Friday, 18 December 2015

Worser Bay Talent Show

Dancing down the drain
George and the Pies
We had a talent show at school today. Check out some snippets below...

MM checking out...

Milly Speech

Hoahoa = Friendship

Hi, my name is Millicent but most people call me Milly.

Over my time here at Worser Bay we have had some great laughs, but also had exciting, fun and creative learning. All my teachers throughout my 5 years at Worser Bay have taught me lots of things like Reading, Writing, Maths and much more.

I will remember the school on the hill, the times I've had, the ideas I’ve come up with, and the great friends I’ve had the chance to make.
I remember once we were meant to be doing silent reading and people started making funny faces at me, then Frankie and I started cracking up laughing and we almost got a think sheet. Whoops.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first 8 student councilers at Worser Bay School. I have helped make decisions about the worm farm and the sausage sizzle. I was also a presenter at one of the christmas wraps.

I’ve loved wearing the white and black Worser Bay t-shirt and representing the school at sports events. I’m going to miss this place but am looking forward to what my future may bring.

I also want to thank my teachers and friends for making these 5 years the best yet. We have had great fun.
Gretel and Tessa you are coming with me as well. I hope we have as much fun where we are going as we've had here.  

This is Millicent signing out.

Milly by Molly

You are my best friend Milly,
you love to laugh and play,
you really are quite silly,
but you are fun everyday.

You really love your sport,
we've played hockey, cricket, soccer,
you're great on the tennis court,
but croquet is just a shocker!

When you’re older you might be a swimmer,
and swim heaps of lengths,
and you could almost be a winner,
because of all your strengths.

Sadly you're moving to Wanganui next,
but I’ll surely see you there,
I will contact you on email or text,
and Worser Bay gossip I’ll share.

Milly by Meg                    
milly she is a silly sort of milly
always there to lend a hand
always a good friend

not never there
but so nice to be with
sporty too
she can swim a length in the speed of light

but you play soccer hockey
cricket to
and your larf fits are funny

you have giggly gangites
but all the same
you are so nice

but sadly you are moving away up north
to wanganui
but will text email or call
HOP THAT YOU LOVE IT bye  so sad that you are leaving !

Milly By Emma.R
Milly you are a silly Milly but your AWESOME all the same.
You are very good at your sports cricket, football and hockey.
Truly your amazing at the game!

Together we make hamish BLOW!!!!
WIth the laughing fits we share!
There's nothing more perfect then when our laughter FLOWS!!

you always greet people with a huge smile on your dial!!!
I have ran with you in eastern zones for more than a mile!!

You're moving far away now I hope to see you soon we’ll stay in touch I'm sure and I can share with you some news from Worser Bay and you can share with the new things that come your way!!!!!!
I would like that very much!!!!!
P.s good luck at your new school I am sure you will make lots of Awesome new friends!!!!!!!!!!

Milly by Josie
You like to laugh a lot,
You have a habit to smile,
You are really good at sports,
And you play them with great style.

You're great in the water,
And like to have a splash,
You're really fast at swimming,
And can swim a length in a dash.

At the end of the year,
Sadly you’ll be moving,
To Wanganui,
But you’ll still be grooving.
By Josie

Milly by Hayley
milly silly always smiles
crazy fun having a great time
with all her friends

milly we are sad that you're leaving
we don't want to say goodbye but the time has come you're moving to whanganui


Milly by Emma M

She has long blond hair
is quite a sporty girl
She has no fair
And she's always there for you!

we've had good times you and me
your going over the hill
and we both like the sea
you're a good friend milly

I will miss you when you go
over to wanganui
You are one of the best and i'll miss you so,
But i'll see you there

Milly by Betty        
To me you are my friend
your favorite colors red
and your least favorite thing to do
Is to butter your bread with spread.
                         You play hockey cricket football
yes you do them all
And one more thing you like to do is work at a stall.

Milly you like to laugh
You’re fun to be around
you have a little sister
and don’t like to wear a gown.

You came to my party ounce
I hope you liked it then
that was on saturday
I hope you come again
                             you’re sadly moving to wanganui     
I hope you like it there we will keep in touch
for quite that much
yes that is what we will share. HOPE YOU HAVE FUN                              

by  Meg R, Molly A,
Betty jo, Emma m, Emma R, Hayley H and josie O
Thank you everyone who has put together these poems. We hope you like them Milly!!!
We are so sad that you are leaving

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Year Six Speeches 2015

Our Year Six students did a great job with their speeches at our end of year Xmas wrap. We have compiled the speeches in the presentation below. Enjoy!  

Technology Art inspired by Ted Dutch

Here is some art that we have been working on this week... It has been inspired by the artist Ted Dutch.

Movie below made by Molly A:


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Beach Clean up

Today we did a beach clean up!

Bye Tak

This morning we heard Takehisa's speech which was followed by a haka led by George, Hunter and myself. Tak is going back to Japan. We will miss him.
By Jack M

Mountain Biking

Yesterday we went mountain biking. Thank you to Adrian and the guys from Rongatai who helped us. 

