Sunday, 30 November 2014

Well done Leila- runner up in the Interface Minecraft Competition!

In the Minecraft competition, organised by the Interface Magazine, Leila was a runner up in the ‘New Zealand Building’category. Evidently, there were some great entries this year! She should be very proud of this achievement.


Before Sunrise

A silent fairy tale set in a quaint village in the dead of night.  While everyone sleeps, shadows come alive and dance and play in the moonlight.  But one shadow longs for something more meaningful. While walking across the rooftops, he spots a light in a distant window...


The shadows watch you while you sleep.
Speaking horrors to your fragile  dreamscape.
Sweet melodies turn to harsh clashes.
Thunder stricken by the screams.
Unable to run.
Unable to stand.
Utterly Frozen.
They’re spinning in your head.
Some unbreakable, others as thick as a single thread.
Something’s in the corner.
Or is it under the bed?
There’s a hand on your ankle.
Pulling you down into the darkness.
Swirling colors of black and blue.
Fear spiking throughout your core.
You still see the shadows.
Shadows that are inspired by cruel torment.
Laughing in joyful celebration.
They’re staring at you.
Why are they staring?

Anna: Shadows

I see it looming in the shadows, staring right at me
I feel like I’m gonna scream
But…… I can’t scream, I just can’t
I just lay there staring back at the shadow in my bed just lying there
Utterly frozen
Then it moves, like an inch as fast that a if I blinked I wouldn’t see it!
I was not able to run, stand up or even move a mussel, I just lay on my bed just staring, staring Staring, staring, staring, staring, staring, staring……
I wake up the next morning
and I think… was that all a dream? I asked myself...

Betty: Shadows
I see the bold shadows running into my eyes
all I see is darkness like a dark cloud damp darkness
getting darker darker and darker
Every shadow is looking at me every time I look away
it comes closer and closer then catches me into his nightmares
It is horrors sneaking into my brain a
ll comes to my mind was darkness
red lights
I open my eyes
It was a dream, 
or was it?

The howls of darkness surround every move I make,
entering doors but no end,
Feeling light as a shadow,
I run till I fall
I see the darkness chasing me,
No where to run no where to go its the end,
¨No never will I back down¨
jumping through the soft touch of darkness
Waking up into a new land,
¨I... am... dead...¨
I couldn't believe I'm Pinching and screaming
But the shadow inside of me remains a secret.

Asha Shadows
The Shadows watch you as you Dream,
Love stories,
The moon gleams,
The sneaky shadows spy your sight,
Beneath you one shadow spies the light,
He stalks the night,
He takes off in flight,
He lives near,
In the hollow Below,
Humans are so stupid,
Their companions leave behind,
The mischievous shadows steal your biscuits,
Within minutes,
Your eyes are blind,
Before you
You see only grind,
He sneaks he creeps, 
He makes the tap leak,
Where he lives,
You will never know!

Joab and Rory’s poem.
Shadows shadows lovely fellows,
They love to live under your bed or in  your head,
They are certainly not dead!.
Most are mean and some are nice.
They follow you wherever you go some even go in the deep deep snow!
If they know where you will go they are sure to come.
The problem is from this will you get to sleep tonight?

The shadow is where things hide.
Light melts into darkness.
Leaving nothing behind.
Eating everything.
Crawling towards you.
You try to run.
No door to be seen.
The shadows creeping, crawling towards you.
Having their midnight feast.
There's a noise.
Tap, tap, tap.
Now the shadows dance.
Twirling in the breeze.
Swinging their arms.
Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.
You hear another noise.
It the creaking of a door.
Then a click.
The shadows disappear and light fills the room.
You see an angry parent in the doorway.
You mutter to yourself.
“Looks like I have another problem.”
The adult takes a step.
But that's another story.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Miniball Trials

Today we did our Miniball trials. Some of us will be going to the Eastern Zones Tournament!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Date for the Diary: Innovators Fair

Innovators Fair Tuesday the 2nd of December: 6:00 in Mahutonga Matariki


We are really excited to Invite parents of all students in Matariki Mahutonga and parents of our transitioning year 3s to an evening of Invention and Innovation.
To conclude our year of Inquiry, we will be presenting the wonderful creative thinking of our students, sharing Fish ’n’ Chips and discussing the kids’ work, their ideas and the creative process they have all been through.

