Sunday, 16 December 2018

Pedal Ready

Our Year 6 students have been cycle training with Pedal Ready. There are many benefits to learning to ride a bike.  By participating in the Pedal Ready programme, our students have been:
  • improving their motor skills
  • experiencing a wide range of cycling activities
  • learning important road safety skills
  • developing independence and consideration for others.

Sport at Miramar Park

On Friday we went to Miramar Park. We started with a game of Capture the Flag and the whole Matariki Mahutonga whanau was involved. We then played sports and took part in physical activity. 

Learning doesn't just happen at school. There are many benefits to active outdoor learning.

Thursday, 13 December 2018

The Wrap: Poroporoaki

Today we said our goodbyes to our Year 6 students and teachers who are leaving at our Poroporoaki. Our Year 6 students gave speeches about their time at Worser Bay. We also celebrated our awesome year. 

We loved the music from the Bandits!

Here is something special from the staff...

History of Miramar

Today we went for a walk and found out some of the history from our area.  We did a treasure hunt around Seatoun Park too. We talked about the different pa sites and stories that we know about the area. What a great day!

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The Marafun for Kidscan

Well done to our students who took part in our "Marafun" today. We have been raising funds for Kidscan. What a great effort from everyone! Thank you Orla and Yasmin for taking the lead with this. 

Thank you to everyone for your kind donations. You can still donate: Give a Little: Marafun

Transition Day #2 Mini Flight Inquiry

On Tuesday, we had our second transition day where students had the chance to work in their new spaces with new students and teachers.

We did a mini-inquiry about flight. We investigated what would factors would make a paper plane fly further. 

This is a short movie to show our plane throwing competition that we had at the end of our Inquiry. This was lots of fun!

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Year Six Leaver's Dinner

Today we said farewell to our Year Six leavers. What a great bunch of curious, connected and confident learners. What a fun evening!

More from our Beach Time...

We have enjoyed creating sand sculptures.

Some of us enjoyed using the swing that some of our students made for their Inquiry.

A group of us started weeding and looking for lizards in the dunes. 

Some of us got to have a go at sailing again...

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Year 3 Transition into the Matariki and Mahutonga space: Portraits

On Friday we had a transition day. the Year 3 students spent a day in the Matariki/ Mahutonga space. We had a chance to get to work with students and teachers that we will be learning alongside next year. 

We did an Inquiry into Portraits. We looked at some famous portraits and looked at similarities and differences between these. We did an investigation into the Maths of the face, thinking about proportions. 

Here are some of our artworks: