Thursday, 11 April 2019

Social Council - Positive Purpose

In Social Council we learn to be kind and not to be antisocial! We made a playlist because people were getting really irritated and bored of the songs that play at lunch. We went around and asked as many kids as possible what songs they want to hear and is it appropriate. We asked ‘would you listen to it with Jude?’ and ‘would you listen to it with a caregiver?’.  We’ve also set up PALs (Physical Activity Leaders) for rainy days and for during normal days starting in Term 2. This will give kids a chance to meet new people and also always have someone to play with.

We decided on the theme for the disco in Term 2 too. We voted on Bedtime/Slumber Party theme. We will be making decorations next term, we already have lots of ideas for this!

By Greta and Theo

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