Year 3 students and their parents are invited to join us for the evening and be part of some of the initial planning taking place for 2015.
This will include:

  • Viewing and contributing to the initial planning for 2015
  • Adding thoughts about our theme Connecting and Relating
  • Contributing to the PADLET so that we have a heads up prior to the meeting (please include any questions that you might have)
  • responding to interview questions delivered by students
  • creating a directory of parents skills and areas of interest which might potentially lead to parent driven workshops.

Trip to Cancer Society: We have been planning our own trips that link with our own inquiries

At 9:00 on Wednesday morning 26th of November, Asha, Chanel, Gretel, Eloise, Frankie and Maya went on a inquiry trip to the ‘Cancer Society’ We asked some questions and we found out that the most common type of Cancer is Skin Cancer (In New Zealand). We got a photo with the staff members beside the Cancer society sign. We found out a lot while asking our questions:

Next we went to the Wellington hospital, we looked at the x-ray rooms, Chemotherapy room, operating room and the radio therapy room.

After that we went to the Hospice and made a gold coin donation, we talked about why people come here and when.

We got an ice-cream on the way back! (Yum)

By Asha, Frankie, Maya, Eloise, Gretel and Chanel.

Gretel: What types of Cancer are there?
Answer: Breast, lung,

Chanel: What is the most common Cancer?
Answer: Skin Cancer (Wellington)

Maya: Has medicine changed and helped Cancer?
Answer: “I have been working here for 30 years and I have definitely seen some changes in the medicine and technology”

Eloise: Has there been anything different that you have found out in Cancer over recent time?
Answer: :Yes there is a new technology being tested by doctors and nurses that they think will be new and will help”

Frankie: To treat patients are there different technologies/Medicines that you use?
Answer: “Yes there are different types of Technology that we use here. There is usually pes of Cancer for the individual”

Last: What can we do to help?
Answer: You can participate in fundraisers, organise a fundraiser or donate to the Cancer society.

SPCA Trip: We have been planning our own trips that link with our inquiries

SPCA Trip photo.JPG - We saw these puppies!
On Tuesday the 25th of November Josie, Betty, Meg and Danielle went to the SPCA! We saw puppies, kittens, cats, a goat and bunnies! We asked lots of questions like “Who inspired you to choose this job” or “What do you find challenging about your job” - we had to stay positive with our questions. We also needed to stay quiet so we didn’t spook the animals. Before we entered each enclosure we had to put on hand sanitiser. We had lots of fun and can’t wait to go again!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Design Trip at the University

Today me (Jude), Burton, Jack, Tom and Adam went to the University of Architecture and Design. It was really fun, we got to see big 3-D printers and funny chairs. We met up with a designer and senior lecturer Ross Stevens, he was funny and very intelligent.
The best parts of it was going into his room and seeing all his prints and also seeing the big printers in action.
The University  was really big and had lots of offices, it was a big red building on the top of Cuba street. It was very deep and the staircases went on forever, but we weren't allowed to go down because of the earthquake strengthening.
We all thought that it was very cool and we really liked it.
After that, we went to subway and had a good lunch, everyone said it was the best trip ever.
Another cool thing was seeing the students in action and watching all of the meetings live and in person.
Ross' workshop was so cool, it had a really cool chair that lit up when you sat on the tubes, all of his products were on his desk and he had all sorts of things like plastic bird heads, metal  tubes, mini houses, moulds and heavy battery things. But what caught our attention most was the big Wellington model on his wall all made from 3-D print, nearly every building in Wellington could be seen on it.

It was amazing- Jude
It was good- Burton
The TVs were huge- Tom
It was amazing how many different materials they used to make things- Jack CC

Sustainable Coastlines

Sustainable Coastlines

Today we had two people from the Sustainable Coastlines come in and talk to us about our coastlines and how our coastlines are really messy with rubbish.

They showed us a slideshow of beaches and explained how the rubbish got there the one that I found really interesting was drains, the rubbish gets dropped or blown into the drain and that then washes out to sea. They took the lid off one drain and looked inside it and took all the rubbish out and counted 130 pieces of rubbish.

The year 5’s then when down to the beach and did a beach clean up.

By Gretel

"We are picking up plastic and other rubbish on the beach!"