Monday, 14 December 2015

Sailing: EOTC

Some of us sailed for the first time today!

Another great day of education outside of the classroom. Thank you to everyone that helped out. We had a great day!

EOTC week: Biking

PC Aaron Dan came in to talk to us about bike safety

Kia Ora Tatou,
Just a quick note outlining tomorrow's event.

We have the students in 3 groups according to their skill level.  The programme and instruction they receive will be in accordance with this.

All bikes will be delivered up to the Pump track in the morning.  Students will also be ferried up there. 

The Expert group will be working on the Pump track and then descending via the Mountain bike track to Miramar North. We will then ride back along Darlington Road and PUSH the bikes up Awa road on the footpath.

The Practitioner and Apprentice groups will remain at the Pump track and tracks around the reservoir.  They will then be driven back to school.

As this event is new for us we require permission for each of the students to partake.  Please flick an email back to me confirming that your child can participate.  This is not a compulsory event so if your child opts out; no problem! 

Thank you to those of you who have offered to help with transport; your support in hugely appreciated.  Before taking a carload, please fill in your driver details.  You can collect a form from either Nicola or John.

Check your email for the lists of groups.

Nga Mihi,    

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Babycakes by Rowan

In Mahutonga, we have been writing our own songs. Here is "Babycakes" by Rowan with a little help from his friends...

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Duathlon, sailing, swimming, capoeira and fishing today/ information about EOTC next week

Mountain Biking 14 and 15 December

As part of our senior area EOTC week we are excited to be trialling the introduction of mountain biking and utilizing the bike trails that we have in our local area.

This will involve:

Monday: We will be having a first go at mountain biking. Constable Aaron Dan will be coming in on Monday morning to run the first steps of the programme, the bike check and safety talk. (We will not have the facilities to repair bikes.) All riders will then go through an obstacle course to ascertain their ability. This will be a fun but challenging activity.

Tuesday: Skilled riders will be going up to the Pump Track by the reservoir on Mount Crawford. The bikes will be taken up to the track by trailer, then we will test our skill level on the Pump Track and beginners' tracks around the reservoir.

Our most able riders will descend to Miramar North via the mountain biking track and then return to school along Darlington Road then up Awa Road.

Equipment required:

A geared bicycle of an appropriate type and size

An approved cycling helmet, reflector lights, etc

Appropriate clothing for cycling, e.g. closed in shoes, hi-viz jersey, waterproof jacket, pants that they can comfortably pedal in.

Water bottle (500ml minimum) and a snack.

Any other equipment they may require, e.g. asthma inhaler.

We can store bikes and gear overnight in Matariki and Mahutonga if needed.

We are fortunate to have a few keen volunteers who have put their hands up to help, but, of course, any further help is greatly appreciated. We will definitely need cars to help transport children to and from the venue. We have been kindly been offered the use of one trailer but one more and the ability to tow it would be ideal. If you can help, have any questions or wish to talk to us about any matter, please contact us at

Those children not participating in Mountain Biking will continue with their EOTC/BEACH WEEK - YEARS 4 - 6 only as below:


They will need bike helmets, swimwear, sunscreen, solid shoes/trainers, wetsuits, life jacket (if you have one) and a packed lunch Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Because the weather is unpredictable at best, we need to be prepared to use any opportunity we get. Please check for the programme on the Blog.

Please ensure you have paid. The EOTC Programme costs $10 per child. Please pay via Wrap it Up.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Year 6 Leaver's Dinner 2015

Last night, the Year Six students had a blast at their leaver's dinner.

Looking back it’s hard to believe that I’ve taught some of you for almost 5 years! I even remember a few as 4 year olds (much cuter then).
Jokes aside I feel very proud and lucky to have been able to learn alongside you for that time. We have had some great times filled with a multitude of laughter, silliness, as well as some really deep and important learning.
You are a special bunch of kids with a diverse range of abilities and characters amongst you. The world is at your fingertips ready for you to reach out and make what you want of it. Remember the power of your own self belief and that you can make a difference.  
I wish you all the very best for your futures and please make sure that you visit us once in awhile.
On ya bikes,


What a great bunch of students! It has been great to get to know you all. You have all grown into curious and confident people with great “can do” attitudes. I have enjoyed working with each and every one of you and will miss you. Good luck with whatever you do in life. I know you’ll all go far. Always remember that little school on the hill...
Laters potatas!


As I look back over the year and think about the special nature of this time I am struck by two things.  Firstly, it has been a year of deep learning with people tackling some serious questions and, on the other hand, it has been a year of ridiculous laughter.  This is testament to the complexity and depth and breadth of your thinking, and your downright silliness.
There is real compassion and empathy shown towards your fellow students, real connections and relationships with friends and teachers and wonderful and powerful positivity.
Very impressive!
Keep smiling and laughing (the best medicine) and keep thinking.  The future needs people of your calibre.
I am looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the future.