Saturday, 25 March 2017

International Friendship Day Movie Project

Our International Friendship Day Movie

At Worser Bay School, we are excited to learn about different places and cultures. We have started a project that is linked to International Friendship Day (this is celebrated in Singapore to celebrate collaboration and connections with other cultures). Schools from across the world have signed up to share a short movie about their country. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

WBS and Auroa School Reading Groups: Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf - Poem by Roald Dahl

A reading group at Worser Bay are meeting with a reading group at Auroa Primary School in Taranaki once a week. We are reading the same text and meeting on skype to discuss what we have read.  

We are excited about the collaboration!

This week we read Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf - Poem by Roald Dahl 

We focused on reading the poem with fluency and expression. 

Students at Auroa School drew pictures of what we read and Worser bay added the captions.

Character Strengths and Camp

We are looking at the grouped character strengths and thinking about which ones each of us is naturally better at. We have also been thinking about which of our strengths we will use at camp, and which ones we will grow.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Poetry using Rain by Hone Tuwhare as a model

We listened to Hone Tuwhare reading his poem Rain and then used it as a model to write our own poems. There were some very creative ideas.

Here is some of our work:

Ocean    by Hayley

I hear you  breathing
With the sound of

If i were deaf
I would feel your craze
Through your deep dark waves

But if i was blind
I would definitely know you by your
Salty olive vine

The unique smell of your waves
will drift on for
Many days

But if i don't hear ,smell, feel or even  taste you
I know you will treasure me in the deep
Sea waves.

   Windy day
As you lift me up I can feel you when you coil your sound across the universe
I can see you with your calm warnings
I can hear you as your whistles take over the world.
By Griffin


I hear you surrounding me, whistling in my ear, pushing me through the air.
I can feel your biggest fear, I see you wrestling the trees.
If I were deaf I would feel a push of silent air.
The taste  of summer , freshness of air .
You will define me in the air, pushing my hair over the trees and winding air of silent wind through me.

By Greer T

Wind pushing me around it feels like
I’m flying through the air.

I hear you sneaking through the trees
Then you ambush me pushing me over
fighting to keep me on the ground.

By Adam

   Waves    by Kirsty
You crash against  the rocks.
For if I was blind I would hear you.
Sometimes you’re calm and gentle,
If i was deaf i could feel you, to guide
My way.
Sometimes you grow big and cause a tsunami
That I could taste you to guide my way home.

Sculptures for Cubadupa

Sculptures for Cuba Dupa:

We spent the day on Tuesday making these sculptures for the Cubadupa festival this coming Saturday.  The festival is going to be zero waste so to emphasise this message, all bins will be covered. Recycling bins will be available and the rubbish bins in the whole Cuba Street area will be covered by sculptures!  Some of them ours.  

Super Sewer:  Your waste is coming right back at you!  We used piping to create a tangle with the idea that all of the muck we produce is hidden from us and sent away.  What about if those pipes twisted and turned and ended up spitting their contents back at us?
Shing Kong:  The Shopping Demon.
We were thinking about the madness of shopping and how much is wasted.  The distorted figure is stuffed with clothes, some of them almost new.  What a waste.

The Twelfth Heaven: Tane te Wanaga is climbing the spiral of the winds to seek the baskets of knowledge, Te Wanaga.

The Wheel of misfortune: An accident waiting to happen.  We used old tools and found pieces to make this moving sculpture.  We are asking the question, what do we need?  Can we do without all of those products?

Kurangaituku: The Bird Woman.  Watch out Barbie Doll.  Kurangaituku is angry about the way her Mokai or pets have been treated in the forest.  

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Gallery of Tane Art: Part Two

Here is some of our art we did, inspired by Tane and his learning journey. We used pastels and blending to create awesome blending features.

Check it out, we have it decorated the Library with it!

Our Naughtiest Pets

This week we in writing we have been describing our naughty pets. We have been focussing on using describing words, and editing our work to improve it.
Our next step is to pull out the main ideas from our stories and turn them into poems. Stay tuned to see our poems!

Liquorice, the naughty cat. Her white sharp whiskers shine into the room. “Who's that?” Hunter yelled. I don't know she just came in, I think she is the neighbours. She pounced in, scurried up and tried to give the fish a heart attack. She then scattered back down shredding the new couch and eating Toby´s cat food. “It´s time for dinner!” As I pick her up she starts scratching my cheek. We eat our food and she thumps on the cat door. Mum lets her in. “Oh”, me and Hunter sigh. She starts eating our dinner and goes outside and she comes back in with rats, which you wouldn’t believe are alive! Liquorice drops them on the ground, then scurries away. Where did she go? She has gone, yay! I hate Liquorice, I am furious!
By Greer W.

