Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Flow and Independent Learning

Today we begun to use our Independent Task Sheets. These are things that we should be doing when we are not working with a teacher.

This helps us to have some choice about our learning and hopefully will help us to get into the "flow."

FLOW: In short, flow states are enjoyable, challenging and interesting experiences. The concept of flow is defined as a state of intense absorption and optimal experience that results from taking part in intrinsically motivating challenges. Flow is a peak experience of engagement, when people are most immersed, focused, and energised. The concept of flow is closely related to positive engagement. Engagement is said to consist of three related components: concentration (absorption and sustained attention); interest (curiosity and inquisitiveness); and enjoyment (feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction) States of flow represent times in life when these three components are maximised.

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