Monday, 3 December 2018

Let the Beach Week(s) Begin...

Today our Beach Week(s) begun. We did lots of different activities on the beach and the Year 5 students went sailing. What a wonderful start to our Education Outside of the Classroom. 

To find out what is happening, here is a link to our Beach Timetable 

Here is the link to info about our Marafun (Duathlon) We are raising money for Kidscan. 


I loved swimming because I have not done it for so long in the sea. I also loved spending time with my friends and teachers. I loved every moment of the time we were at the beach.


I loved building the village today. It started off as a small cluster of houses and soon inflated to massive size. It was fun watching it grow, and eventually get wasted by the sea.


I used a growth mind set in swimming because I thought I wouldn't have fun but I gave it a go and had so much fun (it was my favourite part).
I used manaakitanga today at the beach with my friends when we made the sand castles.
My favourite part was swimming. I also liked the game, capture the flag .


At the beach I loved sailing and playing in the water.


I loved swimming in the water, even though I thought that it was too cold to go in. But it wasn’t, it was great.

Hunter R:

I loved swimming because the water was really cold and when we did sailing I got to go on the rescue boat

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