Thursday, 3 December 2015

Herb Play: Our Inquiry

This is us acting in our play
For Emma M, Emma S, Meg and Josie’s inquiry we were looking at plants and herbs that were in our backyard and had medical uses. So we decided to do a play to present our information.Our play is about four cousins on a hike, two of them, Madi (Emma M) and Betty (Meg) are first teasing Louise (Emma S) with Sephi (Josie), but slowly and after a few accidents (healed kindly by Louise and the power of herbs) Madi and Betty realise Louise is actually nicer the Sephi, so they become friends with Louise. Later on Madi and Betty decide they want to learn about herbs, like Louise. Jealous and fed up, Sephi tries to do her own thing, climbing a tree but falls. Meanwhile, Louise is off collecting water. And it’s up to Betty and Madi and their newly learned herbology skills to make sure she’s okay.

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  1. Wow, what a dramatic turn of events! I didn't feel much sympathy for Sephi until she fell out of the tree! Well done Madi and Betty for their herb first aid!