Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Diwali

It is Diwali and we wanted to say Happy Diwali to Bukit Timah Primary School in Singapore. 

"This is me at Rongatai school celebrating Diwali. We did some performances. People did dances and people sang. Some people did a play and most of it was in Hindi and Bengali. The clothes are traditional Indian clothes. I wore a sari for one of the days".

Ridley: We were celebrating saying thank you to god and reading a special note. We put flowers, milk and money into the pot. We light candles because it is the festival of lights.

Please add anything that you have learnt in the Padlet below:

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Dress Up Day on Halloween

We had great fun dressing up on Halloween. There were lots of different costumes and we had a parade and dance together at lunchtime.

Thanks to the Social Group of the Student Council for organising this.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Assembly 28.10.16

Thank you to our great presenters demonstrating their character strengths of bravery and leadership!
These girls showed great leadership by advertising dress up day on Monday
... Talking about busking at the school fair!
Well done to all of those students who got a principal award!

... And a song from the choir!

Transition: Getting to know one another!

Year 3, 4 and 5 students work together every Friday morning so that we can get used to working with new people, different teachers and get a feel for the space. This week, we watched and wrote a PMI (this is a thinking tool- positive, minus and interesting) about what we saw. We linked our ideas to what we know about character strengths.  

We start the day with "Wake up your brain" These are Friday's bootcampers!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Thinking Creatively About Business With Jason

Jason came in to talk to us about how he uses his creative ideas to develop business ideas.  
We asked Jason questions we had thought about before, about the ideas which go into making a good business. He told us that he got sick of giving his good ideas away to other people and so decided to follow through and develop some of these ideas himself.  That is how he has ended up involved in so many different things.  He said he has a short attention span so likes to be involved in lots of different things.  
“I will touch a project at the start and at the end but don’t do much of the work in the middle”
Sounds great!  Some of the other things Jason said were:

The thing I’ve learnt in business most is that timing is everything. Timing is everything! The way you know the timing is right is by listening. I’m not a great talker but I’m a good listener.  By doing that I can work out what the problems are, what the problems people are facing and if it is a lot of people then we’ll set up a business.
When asked if his new business Dot Loves Data was a ‘want or a need’ he said that it was a need.  “There’s lot’s of data out there and people need to understand it.  Everybody is talking about data, there is a huge need for it and a huge want for it. Data can help play a part in tackling issues like obesity.”
It’s amazing to think that data packages they sell can do things as diverse as predicting the amount of customers a restaurant might cater to on any given night, how many hot meals they will sell and on the other hand, how many people will turn up to Wellington Zoo.
“I think in business and anything you are doing you should always looks to make improvements.  That’s the thing that’s exciting.”
When asked what his business would be like in the future? Jason said, “Someone else will be running it.  I will be sitting back, playing golf!”
It is great to see somebody who is thinking creatively and doing so much with it!  
Thanks Jason!

Boot Camp Special Guest Instructor

For the last couple of Wednesdays we have been lucky enough to have Jana coming to Boot Camp to share her expertise and show us some of the things that she does with clients. This Wednesday was a bit wet but that gave us a chance to do some work inside and to look everyones form. Jana talked to us about the importance of keeping our form precise and engaging the right muscles. By doing this we will be able to look after our joints well into the future.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Business ideas

After Jason had come in and spoken to us today about how he gets his ideas for new businesses, we thought about what ideas and skills we have that we could use to earn some money. We thought about what we could make and sell, and also what skills we had that we could use to perform a service for someone.

After a brainstorm in small groups, here are some of our ideas:
 - smoking fish
 - drawing
 - real fruit ice cream
 - art
 -  doing gardening
 - dollhouse
 - designing
 - soft drinks
 - doing cleaning
 - cupcakes
 -  pottery
 - football club
 - bath bombs
 - gmynastics lessons
 - hot chocolates
 - plants
 - football coaching
 - hairties
 - making putty/slime
 - drawing comics

What a talented bunch! Watch this space to see what we do...

Friday, 21 October 2016



Each week, we will be working in different groups to get ready for next year. Year 3 students came to Matariki and Mahutonga and spent some time reconnecting and getting to know the people, the teachers and the space. Today in our transition time we did an experiment:


Leola: It is going to make a rainbow.

Alastair: The colours will mix together in different shapes.

Nela: the milk will change colour.

Lily Ji: I think it will explode.

Rim: I thought it would turn brown.

Elliot: It will swirl around the bowl because of the chemical.

This is what we think about transition:

Georgina: It was fun and I like connecting with the people in Mahutonga.

Eva: It is fun. We meet new people and we get to do experiments.

Eden: I liked working with new people in a new space.

Liam: I thought that it was fun. It’s good to make new friends and get to know the space more. Next year I will know what to do when I am in the seniors.

Talia: It is helpful because next year we will know other people. We know who we can play with and we might make new friends.

Lily Ji: I really like "wake up your brain". It really does wake up my brain.

Ridley: It is good because we did experiments and milk spread into different colours.

Katherine: We got to know the space more.

Kirsty: It was fun. It is helpful for next year because we get to work with new people.

Matilda: I like transition time. I like to choose what to do for exercise. Drama was really fun.

Ruby: I really like it. Yoga was really fun.

Eastern Zones Floorball

Here are some more photos from the Eastern Zones Floorball tournament. Thanks again to all our parent helpers who provided support and transport.

Here is some feedback from the students...

"It was really fun trying floorball for the first time, I had to use my perseverance!"
"I had to use my courage and bravery as goalie because you would worry about letting in goals and your team being upset with you. It's also kind of scary when the ball comes flying at you."
"Every one was really supportive and most of the other teams were good sports."
" You're running around frantically with a stick and it is a lot of fun. It feels very rewarding when you manage to shoot a shot past your opponents goalie."

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Very Silly Poems!

Very Silly Poems from Matariki on Vimeo.

More From the Kitchen! Bread!

Molly, Raiha, Mia, Milla Bread Inquiry from Matariki on Vimeo.

Silly Poems

Some Very Silly Poems

In Smago town
We go round and round
All in Sombreros

And when the pit go pop
We all do the flop
Before the Sagosack
Catches us!

Listen to the whole of the poem and more on the clip.

Wonderings about developing business ideas (goods and services)

We have started a new Inquiry looking at a provocation that… Money makes the world go round!

The two main areas of study will be:
 - Exploring how money works
 - Designing a product or service, developing business ideas.

We have started gathering initial wonderings and questions. Please add your own.

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Wonderings about money

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Making a Contribution - Student Council

 This week we got into our new Student Council groups, with the new leaders. The leaders all did a quick presentation about what they thought was important about the role and what they thought they could bring to it. Then we got to work, sorting out priorities for the term and rosters as to who would do what jobs, or brainstorming what the priorities for the group should be.

The groups are:
 - Library
 - ICT
 - PALs
 - Gardens
 - Compost
 - Trapping
 - Outdoor classroom
 - Choir
 - Social

If you have any skills or tools that you would like to share with the students to help with any of these groups, please let John, Gabrielle or Hamish know.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Getting ready for next year

Today we got together with the Year 3, 4 and 5 students to start getting to know each other and work together. Today we started by looking at what character strengths animals have.