Thursday, 11 April 2019

Making Sauerkraut

Before tasting the Sauerkraut 
After Tasting Sauerkraut.

A few weeks ago we made sauerkraut.  We picked our cabbages from the vege garden, cleaned them diced them, added salt and seeds and punched and squeezed them until they had made lots of cabbage juice. The cabbage became soft and clear.

The salt helps sauerkraut ferment and pulls liquid out of it because it kills the bad bacteria, the cabbage juice shields the cabbage from the oxygen as well as the jar which also protects the cabbage from bad bacteria.  We left it for two weeks to ferment.

Before we tried the sauerkraut we talked about natural everyday chemical reactions.   Some examples of natural everyday reactions are our digestive systems and metabolisms, and rust and mould. 
But, because we are in the envirogroup our favourite everyday reaction is PHOTOSYNTHESIS!
Because it helps trees and plants grow and trees and plants help us live and grow and breathe and; breathing gives us LIFE!

Sadly our sauerkraut became a bit (VERY) smelly.  Perhaps some bad bacteria made its way into the jars? Could it have been from some grubby fingers and hands?  Was it the summer heat? Who knows for sure.  Only one thing is certain; we will be making sauerkraut again!  Delicious!

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