Friday, 11 June 2021

Worm Farm

We have cleaned out the old worm farm on top court! We cleaned it out and put in some new bedding making it all cosy and ready for some new residents in (thanks Christine for providing some of her wormy friends). 
The start or the project!

We found a family of snails on the bottom

All cleaned out
Preparing the bedding block

Christine's worms in their new home!

We found out lot's of fun facts while setting us our new 'cute' friends. For example, it's really important you don't touch worms because the chemicals in our skin can 'burn' them! We are eager to educate our peers about this to make sure we can all get along and manage food waste together. 

Thanks Billy for creating this DOs and DON'Ts, a copy of these are in each of the spaces.

Our friends will soon be settled in enough to start feeding them. This will be another thing we can show leadership in, while using the worm 'tea' and 'poo' in our beautiful gardens.

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Eastern Zones Cross Country 2021

Year 5 Girls

We arrived at the Scot’s field. Everyone wanted to eat but it was too bad for the year fours because...

World war 2 all over again, trampling all over each, a fight to get to the front. But before we tell that story...

First the year fours got called up to get warmed up for the race. My heart raced even though my race wasn’t for another hour. “Ready” said the man.

“GO!!” he shouted.

Year 6 Boys

Year 4 Boys

Year 6 Girls

Year 4 Girls

Worser Bay Team

Year 4 Boys line up

Our race was at Scots College. They have this amazingly massive green field of grass and I love it because there is some shade, lots of sun , some hills but mostly flat. We had to run three times around it and plus a little more because we had to get to the finish line which was not the same as the start line but a little further on. But I am glad that it was longer because some of the people in front of me were walking by the end and so I passed them but I wound not have if it was a little shorter because I passed them at the end.

Year 6 Boys

Year 6 Girls

Perseverance: I used perseverance when I kept going even though I was really really really tired and I felt like my throat was more dry than a sun dried lizard.

Bravery: I think that I used bravery even by just going to the event and I think that I also used bravery when I actually ran my hardest and did not walk. If I had walked I would probably not have felt so good about myself in the end. It was kind of scary because they said that if you walked then you would have to pull out and quit from the race because it would waste their time!

Monday, 7 June 2021

Art and Maths

'Many mathematicians draw upon Art and many artists draw upon Mathematics'.  says Jo Boaler (Maths Professor at Stanford University). We know that there is lots of beauty in Maths. 

We have been dialling up the Character Strength of Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence. 

VIA, Institute of Character: "Those who express an appreciation of beauty & excellence notice and appreciate beauty, excellence and/or skilled performance in all domains of life, from nature to art to mathematics to science to everyday experience".

Here are some examples of what we have been doing: 

We wrote down a group numbers. Using squared paper, we started somewhere in the middle. We took each of the numbers in turn to tell us how long to draw the line and turn a right angle to the left after we drew each line.

Rotational Symmetry Art

The students created a simple drawing on 1/8 of their circle, then they transferred their drawing into all 8 parts of their circle. What a great way to learn about rotational symmetry, fractions and angles. 

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Matariki Māhutonga City Gallery + Wellington Museum Trip

 We are so INSPIRED after our trip to the City Gallery and Wellington Museum.

City Gallery

We explored the latest exhibition called 'Every Artist'. We were curious about the messages/meaning behind the artwork and enjoyed trying to figure these out throughout the gallery.

We were particularly drawn to Emily Karaka's work which displayed her inspirations for her work. 

We also created our own books for a place to record our inspiration, which I'm sure will be filled soon! 

Wellington Museum

Learning about the history of Wellington/ NZ has been a focus recently. It is great to understand the formation of New Zealand with greater depth. 

'Understanding the mistakes of the past ensures we don't repeat them'  - Lillian 

At the museum we heard more about characters like the Wakefields as well as the sharing of history through the Te Ao Māori lens. We look forward to continuing this learning in the weeks to come.

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

Pi Investigation

We've been thinking about Pi. No, not pie. Not pai either! The mahi was tino pai though, and it did get us thinking about the size of certain pastries. 

We started off by thinking about how to visually calculate, or estimate, the area of a circle. Some great strategies were shared, for example finding the number of full squares then estimating the total area of part squares. This got us thinking... there must be a more accurate way!


So we followed our instructions, measuring and recording diameter and circumference (and learning what these are!). 

Then we were asked to divide our circumference by the diameter. This hovered around 3 point something no matter the size of the circle we had measured. Hmm..

We figured out that we could reverse the equation and multiply either the circumference or diameter by Pi to find the true measurement. We think our circumference measurement was probably a bit off because of the string. 

He tino PAI tō mahi pāngarau, koutou!

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Te Tiriti o Waitangi

As part of our Inquiry 'Pūmanawatanga' we have been learning more about New Zealand's history. We have revisited our learning around Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We read a comic about Te Tiriti (read it here), we learnt about the different perspectives held by Māori, The Crown and others in New Zealand at the time. Our complex history is very interesting and things are beginning to click for the students. We are learning about the various 'characters' involved, among whom are James Busby, Edward Gibbon Wakefield and Tāmati Waka Nene.

We had discussions around the 'pros and cons' of Te Tiriti. As we discussed the different view points, we also went back to previous discussions around who writes history, and what is the truth?

We encourage discussions of this at home - there is a lot to learn, and it's great to be learning alongside students!

Our Own Artist in School Series

As part of our aim to raise the profile of The Arts this year we have kicked off our own Artist in School series. The first cab of the rank, Belinda Griffiths. We were able to watch as Belinda painted in our library space over a few hours and saw the blank canvas transform, the images begin to take shape.
Watch this space as we invite other artists, including musicians to come in and share their work with us. Cloe is going to be painting in the Library space next Monday. Very Inspiring! Beautiful work Belinda. Thanks so much!