Saturday, 12 December 2015

Duathlon, sailing, swimming, capoeira and fishing today/ information about EOTC next week

Mountain Biking 14 and 15 December

As part of our senior area EOTC week we are excited to be trialling the introduction of mountain biking and utilizing the bike trails that we have in our local area.

This will involve:

Monday: We will be having a first go at mountain biking. Constable Aaron Dan will be coming in on Monday morning to run the first steps of the programme, the bike check and safety talk. (We will not have the facilities to repair bikes.) All riders will then go through an obstacle course to ascertain their ability. This will be a fun but challenging activity.

Tuesday: Skilled riders will be going up to the Pump Track by the reservoir on Mount Crawford. The bikes will be taken up to the track by trailer, then we will test our skill level on the Pump Track and beginners' tracks around the reservoir.

Our most able riders will descend to Miramar North via the mountain biking track and then return to school along Darlington Road then up Awa Road.

Equipment required:

A geared bicycle of an appropriate type and size

An approved cycling helmet, reflector lights, etc

Appropriate clothing for cycling, e.g. closed in shoes, hi-viz jersey, waterproof jacket, pants that they can comfortably pedal in.

Water bottle (500ml minimum) and a snack.

Any other equipment they may require, e.g. asthma inhaler.

We can store bikes and gear overnight in Matariki and Mahutonga if needed.

We are fortunate to have a few keen volunteers who have put their hands up to help, but, of course, any further help is greatly appreciated. We will definitely need cars to help transport children to and from the venue. We have been kindly been offered the use of one trailer but one more and the ability to tow it would be ideal. If you can help, have any questions or wish to talk to us about any matter, please contact us at

Those children not participating in Mountain Biking will continue with their EOTC/BEACH WEEK - YEARS 4 - 6 only as below:


They will need bike helmets, swimwear, sunscreen, solid shoes/trainers, wetsuits, life jacket (if you have one) and a packed lunch Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Because the weather is unpredictable at best, we need to be prepared to use any opportunity we get. Please check for the programme on the Blog.

Please ensure you have paid. The EOTC Programme costs $10 per child. Please pay via Wrap it Up.

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