Thursday, 18 April 2019

Inquiry Learning Parent Workshop

On 4th April, we held a parent workshop on Inquiry Learning.

Purpose of workshops:
  • to show that Inquiry is authentic and is about deep thinking
  • to unpack the Inquiry process
  • to encourage conversations about learning to continue at home.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Student Council - Library

The Student Council Library group has worked hard this term to make sure the library is easy to use, and something we can be proud of. We have been able to show positive purpose in so many different ways!
Some of the work we have been doing includes:

  • Tidying up the shelves and organising books
  • Labelling shelves and making posters which explain rules for younger students
  • Teaching others how to issue books using our library programme, Acessit
  • Carrying out surveys in Tautoru and Autahi to find out what the junior school would like to see in the library
We have learnt that the work of a librarian is never finished (on that note, a massive shout out to Christine!). We have also started to think about some bigger ideas that might contribute to making the library even better, such as a book day events and weekly newsletters/updates. Watch this space!

Making Sauerkraut

Before tasting the Sauerkraut 
After Tasting Sauerkraut.

A few weeks ago we made sauerkraut.  We picked our cabbages from the vege garden, cleaned them diced them, added salt and seeds and punched and squeezed them until they had made lots of cabbage juice. The cabbage became soft and clear.

The salt helps sauerkraut ferment and pulls liquid out of it because it kills the bad bacteria, the cabbage juice shields the cabbage from the oxygen as well as the jar which also protects the cabbage from bad bacteria.  We left it for two weeks to ferment.

Before we tried the sauerkraut we talked about natural everyday chemical reactions.   Some examples of natural everyday reactions are our digestive systems and metabolisms, and rust and mould. 
But, because we are in the envirogroup our favourite everyday reaction is PHOTOSYNTHESIS!
Because it helps trees and plants grow and trees and plants help us live and grow and breathe and; breathing gives us LIFE!

Sadly our sauerkraut became a bit (VERY) smelly.  Perhaps some bad bacteria made its way into the jars? Could it have been from some grubby fingers and hands?  Was it the summer heat? Who knows for sure.  Only one thing is certain; we will be making sauerkraut again!  Delicious!

Social Council - Positive Purpose

In Social Council we learn to be kind and not to be antisocial! We made a playlist because people were getting really irritated and bored of the songs that play at lunch. We went around and asked as many kids as possible what songs they want to hear and is it appropriate. We asked ‘would you listen to it with Jude?’ and ‘would you listen to it with a caregiver?’.  We’ve also set up PALs (Physical Activity Leaders) for rainy days and for during normal days starting in Term 2. This will give kids a chance to meet new people and also always have someone to play with.

We decided on the theme for the disco in Term 2 too. We voted on Bedtime/Slumber Party theme. We will be making decorations next term, we already have lots of ideas for this!

By Greta and Theo

Digital Technologies Positive Purpose Group

We are the Digital Technologies Positive Purpose Group (Student Council). It has been going well so far. We have helped in Tautoru a bit already. We have also helped in Autahi a few times too. Yesterday we helped Tautoru with a Hour of Code (it is a website to help students to learn about coding) and we worked through the Minecraft game. We helped them to understand how it works. This gives us a Positive Purpose because we can help people with stuff that they don’t know about yet. 

By Finley and Griffin

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Flow and Independent Learning

Today we begun to use our Independent Task Sheets. These are things that we should be doing when we are not working with a teacher.

This helps us to have some choice about our learning and hopefully will help us to get into the "flow."

FLOW: In short, flow states are enjoyable, challenging and interesting experiences. The concept of flow is defined as a state of intense absorption and optimal experience that results from taking part in intrinsically motivating challenges. Flow is a peak experience of engagement, when people are most immersed, focused, and energised. The concept of flow is closely related to positive engagement. Engagement is said to consist of three related components: concentration (absorption and sustained attention); interest (curiosity and inquisitiveness); and enjoyment (feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction) States of flow represent times in life when these three components are maximised.

Cross Country - May 8th 2019

Cross Country 2019

Our annual Cross Country event is to be held on Wednesday 8th May at Worser Bay Beach. All students will participate in the event, from the newest new entrant to the wizened old Year 6s. The starter’s pistol will fire its first shot soon after 9:30 am. The runners with the shortest legs will be underway!

The course for the younger students is not too demanding: one lap along the beach, up the track to the changing sheds and back along the grass to the finish. The rest do progressively longer circuits. 

The emphasis for this part of the day is on participation. It is also for our kids to set a goal for themselves and to run as much and as well as they can. In the name of collaboration, we have been thinking about what we can do to support others. Some students have chosen to run alongside a buddy so that they can cheer each other on. Nice idea!

If the weather is extreme (probably not too hot), we will postpone the event. A call will be made early in the morning, date to be confirmed. 

We have started building our stamina and strengthening our muscles for the race and will continue our training from the start of Term 2.

We hope to see you there with your cheering gear on. 

Team Sports

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Primary School Futsal Competition

This week at the ASB stadium Worser Bay School was represented by three mixed Year 3 and 4 futsal teams.

The teams played with loads of enthusiasm, energy and a fantastic team spirit. It was great to see our teams celebrate our own success on the court but also the efforts of the opposing teams.

There were over 150 teams on the day and it was great to be a part of the experience.

Positive Health: The Positive Health domain of the Flourish Model focuses on supporting students and staff to develop sustainable habits for optimal physical and psychological health. With the inextricable link between physical and psychological health, we know that practising mindfulness and resilience techniques will promote greater health outcomes. Mindfulness and resilience are also supported by the quest to help students to develop broader healthy behaviours in terms of exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Emoji Emotions

We have been learning about feelings in one of our Maori rotations. We made emojis about different emotions . It helped us with our pronunciation too. 

By Nela

By Nela