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Johns Literacy Group - Found Poetry

John’s Literacy Group - Found poetry
Found poetry is created from other texts we might stumble across, writing on a wall, timetables, a chapter from a novel, a letter. This text inspires us in some way to refashion the text and form the words into a poem. It is an original poem, created out of parts of ‘stolen’ text. Our texts varied from a fact book about snow leopards (Olivia), a poison arrow frog (Jack), a shoe factory (Anna) and a recipe to make brownies (Gretel) , a book on rainbows (Alexa and Nea) and more!
We got ‘stealing’ on Monday and Tuesday- stealing words from the walls around the room and from books lying around - and here are the poems we came up with! 

Rainbow: A Found poem
a spectrum of light,
Takes form,
multi coloured ark
Caused by sunlight,
always appear,
opposite to the sun,
Can be full circles,
Illuminated above the ground
red on top
violet inside,
Caused by light refracted,
Entering a droplet of water,
then reflected,
inside on the back,
refracted again,
leaving it,
Double rainbow,
Second arc,
seen outside,
the order of its colours,
red facing red,
both rainbows.
By Alexa

Schumann the Shoeman

The fancy handy work,
all very organised.
Marvellous inventions,
unusual friends,
slithery, tickly spark clean shoes.
The sensible paint,
crafts into place.
Your heart beams upon the marsh.
The breeze swipes past your face, just like a python.
                                        By Anna
Grey Shoe
The gray shoe walked to the door
Wondered, “how was I hoodwinked?”
That shoeman made me in a grey factory
Gray shoe thought, no wonder his pantry
is full of gray belts and gray

By Rowan
Snow leopards
The endangered trust,
With the mystical dust,
And maybye not easy to tame.

The mountain chill,
They all know the drill,
All of their cubs they must claim.
Olivia C
 lost by found
First few to none saw it
      no people happened ask
              thing knew nothing
                      lost by found
Information inspected

Hear story
   remember interesting
             unconsciously found
                     usual ordinary beach ago
                                rather particular look

much tirelessly i worked on collection
   reason stopped working
what is started it while
   sad sort, seemed weird, out of place

beach stuff continued,
 but wasn't right, something.  

seemed no notice
      was most  sure
Insulated with hair,
They must all take good care,
And “snow” always fits in their name

Dramatic decline,
With such little time,
And some have been poached on a flame.

Rare beautiful ,
Oh why they would kill,
Such an endangered small range.

Louise M

Poison arrow
The poison arrow frog.
The native people are even
afraid to go near it.

One of the poison arrow frogs
has enough poison in one
frog to kill thousands.
 so watch out!
By Jack K

Thick, Chocolate
Hot, tasty serve,
Serve with pleasure,
Eggs and Flour,
Mix with power,
Turn the heat on to 180,
get a 20x30 tray,
and butter,
Icing sugar make the touch!
                                                                          By Gretel


My vintage rose
chillin in the silver lake sun
maroon lips eating
pancakes the flavour of tacos
No Big Deal
feelin lazy and hazy
in my bright blue maserati
My neon ping pong ball
looking as fresh as a daisy
baby chicks walkin past singing
Kids park their cardboard car and it’s
By Ally

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