Sunday, 31 August 2014

We are Family

Notice about the arts celebration:
Dear parents and caregivers,
The whole school will be at Scots from 9.30am - 2.30pm on Monday 1st September to practise for the arts celebration. If you need to pick up your child early please come to Scots and check in with their base group teacher (we will be in the hall).
Please drop your children off as normal at Worser bay school before 8.55am on Monday 1st September and we will travel by bus to Scots.
If you have not returned your child's permission slip with the payment of $5 to the office please do so by Monday morning.

thanks again,

We are Family from Matariki on Vimeo.

Message from the office: We are very happy for you to order your tickets for the Arts Celebration by email and pay for them on line.  You will still need to collect your tickets from us at the office but it will save you waiting in a queue!!

If you decide to use this option, please email:

Don't forget the ticket payments go into the general school account:

ASB 123478 0039493 00

Friday, 29 August 2014

Well done to Eastern Zone swimmers!

Well done to everyone who represented Worser Bay at the Eastern Zones Swimming Races. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Arts Celebration Poster

The Arts celebration is hereget your tickets from the office now

Shaping Poems


Stand in neutral
wool into a shape
now stretch into another
spin into a shape
sprint into another
be cute into another
pounce into a shape
be cool into another
jump into neutral
And relax
By Molly D

Shape Poem by Louis

Stand in neutral
freeze into a ice block
karate chop into another
now clap into a hand
swing like a monkey to another
Fly into a wall
Sink into another
Crash into the city's wall
Drive into another
Sink into neutral
And relax

Monday, 25 August 2014

Illustrated Haikus: The beauty of words and illustration, John's Literacy Group

Today some of us in John's literacy group wrote our own haiku (a traditional Japanese poem with three lines- one 5 syllable, next 7 Syllable and last 5 syllables). Then we created exquisite illustrations to put alongside these- integrating what we have learned about the beauty of form in poetry and the skills we have learned in visual art. Beautiful work all round!


We are preparing for the Arts Celebration. We had a run-through this afternoon!

Message from the office: We are very happy for you to order your tickets for the Arts Celebration by email and pay for them on line.  You will still need to collect your tickets from us at the office but it will save you waiting in a queue!!

If you decide to use this option, please email:

Don't forget the ticket payments go into the general school account:

ASB 123478 0039493 00

Friday, 22 August 2014

We have learnt how to use Garage Band to make music.

You will hear some of our music at the Arts Celebration!

Johns Literacy Group - Found Poetry

John’s Literacy Group - Found poetry
Found poetry is created from other texts we might stumble across, writing on a wall, timetables, a chapter from a novel, a letter. This text inspires us in some way to refashion the text and form the words into a poem. It is an original poem, created out of parts of ‘stolen’ text. Our texts varied from a fact book about snow leopards (Olivia), a poison arrow frog (Jack), a shoe factory (Anna) and a recipe to make brownies (Gretel) , a book on rainbows (Alexa and Nea) and more!
We got ‘stealing’ on Monday and Tuesday- stealing words from the walls around the room and from books lying around - and here are the poems we came up with! 

Rainbow: A Found poem
a spectrum of light,
Takes form,
multi coloured ark
Caused by sunlight,
always appear,
opposite to the sun,
Can be full circles,
Illuminated above the ground
red on top
violet inside,
Caused by light refracted,
Entering a droplet of water,
then reflected,
inside on the back,
refracted again,
leaving it,
Double rainbow,
Second arc,
seen outside,
the order of its colours,
red facing red,
both rainbows.
By Alexa

Schumann the Shoeman

The fancy handy work,
all very organised.
Marvellous inventions,
unusual friends,
slithery, tickly spark clean shoes.
The sensible paint,
crafts into place.
Your heart beams upon the marsh.
The breeze swipes past your face, just like a python.
                                        By Anna
Grey Shoe
The gray shoe walked to the door
Wondered, “how was I hoodwinked?”
That shoeman made me in a grey factory
Gray shoe thought, no wonder his pantry
is full of gray belts and gray

By Rowan
Snow leopards
The endangered trust,
With the mystical dust,
And maybye not easy to tame.

The mountain chill,
They all know the drill,
All of their cubs they must claim.
Olivia C
 lost by found
First few to none saw it
      no people happened ask
              thing knew nothing
                      lost by found
Information inspected

Hear story
   remember interesting
             unconsciously found
                     usual ordinary beach ago
                                rather particular look

much tirelessly i worked on collection
   reason stopped working
what is started it while
   sad sort, seemed weird, out of place

beach stuff continued,
 but wasn't right, something.  

seemed no notice
      was most  sure
Insulated with hair,
They must all take good care,
And “snow” always fits in their name

Dramatic decline,
With such little time,
And some have been poached on a flame.

Rare beautiful ,
Oh why they would kill,
Such an endangered small range.

Louise M

Poison arrow
The poison arrow frog.
The native people are even
afraid to go near it.

