Monday, 3 November 2014

Day 1- Heading to Antarctica- Virtual Field Trip

Write in the comments section if you have any questions for the scientists...

We have begun to find out about Antarctica.

The crew have made their trip from Christchurch to Antarctica. 

We took some notes:

Antarctica Vehicles

To get there they got on a C 17 US Air Force plane (massive!!) then to get around on the ice they had snow cats and custom named Ivan the Terra bus. They all had tracks and wheels designed to be great for the ice!

Now and again they had to drill into the ice to see how thick and safe the ice was.

By Leo and Jack


In Antartica it is dry with not much moisture, so you need to take a lot of Water you also have another bottle which you pee in so DO NOT mix the two up! You have to have layers of clothes which includes Jackets, Wind Breakers and other layers of Clothing. There is a piece of Clothing for every part of the body so it is basically only your eyes uncovered. Interesting Fact is that Antartica is around 50 times our size and is the Coldest, Driest and Windiest country. 90% of the world's ice is in Antartica.

By Gretel

Watch this clip to find out about what to wear and how to stay safe in Antarctica: 

Staying safe in Antarctica from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

We found out what to wear...

What to wear from Matariki on Vimeo.


  1. Thank you for sharing this information about Day 1 of heading to Antarctica. Now I know what to wear too if I should have the opportunity to travel there! Looking forward to reading your Day 2 blog! Well done!
    Grandma Davies

  2. I can't imagine a more complete list of items needed for a trip to the Antarctica. Excellent work!

  3. Has climate change affected Antarctica in any way? If so, what changes in Antarctica have scientists noticed?