Friday, 11 December 2015

Year 6 Leaver's Dinner 2015

Last night, the Year Six students had a blast at their leaver's dinner.

Looking back it’s hard to believe that I’ve taught some of you for almost 5 years! I even remember a few as 4 year olds (much cuter then).
Jokes aside I feel very proud and lucky to have been able to learn alongside you for that time. We have had some great times filled with a multitude of laughter, silliness, as well as some really deep and important learning.
You are a special bunch of kids with a diverse range of abilities and characters amongst you. The world is at your fingertips ready for you to reach out and make what you want of it. Remember the power of your own self belief and that you can make a difference.  
I wish you all the very best for your futures and please make sure that you visit us once in awhile.
On ya bikes,


What a great bunch of students! It has been great to get to know you all. You have all grown into curious and confident people with great “can do” attitudes. I have enjoyed working with each and every one of you and will miss you. Good luck with whatever you do in life. I know you’ll all go far. Always remember that little school on the hill...
Laters potatas!


As I look back over the year and think about the special nature of this time I am struck by two things.  Firstly, it has been a year of deep learning with people tackling some serious questions and, on the other hand, it has been a year of ridiculous laughter.  This is testament to the complexity and depth and breadth of your thinking, and your downright silliness.
There is real compassion and empathy shown towards your fellow students, real connections and relationships with friends and teachers and wonderful and powerful positivity.
Very impressive!
Keep smiling and laughing (the best medicine) and keep thinking.  The future needs people of your calibre.
I am looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the future.


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  1. Oh my goodness that is divine - my eyes are leaking! Sarah xxxx