Monday, 20 August 2018

Morning Tea Time PALS

Today at Morning Tea it was very rainy, so we went up to Autahi and played with them.

Megan and Chris played a game of HEADS DOWN, THUMBS UP and the Megan kept getting picked!

Joni and Greta played a medical game with some of the little kids. All of the kids used their imagination. We had fun pretending to be little pets and humans. There were quite a few cats, and two horses!

We are growing our Leadership by helping the juniors and by spending time with the youngest kids in the school we are practicing our patience. Because younger kids have a fresh imagination, you never know what they are going to do so it requires lots of patience!

We are learning how to work WITH the little kids rather than bossing them around. We liked watching the kids play and understand things about their personalities and anything really about them.

We enjoyed just going down there and getting to see the classroom where we started off at school.

By Greta, Chris, Joni and Megan

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Student Led Workshops

Our Decimal Workshop
We think this workshop has been good for us because we have been able to share our ideas with others. If someone does not know much about something they could come to watch and they will know more when they leave the workshop.
How it has been effective for us
It is probably effective for us as we have been sharing what we know with others so when they leave they can feel like they have learnt something. It feels really good because you have just taught them something and they are happy. Now, we think that this is a really good method of teaching others.
by Hadley and Theo 

Lately the children have been running math workshops. We have been doing a workshop around subtraction and different strategies. We encouraged students to show their thinking in more than one way. 
By Daisy and Kate

"We ran a workshop about fractions, percentages and decimals"

Binary Code

Flynn: Henry explained very well and he helped me learn.
Ruby: Henry was really clear when he taught us about binary code. I give him a five out of five.
Orla: Today Henry ran a binary number workshop he gave us a worksheet and told us that only 1 counts and not 0 and that you can do it with our her pictures as long as there is a key to understand it. The lesson was fun and I learnt a new thing.
Yasmin: Henry ran a binary number talk it was really fun and Henry was really helpful and he made it fun for us
Neale (Henry's Dad): Henry has been teaching me at home.

The Hero's Journey: The Musical

We are all been working really hard on our Musical Festival pieces for the Arts Celebration!

In Literacy we were creating our own Fantasy Lands, and characters who took on different roles. We learnt about the mythic structure of the Hero's Journey. Much to our surprise, we noticed this same Mythic structure is used in multiple different movies, stories and tales.

For our Music Festival - get ready to see the Hero journey from their Ordinary World, undergoing trials and crisis, in order to overcome and get the metaphorical 'treasure', before returning back to their ordinary world as the better and greater version of themselves.

We will tell this story through  movement, acting and of course music.
We have all chosen different parts of the story to be involved in and have made a visual planner on the side of our wall.

We can't wait to see you next Wednesday and Thursday evenings!

Monday, 13 August 2018

Student Led Music Festival

The Art Celebration/ Music Festival is starting to come together. All of the ideas come from our students. We have been linking our music, dance and drama to imaginary worlds. In the photos below, we are making up a fight scene dance. We are thinking about different levels. We also teamed up with another group so that we could learn each other's dances.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Skype with our friend, Serge from France

Today we skyped with Serge Galligani who teaches at Brindas, France. It is near Lyon. We have been collaborating with the school this year. Their blog is Today we skyped with Serge Galligani who teaches at Brindas, France. It is near Lyon.

We have been collaborating with his school this year. At the end of their school year (July), his class made us a movie. You can view it on their blog:

He is visiting New Zealand at the moment and said that the country is very beautiful. Serge is currently visiting our friends at Auroa School in Taranaki, New Zealand.

Jude, Eloi and Zoe were able to speak to him in french. We spoke a mixture of french and english.

In France you can eat snails, but Serge does not like them very much.

Serge's school is a very big one and they have boys and girls, just like at Worser Bay school and Brindas does not have uniforms either.

In Brindas, Serge’s class has few devices. Serge uses his camera to make movies. The class share one computer.

It was great talking to Serge today and learning about where he is from. We look forward to collaborating more in the future. 

By Ridley


Thursday, 9 August 2018

Jazzy Art

We have been learning about how different music makes us feel different ways. We have been exploring these emotions and feelings through art.

What does excited music sound like? What does excited music look like?
What does calm music sound like? What does calm music look like?
What does happy music sound like? What does happy music look like?

We listened to some Jazzy music and tried to represent it through art.

The first time we listened to the song, we chose a base colour. We found that most of us chose yellows, greens or bright reds.

After we let the paint dry, we listened to the same song but painted a second layer. This layer could look like anything, there are no rules or regulations in our creativity!

We even did a third layer at the end of the day. We asked ourselves, how does this art show the music being played?

An activity like this should help us to listen to music and try to visualize sounds. It also helps us to think of the effect of layering. Layering will be one of the aspects we focus on in our Music Festival!

Keep an eye out for our Art which will feature in the Music festival - but for now, here is a sneak peek!

Planting at Centennial Reserve

Last Friday we went to Centennial Reserve and we had lots of fun! We were doing planting, and we planted some endangered plants. Most of these plants attract birds like Kereru and Tui. We had lots of fun even though we had to carry all the plants, but it was fun anyway!

We really want to save the forest now! We found 4 endangered birds in only half andhour, which we think is terrible! We want to change that! We want to find and save at least 10 endangered birds this year.
Image result for centennial park miramar

By Joni and Raffy

Maths Triples: Teacher Learning

As part of teacher professional learning we observe each other in groups of three. We call these "Triples". We conduct lessons in front of our triples buddies. We then reflect on the lessons and get feedback from each other. This helps to inform our practice and our Teaching as Inquiry (an inquiry to improve the learning outcomes for our students).  The teachers learn lots from each other as we get to see a range of lessons going on throughout the school. We give each other feedback so that we can work on our next steps.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Drama Detective

Today in drama lesson with Therese, our goal was to be in role as detectives and find out as much as we could about a missing person. We were developing our questioning skills so that we could solve the mystery.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Musical Instrument Making

Last Friday, we made some musical instruments from our designs. We had lots of fun making these, using our creativity. 

Our Inquiry has a music focus and we are working towards our Arts Celebration...

Today we shared some of our musical instruments at assembly... 

One, Two, Three, Four... Arts Celebration, Here We Go!
Students have been learning about how music is made, the stories it can tell, about tone and texture and timing. They have been jamming with Andreas, getting into the rhythmic groove. They have begun composing, creating, recording: playing every known and as yet undiscovered instrument, banging on every possible surface with any available implement in preparation for our Music Festival Arts Celebration. This will take place on the evenings of Wednesday 22 August and Thursday 23 August between 6.00pm and 7.00pm at Worser Bay School.
As an audience member, you will begin the evening in your child’s base space and then proceed around the school at ten minute intervals, soaking in the sounds of all other groups as you go.
Be prepared to go on a musical adventure, take a Hero’s Journey, leap over an emotional arc, visit the Island of Animals. Music, perhaps more than any of the other Arts, can be transcendent; let yourself be uplifted by our musical creations. Or let yourself be transported to fantastic places of fantasy! Or join us for some levity and laughter. It will be like some sort of musical Circus!

Friday Whanau Groups

Today we started our Friday Whanau Groups. We will be spending 20 minutes in our Whanau Groups every two weeks, after assembly. This week we focussed on writing. We shared some writing with each other and asked each other questions about our writing. It is really great to work with buddies across the school!