Jack the cat
One day Merrin, (my next door neighbour) was having a bath at her house. Just relaxing, until Jack the cat stepped in bringing with him a struggling Gecko...Then she screamed “Ahhhh Nancy Nancy” but Nancy (Merrins daughter) did not reply.Then Jack the cat bit off the tail it was like this - wiggle wiggle wiggle. She screamed her head off this time! Jack the cat ate the Gecko body, leaving the wiggling tail waiting to wiggle its way out!
By Daisy

The cheeky cat Indy
My nana's cat Indy was cheeky, sneaky and very funny. She was black and grey and had different colored eyes. She wonders quite a lot. In the morning she pounced. Over the fence, the next door neighbour’s window was open and I guess in Indy’s mind she said “this is my chance”.

She shot herself through the window and shredded the curtain into pieces. Then the lady of the house saw Indy and threw her out the window.

I saw is as I was racing down the yard. The lady yelled get that nasty cat away from my house.

So i told my nana and she had to pay for the damage indy did. Me and my nana was

Furious at Indy. It was now nighttime and Indy was walking on the street (like always).

Out of nowhere a ginger cat pounced on indy and bit her ear then indy ran as fast as she could and cuddled up with me then and had a good night sleep.
By Eva

Bad boy dog!
One day I was watching tv. My dog Dave, who is a chocolate labrador, went over to the next door neighbors. He snuck a piece of lamb! And took it home. Dave is a very naughty boy but the next day what he did was very naughty. He snuck out to the farm 5m’s away and stole a big cow,I was very Mad!   
By Tommy

My Cat Crete, by Ari

Friday, 17 March 2017

Gallery of Tane Art

Gabrielle and Nicola's base groups have been inspired by our Inquiry learning and have produced these artworks based on Tane. 

Highlights this week

This week I liked……
Doing alien addition in maths, writing, and student council with Greer. That´s what I really liked this week.
By Milla

This week I liked….
Basic facts because I think I am improving every time. Another highlight was student council because lots of people are loving jump jam.
By Lucie

My highlights of this week are…..
Doing typing in rotation time,  and doing lots of super cool, amazing, great art.
By Yasmin

This week….
I liked doing the photosynthesis.
I really liked doing Basic facts cause I'm getting really good at them.
I liked doing the lizards cause I learned a lot of things about lizards.
By Alex P

This week I enjoyed....

Doing Maori art, and learning Maori with John. I also enjoyed maths this week and learning my 7 times tables. Student Council was cool.
By Leola

This week....

I learned my 6 times tables! I have been practicing at home.
By Daisy

This week....

I enjoyed doing Art.
By Izar

This week I enjoyed

being a PAL and playing with Autahi after Lunch.
By Eden

This week I enjoyed....

playing on the mats at lunch time!
By Talia

My highlight of the week was

Learning Spanish in our languages block on Friday!
By Maddie

This week I enjoyed...

doing Jump Jam at lunchtime with the PALS.
By Greer

This week my highlight was...

Maths and student council doing the ICT management.
By Ridley

Rotations in Mahutonga!

In the morning we have rotations. On a Monday we don't have Rotations but on a Tuesday Anna's base group stays with her and all the kids stay with their base group teacher, but on a Wednesday we all move one space. This means Anna’s base group goes to John, John's base group goes to Nicola, Nicola’s base group goes to Gabrielle and Gabrielle's base group goes to Anna. Anna does finger gym/ typing,  John does reading in the library, Nicola does spelling practice and Gabrielle does cursive handwriting.

By Gemma


Mahutonga in action: Spelling and Handwriting
Reading in the Library

Turangawaewae: My Place to Stand

Turangawaewae: My Place to Stand!

Where am I from?  Where am I connected? What is special to me? Where do I belong?  Where do I feel most at home?

These are the questions we ask ourselves when we consider our Turangawaewae.  It is a powerful thing to feel connected to a place, that your roots are there; you might feel a sense of belonging and, you are calm and complete in that place.  This is Turangawaewae; your place to stand.

Ko Tangi te Keo te Maunga
Ko te Whanganui a Tara te Moana
Ko Whetukairangi te Marae

Ko te Upoko o te Ika taku Turangawaewae!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

WBS and Auroa Reading Groups Connect!

Reading groups connect
It’s great to connect with our friends at Auroa School!

Today one of our reading groups connected with a reading group in a school in the Taranaki countryside called Auroa School. We did some reading with them, were we did one paragraph and they did a paragraph.

You can listen to the story: Awarua The Taniwha of Porirua

We managed to power through it

By Zach and Alastair

Earlier in the week some of us read half of the story and made predictions about what might happen:

We also summarised what we read then wrote our own versions. Here is one that we made on Puppet Pals: 

Learning about the Lizard Garden

 As part of our learning about Tane Mahuta, god of the forests, and how we can be powerful, we have been learning about our school's lizard garden which was created last year. We have been practising our summarising and note taking skills reading about lizards. We also visited the garden with our writers' notebooks and made tally charts of how many lizards we saw and drawings of ideal places for lizards that have been created already. We are gathering lots of ideas how we can make the garden even better for lizards.