Thursday, 6 May 2021

Cross Country Training

We have been training for our Cross Country. Some of have been running, some of us have been walking and some of us have been switching between walking and running. We are ‘raising the bar’ and doing the best that we can! We are improving our Positive Health.

Those hills are challenging but we did it. We feel Positive Accomplishment!

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Being a Digital Citizen

We have been discussing how to be a good Digital Citizen. 

Our School Value is 'RESPECT'

We Respect

  • Ourselves
  • Each other
  • Environment

The same rules apply when we are online!

We respect ourselves online:
  • I make sure that there is an adult in the room when online
  • I report anything to an adult that makes me feel uncomfortable
  • I look after my body and mind
If we see anything that we are unsure about we calmly turn off the screen or close the laptop. This protects other children while we get the teacher. 

If we are not sure whether what we are looking at is ok, we would ask ourselves: 
"Would I be comfortable looking at this website with my parents/ my teacher?"
"Would I do this in my normal life?"

Too much screen time can affect our Positive Health. It can cause:
  • Headaches
  • Neck/shoulder/back pain
  • Eye strain, dry or irritated eyes
  • Reduced attention span
  • Irritability
This is why we LIMIT screen time. 

Positive Health: These students are looking after themselves by looking after their bodies (their backs) while they work together online.

We limit the amount of screen time and spend lots of time moving around. 

We respect each other online:
  • I use my online manners
  • I make comments in a positive and friendly way
  • I support others in their learning
How can you be considerate/ respectful to others when online? What would happen if it was okay to say mean things to other people? What would happen if we didn’t take turns talking, or if we were allowed to shout in class?

We respect the environment online:
  • I take turns when sharing technology
  • I treat all technologies with respect and care
  • I use technologies as a tool, not a toy!

We have systems for how we store devices. 

Please continue this important conversation at home...

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Whanaungatanga Whānau Day

At Worser Bay School, we sometimes work in Whānau groups. These are groups of children and teachers across the school. There is an added bonus- siblings and families work together. Teachers and students learn from each other! We have been thinking about Tuakana/ Teina. The older students teach the younger students. The roles can also be reversed. We saw this with great energy today!

We have been learning all about whanaungatanga across the school. Whanaungatanga is about relationships between people, people’s relationship with the environment, and the relationship between people and the non-physical ‘spiritual’ world.

Autahi students taught us some sign language. 

Tautoru taught us about kākahu (māori cloak). We made a kākahu and wrote down different ways to show whanaungatanga on the feathers.

Matariki Māhutonga ran workshops linked to the value of whanaungatanga. 

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Why do Writers Write?

Why do writers write? I don’t know! Actually, why does anyone write? How do people know when to write? Maybe it is to cheer people up or calm you down or to maybe to get you excited about turning the page?! Or maybe writers write just for the money or fame. But what if I told you that writers don’t just have one reason to write their stories, they don't just have cheerfulness, they also have adventure and sadness, excitement and joy! Writer's books are fun to read so read a writer's book one day!

By Charlotte C

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Whānau Festival 2021

Something exciting and brand new for us at Worser Bay School... The Whānau Festival! What a great way to celebrate our student's talents. 

Our Performance Arts group at the festival

In Matariki Māhutonga, our Inquiry has focused on the Māori values of Kaitiakitanga, Whanaungatanga and Manaakitanga (and how we can uplift the Mana of others). Students joined either the Visual Arts or Performing Arts group to showcase and celebrate this learning. 

The Visual Arts Group imagined what the outdoor space could look like. They designed bunting, flags and banners. 

These students are developing skills in sewing and creating with fabric. 

Here are our performances: 

The Whānau Festival has been a great way for us to connect with each other and improve our well-being. The Flourish Model is something we want for our students, our staff and our community: good health, frequent positive emotions, supportive relationships, a sense of purpose and meaning, the accomplishment of worthwhile goals, and moments of complete immersion and absorption—a life where a person uses their Character Strengths in ways that support the self and others, and that has flourishing at the heart.

Friday, 26 March 2021

Kei Te Pēhea Koe?

 We've been learning about new ways to express our feelings in Te Reo Māori... Here are some of our ideas here.

Made with Padlet

Have a practise at home!

Q: Kei te pēhea koe? How are you?

A: Kei te ______ ahau. I am _____.

Q: Me koe? and you?

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Weet-bix Kids Try- Go Team Worser Bay!

Worser Bay had 38 students representing our little school on the hill at the Weet-bix Kids Try on Sunday. This was a huge turn out for the event and it was fantastic to see our community enjoying an early morning start to the day.  

Willow - My favourite part was the cycle race."

Leo K - "I liked the biking because it was fun to ride on the road."

Most of the students competed as individuals, we had a couple teams and some of our younger students braved the Dash and Splash race. It was also fantastic seeing a group of students giving the race a go for the first time. 

Petra - "I was so proud of myself. I have not taken my medal off."
Finn - " It was so good to finish!"
Eddie - "It was great and exhausting but I was so relieved when I finished!"

Our Bravery, Perseverance, and a whole bunch of our character strengths were on display not only on the day but during the many practice sessions leading up to Sunday.

Lucca - "I was the fastest in the swimming pool."
Hanna - "I was really happy because lots of Worser Bay kids were there."
Archie - "I loved riding my bike."

Kura - "I found it interesting that there were so many rows of bikes!"

Thanks to everyone involved with motivating, training and cheering the students along on Sunday. Let's make 2022 another great turnout from Worser Bay School!