Friday, 31 March 2017

The Yet-i Monster: Grow Your Mind in Maths

The Yeti Monster

We are thinking about the Yeti Monster and growing our mind in Maths. We are all Yeti monsters, we say, "we can't do it yet but we will persevere!


 Wow! What a time. The sun shone, the challenges kept coming - some new ones this year like the super fox and the treetops.

"The campfire was fun apart from all the actions for songs. The treetops was pretty fun because you could hang or walk on the wire." - Thomas
I enjoyed treetops and the bridge of doom because the bridge of doom was challenging and treetops you get to float in the air" - Parker
"I liked the bridge of doom because it was a big challenge and if you didn't get it the first time you got wet and that's how you'd be if you kept trying." - Peter
"I liked the challenges and the shelter building because it was fun and we took turns to build it." - Matilda
"I liked the abseiling: I was scared at the beginning and I persevered through it."

Gabrielle got sick, John got injured, Hamish saved the day (and made the night fun with Sardines), Jude had two days at camp. A camp full of surprises and happy memories. Thanks to Deb, Steve and Steve for your good spirits, caring and playful attitude.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Naughty Pet stories transformed into Poems

We used the stories we created last week to make poems. The challenge was to create 2 stanzas, with four lines each. Have a read!

I have a guinea pig called Fug yay
He came to destroy me one day AHH!
I thought how could this be possible  
No no no how am I supposed to survive.

But then his army turned to rats
but it was such a big pack you know
Then they all went down to the sewers
Well I thought that was not so bad.
By Flynn

My dog is a really naughty dog.
He is a deadly dog he hunts food.
He has black eyes they look like buttons.
His type of dog is a yorkie dog

One night i left the door open
He snuck out that night to hunt for meat
The next day i saw a pile of food
I saw my dog eat the pile of meat
By Caitlynn

My puppy might be innocent but
He is actually not because he
Makes the noisiest sound with his toy
The toy is a red rubber chicken.

He squeaks it and squeaks it everyday
He is a black border collie puppy
I wanted to put him in the bin
I don’t want this to happen again.
By Kate

My Kittens
My cats are black they had some kittens.
The kittens woke me at 5am.
I really wanted revenge for that.
But they were still sweet to me for that.

My mum was furious I was sad.
She was tied up and made a big gulp.
She cried and cried for all her pillows.
She was really angry and shouted.
By Eden

A brown Cavalier Spaniel,
Saffy was its name,
He liked to eat soapy bubbles,
And play a good game,
He liked to trip me over when I was just 3 and that was a problem for me,

he liked to lick my face with a slobbery lick.
And with that he was gone,
Now he’s just a happy memory
running through my brain,
But Saffy was amazing and I still smile with glee
By Milla

My Dog
My dog was the best until he tried
To Turn on me and tried to destroy
Me with a giant food fight i said
How could this be it was just so wrong

I Fought him with my banana gun
And super potato bazooka
I fought back and they retreated scared
I won the fight victorious yay!!
By Rylan


The Super fox is a 150 metre flying fox that we got to go on at camp. Here is some writing of my scary experience!

As we were putting harnesses on to do the Super Fox I felt a little pop in my tummy which let me know I would be nervous.
When we started walking up the hill we were trying to work out who would go first, second and third (Chester went first as he carried the harnesses up, and I was going to go second!)

I stepped up, once the man clipped me in. I sat in my harness about to get pushed off. I felt nerves and was about to scream when he pushed me off. I realised that is was not scary and there was no need to scream, but it was really high. I was wondering if I would make it to the end and not fall back into the middle, but John caught me. I could hear people at the platform saying, "yay, good on you!". I felt good.

By Molly J

Here are some pictures of other people at the end of the SUPER FOX!

Hut Building at Camp!

 On Tuesday, the year 4s got to hop on the bus and check out camp! We played a game of predator-prey, and we also built some huts. 

The hut building was really fun. We had to walk through the trees and find sticks, leaves and wood to build our huts. We had to find places in between trees to put sticks. We had to walk around and find stuff that we could use. It made me feel a bit like a builder.
We made a little campfire outside our hut that you could actually light on fire! We also made a pretend bit of flooring by flipping over our leaves so that the white bit was facing up.
By Adam

Saturday, 25 March 2017

International Friendship Day Movie Project

Our International Friendship Day Movie

At Worser Bay School, we are excited to learn about different places and cultures. We have started a project that is linked to International Friendship Day (this is celebrated in Singapore to celebrate collaboration and connections with other cultures). Schools from across the world have signed up to share a short movie about their country. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

WBS and Auroa School Reading Groups: Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf - Poem by Roald Dahl

A reading group at Worser Bay are meeting with a reading group at Auroa Primary School in Taranaki once a week. We are reading the same text and meeting on skype to discuss what we have read.  

We are excited about the collaboration!

This week we read Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf - Poem by Roald Dahl 

We focused on reading the poem with fluency and expression. 

Students at Auroa School drew pictures of what we read and Worser bay added the captions.

Character Strengths and Camp

We are looking at the grouped character strengths and thinking about which ones each of us is naturally better at. We have also been thinking about which of our strengths we will use at camp, and which ones we will grow.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Poetry using Rain by Hone Tuwhare as a model

We listened to Hone Tuwhare reading his poem Rain and then used it as a model to write our own poems. There were some very creative ideas.

