Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Celebrating our third places inquiry

Over the past few weeks Gabrielle's inquiry group have been making projects in groups to put out for the community.

Third places are places like your home away from home where you go when you want to relax and just be quiet.
Sticky places are like places you don't want to leave  you're stuck to them. Bumpy places are like where you bump into people and make new friends.

We want to thank Elinor because she has really helped us make our third places by contributing materials, money and helping out through the procedure.

We have many different things, from bird houses to fairy doors.

Over this past time we have learnt a lot such as tips to painting and how to measure the precise angle.We are putting these crafts around the neighbourhood and making them a thing that everyone can use including the public.

Overall I think that over this experience everyone has learnt something and we are all really proud of what we’ve achieved.

By Ben B

We had an afternoon tea today to share our learning and celebrate what we had made. Everyone was very grateful to Elinor for her support for their project and spoke really confidently about their creations for the third place that they had identified. Elinor's supervisor from Victoria University also came into be part of our celebration and was impressed with the community support for the students' work.

Thanks to Zach for putting this movie together showing some of the installations that are already in the community.

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