One of the poison arrow frogs
has enough poison in one
frog to kill thousands.
 so watch out!
By Jack K

Thick, Chocolate
Hot, tasty serve,
Serve with pleasure,
Eggs and Flour,
Mix with power,
Turn the heat on to 180,
get a 20x30 tray,
and butter,
Icing sugar make the touch!
                                                                          By Gretel


My vintage rose
chillin in the silver lake sun
maroon lips eating
pancakes the flavour of tacos
No Big Deal
feelin lazy and hazy
in my bright blue maserati
My neon ping pong ball
looking as fresh as a daisy
baby chicks walkin past singing
Kids park their cardboard car and it’s
By Ally

Animal Shape Poems

We were learning how to make a shape poem. We also danced like animals, this helped us to make up our own dances for the Arts Celebration.

Shape poems from Matariki on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


These poems have been inspired by our inquiry and where the imagination will lead us.

If I were a fire…

If I were a fire MY SPARKS
would leap out of the campfire
and spread my flames through the
dead twigs and pinecones
of the forest floor and
sweep through the trees.
If I were a fire I would dance.  
By Louise M

Dawn and Night by Gretel

Attacker of Dawn and Night,

Creepy, Crawly up the mountain,

There it lay,

Sunset arises sneaking upon the world,

A rock of road leading to death,

A path of terror.

By Gretel

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Maths Strategies by George

We have been learning a range of strategies in maths. This helps us to solve problems in different ways.

We have been learning a clapping rhythm for the Arts Celebration.

Clapping from Matariki on Vimeo.

Some Writing...

Dragon blood

People think that dragon’s became extinct in 1732 but they are wrong. Dragons are still alive! A man called Dr Drake found an ice dragon in the North pole in an ice cave and was asleep. He thought most people didn’t believe in dragons so he sliced the dragon’s neck open and got a jar full of blood. The jar full of blood can still be seen at the museum of the strange and wonderful. By Blake

The Crollageister

the crollageister croggles up,
the minith white mountain peaks,
in the lamusting and cold  muck,
and the dained old houses,
where as dead as a claccops gutt.

the crollageister scroffolds,
with a gloominating look,
a dongolded man comes riding,
a man with an ongore hook,
while the devil is lying.

the crollageister strauls deeply,
with an accanounding face,
the tips of his frilk point up,
the bolgles in a pace,
the dragon curls up like a nut.

the men of colonial form,
cover the nimbord land,
they attack at the crack of dawn,
the plone of a monster echoes,
throughout the land until morn.

the infarnota spirit of death,
clammons its wings in the night,
glowing bright conlor red,
and its kalcon cocoon lies silent,

the devil lucifer, is dead.

Ping Pang Pong by Wilbur

On the Ping Pang Pong
Were the mice going flying
And all the people go too
There's a Pang Ping Pong
Where the wings go sing
And all the mums jibber jabber joo
There's a Pong Pang Ping
All the bogs go hoot
And you just can’t catch ‘em when they do
So it Pings Pang Pong
The mice go flying
Pang Ping Pong
Wings go sang
Pang pong pings
Bogs go hoot
What a noisy place to belong
Is the Ping Pang Ping Pang Pong

By Takehisa

I know someone who can…

I know someone who can pick his nose.
I know someone who can laugh so hard it could break down walls.
I know someone who can fly by farting.
I know someone who can change shift.
I know someone who can lick his eyes and that someone is YOU!

By Louis V


He's a:
Fun story teller
Not sick of fib fever
Great Joke teller
Five decibels yeller
Smelly clothes wearer
Generous pocket money bearer
Nightmare vanisher
Heart heart fixer
Giant hugger
Chocolate sharer
Tear squasher
Loud nosher
Smile  maker
Rugby mad
Fashion awful
Not half bad
I am so glad I had my dad
By Meg

One of our writing foci continues to be on adding imagery to our writing and making sure that we show and not tell. We have been talking about how as authors we can deliberately take a sentence that would be boring and add imagery to make it more interesting and engaging for our audience. Here are some of our boring sentences that we have turned into masterpieces.

I am cold/I was cold.

I was outside in the icy, frozen snow. A coat of frost covered my body. I shivered while my teeth chattered and the white sprinkling gusts began.

The frosty wind bites through my thick woolen jacket as the rain thunders down, soaking me like a rag.
By Emma C

Goose bumps sprouted on my arms as the frosted air blew against me, and sent chills all through my body. I began to shiver.
By Declan

There I was lost. Stuck. The cold nipped at my fingers. “So this is the South Pole”.
It felt like god’s fridge and I was an ice cube sitting in a ice cube tray. I looked down at my hands. “great’ I groan, “Frostbite!”
By Connor

I like pie.

I sank my teeth into the hot, delicious surface. The grease covering my fingers and lips. Pie!

I found something.

As I opened the chest it creaked with a loud screech. The shimmering gold, rubies, jewels and diamonds glistened in the sunlight. A golden tin inside holds a necklace with a pirate skull on it.
By Joab

I stared at the box. It’s encrusted with gems and gold. It looked special. I open it with a scrunch. “Ohhh, it’s got everything. Gold, rubies, diamonds, even pearl necklaces. “I think I’m rich!”.
Felix E