Here is some of our work:

Ocean    by Hayley

I hear you  breathing
With the sound of

If i were deaf
I would feel your craze
Through your deep dark waves

But if i was blind
I would definitely know you by your
Salty olive vine

The unique smell of your waves
will drift on for
Many days

But if i don't hear ,smell, feel or even  taste you
I know you will treasure me in the deep
Sea waves.

   Windy day
As you lift me up I can feel you when you coil your sound across the universe
I can see you with your calm warnings
I can hear you as your whistles take over the world.
By Griffin


I hear you surrounding me, whistling in my ear, pushing me through the air.
I can feel your biggest fear, I see you wrestling the trees.
If I were deaf I would feel a push of silent air.
The taste  of summer , freshness of air .
You will define me in the air, pushing my hair over the trees and winding air of silent wind through me.

By Greer T

Wind pushing me around it feels like
I’m flying through the air.

I hear you sneaking through the trees
Then you ambush me pushing me over
fighting to keep me on the ground.

By Adam

   Waves    by Kirsty
You crash against  the rocks.
For if I was blind I would hear you.
Sometimes you’re calm and gentle,
If i was deaf i could feel you, to guide
My way.
Sometimes you grow big and cause a tsunami
That I could taste you to guide my way home.

Sculptures for Cubadupa

Sculptures for Cuba Dupa:

We spent the day on Tuesday making these sculptures for the Cubadupa festival this coming Saturday.  The festival is going to be zero waste so to emphasise this message, all bins will be covered. Recycling bins will be available and the rubbish bins in the whole Cuba Street area will be covered by sculptures!  Some of them ours.  

Super Sewer:  Your waste is coming right back at you!  We used piping to create a tangle with the idea that all of the muck we produce is hidden from us and sent away.  What about if those pipes twisted and turned and ended up spitting their contents back at us?
Shing Kong:  The Shopping Demon.
We were thinking about the madness of shopping and how much is wasted.  The distorted figure is stuffed with clothes, some of them almost new.  What a waste.

The Twelfth Heaven: Tane te Wanaga is climbing the spiral of the winds to seek the baskets of knowledge, Te Wanaga.

The Wheel of misfortune: An accident waiting to happen.  We used old tools and found pieces to make this moving sculpture.  We are asking the question, what do we need?  Can we do without all of those products?

Kurangaituku: The Bird Woman.  Watch out Barbie Doll.  Kurangaituku is angry about the way her Mokai or pets have been treated in the forest.  

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Gallery of Tane Art: Part Two

Here is some of our art we did, inspired by Tane and his learning journey. We used pastels and blending to create awesome blending features.

Check it out, we have it decorated the Library with it!

Our Naughtiest Pets

This week we in writing we have been describing our naughty pets. We have been focussing on using describing words, and editing our work to improve it.
Our next step is to pull out the main ideas from our stories and turn them into poems. Stay tuned to see our poems!

Liquorice, the naughty cat. Her white sharp whiskers shine into the room. “Who's that?” Hunter yelled. I don't know she just came in, I think she is the neighbours. She pounced in, scurried up and tried to give the fish a heart attack. She then scattered back down shredding the new couch and eating Toby´s cat food. “It´s time for dinner!” As I pick her up she starts scratching my cheek. We eat our food and she thumps on the cat door. Mum lets her in. “Oh”, me and Hunter sigh. She starts eating our dinner and goes outside and she comes back in with rats, which you wouldn’t believe are alive! Liquorice drops them on the ground, then scurries away. Where did she go? She has gone, yay! I hate Liquorice, I am furious!
By Greer W.

Jack the cat
One day Merrin, (my next door neighbour) was having a bath at her house. Just relaxing, until Jack the cat stepped in bringing with him a struggling Gecko...Then she screamed “Ahhhh Nancy Nancy” but Nancy (Merrins daughter) did not reply.Then Jack the cat bit off the tail it was like this - wiggle wiggle wiggle. She screamed her head off this time! Jack the cat ate the Gecko body, leaving the wiggling tail waiting to wiggle its way out!
By Daisy

The cheeky cat Indy
My nana's cat Indy was cheeky, sneaky and very funny. She was black and grey and had different colored eyes. She wonders quite a lot. In the morning she pounced. Over the fence, the next door neighbour’s window was open and I guess in Indy’s mind she said “this is my chance”.

She shot herself through the window and shredded the curtain into pieces. Then the lady of the house saw Indy and threw her out the window.

I saw is as I was racing down the yard. The lady yelled get that nasty cat away from my house.

So i told my nana and she had to pay for the damage indy did. Me and my nana was

Furious at Indy. It was now nighttime and Indy was walking on the street (like always).

Out of nowhere a ginger cat pounced on indy and bit her ear then indy ran as fast as she could and cuddled up with me then and had a good night sleep.
By Eva

Bad boy dog!
One day I was watching tv. My dog Dave, who is a chocolate labrador, went over to the next door neighbors. He snuck a piece of lamb! And took it home. Dave is a very naughty boy but the next day what he did was very naughty. He snuck out to the farm 5m’s away and stole a big cow,I was very Mad!   
By Tommy

My Cat Crete, by Ari

Friday, 17 March 2017

Gallery of Tane Art

Gabrielle and Nicola's base groups have been inspired by our Inquiry learning and have produced these artworks based on Tane.