Patrol Parade will begin at 10am. Students will march along Lambton Quay to the Michael Fowler Centre for prize giving.

Please can you give permission on the WRAP IT UP site There will be NO COST.

You can find the latest road patrol schedule at: 

The entries for the Orange Day Badge competition will hopefully be displayed in the library on Victoria Street. Watch this space...


For one session every Friday, students and teachers will be moving around the school and working in different groups. This is to help students become familiar with working in different spaces, particularly those who are transitioning to these spaces next year. The Year 3 students will be working down in Māhutonga and Matariki with the Year 4s and 5s. All of Autahi will be working in Tautoru with the Year 2s. The Year 6s will be working in Autahi. Teachers will move around and work in different spaces, with different groups, over the term.

Year 6 children will be working with different teachers to complete their yearbook, write speeches and will be planning other activities.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday Netball

Gemma: We have netball training every Friday morning at school. We play netball on a Saturday afternoon against other schools. I like netball because it is a team sport.
Evie: I like it because it keeps me fit and healthy.
Isaac: I joined in today. It was so much fun!
Chester: I joined in too. I enjoyed shooting at the goal.
Liv: I love playing netball because of all of the different positions on the court. I am captain this week and I’m feeling a little bit nervous.

"Thank you Deb for coaching us!"

Sportsfest 2015

This Term we are lucky enough to be taking part in the inaugural Wellington Regional SportsFest 2015.  This event is being organised by the Wellington City Council in partnership with ten Regional Sports Organisations.

The event is only open to Year 5 and 6 Students.
Worser Bay has been lucky enough to get four teams registered. Miniball, Netball, Hockey and Football. This Friday we introduced the students to the rules of each sporting code and asked them to sign up for the one sport that they would like to trial for.

Our next step will be to run skills training sessions for the children to give everyone a chance to build confidence. After that we will run trials to narrow our teams down to the numbers allowed. We would love parent involvement in these skill sessions and will also need coaches/managers to help supervise teams on the day. If you are interested in being involved, or have any questions please drop in and see us or send an email to Hamish at

Years 5 & 6                  25 August 2015
Years 5 & 6                 9.30am - 2.30pm
Prizegivings                3.00pm - 3.45pm

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette by Liv and Gretel

This week we have been thinking about manners and expectations of emailing. We have been learning about this over the past week.

We have been thinking about manaakitanga and how email etiquette helps us to use manaakitanga in our emails as well as in person.

We came up with what we think are good examples of email

To: Frankie CC: Hanne, Jack M
From: Gretel
Subject: Bad Day
Dear Frankie,
I understand how you are feeling. We all have our bad days. We could organise a play for on Saturday. We could practice some sports and go to a cafe. Do you have any ideas on what we could do after? Hopefully you are feeling better after planning this play.
The team!

To: Church
From: Chester, Takehisa, Evie, And Liv
Subject: School Visit
Hi Margaret,
We are a group of students from Worser Bay School and we are interested in finding out about people in the community.
We were wondering if we could visit your Church? If so, could we come next Thursday at 1 pm? Or are there any alternative times that we could visit?
Please reply so we can get permission.
Thanks heaps!

We have co-constructed our own WBS email rules: 

Worser Bay School
Student Email Expectations and Etiquette

  • Include a clear subject line as a header so people can identify if it is relevant to them.
  • Remember your online manners. Say please, thank you etc.
  • Say “hello” and “goodbye.”
  • Address the person that you are talking to e.g. “Dear Jude”.
  • Check who you are sending it to before you send.
  • ‘Reply to All’ option should only be selected if you really need everyone on the list to see your reply.
  • Do not send group emails e.g. “everyone” or “mahutonga2015” unless you have been given permission by a teacher.
  • Do not respond to emails that are inappropriate. Report these emails to one of your teachers.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

School Holidays: What did you get up to?

We hope that you all had a great break. Add a post to the Padlet to let us know what you got up to... 

You can add a photo if you like!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Wellington Indian Sport Centre: Who is in our community?

Wellington Indian Sport Centre     

On Wednesday Asha, Eloise, Frankie, and Gretel went to Wellington Indians Sport Centre

We spoke to the president of WISC, her name was Hansa Parbhu. One of the questions we asked her was how old is WISC? And the answer was 23 years old since we have developed it into a Sport and Cultural Centre. We then asked What was here before WISC? And the answer was a Vacuum Cleaner factory! We learnt a lot about going to this place. Me, Eloise and Frankie play for Indians and we learnt a lot more about the turf as well. We learnt that it was a Concrete area before renovation and it took around 3~4 Months to make it a turf! It was really fun and interesting!

By Gretel