Friday, 25 May 2018

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship runs through all that we do. We have revisited some of these ideas with the Technologies Student Council Group who will be helping to run some sessions next week.

Made with Padlet

Students at Worser Bay School co-constructed this technologies agreement. We have all taken it home, discussed with parents and signed it. It is important that we revisit this often and continue to discuss... 

WBS Acceptable Use of Technologies 2018

My School Values:

  • Respect ourselves
  • Respect each other
  • Respect the environment

The same values apply when I am online and when using the school’s technologies.

Some ways in which I can show what this looks like when using school technologies include:

  • Respect ourselves

·       I make sure that there is an adult in the room when online
·       I report anything to an adult that makes me feel uncomfortable
·       I look after my body and mind

  • Respect each other

·       I make comments in a positive, friendly way
·       I use manners  
·       I support others in their learning

  • Respect the environment

·       I take turns when sharing technology
·       I treat all technologies with respect and care
·       I use technology as a learning tool, not as a toy

I have read and understood this and I have shared with my parents

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Forest Protectors: Taking Action!

We are taking action! We are know that we need to help our forests and our environment. We can make big changes because "we are powerful!"

On Friday we made prototypes for our Forest Protector designs. We have had a chance to reflect on these and today we had a go at improving our ideas. 

We followed the design process: 

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Prototypes: Forest Protectors

This is an example of one of our designs

On Friday, we started our prototypes for the inventions we are making. We are designing products or inventions that can be used to help protect our Forests. We have bird feeders, cat collars, waste disposers and so many more! Bring any materials (cardboard, recycling, tape) - basically anything your design needs!

Thursday, 17 May 2018


Feedback! We have been learning to give, receive and respond to feedback.

How do we know that what we are doing is meeting our goals? How do we know what to do to develop our work in writing our in any other field?

It is hard to know what to do when we are working alone, isolated from others; but we are lucky because we have editors. And, we are all editors, giving each other feedback and respond in kind.

Here we evaluated the feedback a peer gave, trying to work out what the most useful form of feedback is.

We say that when giving feedback, you need to be kind, be honest, connect to the criteria, comment on each other’s goals, don’t say too much. It is truly a Learning Experience!

Eastern Zones Netball Day!

On Wednesday our two Year 5/6 Netball teams competed and had fun at the Eastern Zones Netball Tournament. Everyone did a great job using their character strengths. We all set goals before starting the day around how we can show 'Mahi Katoa'. Mahi Katoa is something we say in the Karakia about working together.  

Here are some reflections of the day:

Today went well, we all showed good sportsmanship and we all passed and shared the ball with each other. We thank the parents and teachers. We are very grateful to them for taking us to netball, and with out you we wouldn't have gone. We had lots of fun and gave it our all. Both teams won 3 games and lost 1, we did really well.

Netball was really fun collaborating and calling for the ball. we worked as a team and passed the ball really well. We came second over all and bet the second hardest team. Now it is one of my favourite sports because we work as a great team. I think we’re going to do well.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Performing Plays Using Puppet Pals

On Monday some of us read Play Scripts. We used Puppet Pals to read our stories. Our next steps are to write our own plays and record our own stories... 

 Jack and Jill

The Three Little Pigs


 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

I Spy

 Jack and Jill

Goodnature Traps: Inspiration for our own Inventions

At the end of the last term we had Josh from Goodnature come in and talked to us about their traps and the process that they went through to get to the stage that they are at now.

When he was here, he told us all about how their trap works and what barriers they had to overcome.
As well as that he showed us a slide show of all the different prototypes and design ideas, to inspire us to come up with our own ideas, and questions.

After the presentation we got an email from Josh talking about how he thought we were really welcoming and how he had a blast!

Now we are coming up with our own design ideas and making our own prototype testing and improving.

Thanks Josh!

By Zach J

Friday, 11 May 2018

We Are Designing Because We are Forest Protectors!

We are Inventing Because We are Forest Protectors!

We have been thinking about the problems which confront our native flora and fauna and are taking action to do something about it. Before we make anything though we are learning about the design process. Josh Waaka from Goodnature traps explained that they took about eight years to design their trap. It went through many iterations and each time there was an improvement. Trial and Improvement!

We are starting with the Problem, doing research to understand the problem, looking at what exists already in terms of solutions and building on those with our own ideas. We have been developing a design criteria to evaluate our design as we go.

Great discussion, great discovery, great creativity!

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Low Floor, High Ceiling Tasks: Algebra

Stanford Professor, Jo Boaler says that "Mathematics classrooms should be places where students work on mathematics tasks with a low entry point but a very high ceiling – so that students are constantly challenged and working at the highest and most appropriate level for them." You can read more: How students should be taught mathematics: for parents

Today some of us looked at this sequence. Students were asked "How is the pattern growing." It was interesting to see how others visualise the patterns.

We discussed what a sequence means. We came up with the definition: It is a pattern and a series of things that get bigger or smaller. We also said from the pattern you can work out what the next one will be. 

Students were Mathematical thinkers and came up with their own questions about the sequence. 

Flynn and Henry: This is a number sequence.we figured out the rest of it.

Orla and Yasmin: Today we figured out the sequence of this pattern we also figured out what the 100th 1 would be. We found out that what the added up together and other stuff like that.

Jan: I have worked out that if x = million (1,000,000) y = one trillion and one (1,000,000,000,001)
Also, this is my graph of the equation y = x squared + 1.

Maddie: Whatever number you want to times it by that number. This shows the equation for the 70,000th in the sequence.

Worser Bay Cross Country 2018

Wow! What an amazing event! Our students showed great resilience and perseverance to get around the course. We loved how some of our senior students helped the younger students in Tautoru and Autahi to complete the course.

Students set themselves challenging goals leading up to the event. We have been demonstrating our learner attribute- I am Powerful!

Worser Bay Kids: We are proud of you all!