Thursday, 25 October 2012

Baby Elephant Rescue

Where am I? There is mud all over the place I feel my heart pumping I hear my parents trying to get me out but I hear something else...A lion? Wait the mud cleared out of my eyes OH NO those things with wheels are scaring my parents NOOOOO mum don't leave me dad come back please.Ho are those things? are they going to kill me? Wait they are helping me! I'm going to get out I just need to find my parents "1 hour later" they've gone really far away... I SEE THEM DAD MUM, THOSE THINGS HELPED ME I AM SOOO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!!!! Those things are humans.  By David

Mum, mum! Don't leave me, I'm stuck in a hole. No no! What's that? A sound that a tiger makes? No, it cant be it's some sort of electrical thing. Hey mum, I'm saved, nope, oh! I see an animal standing on it's his leg's I'm saved now. I have to run to mum. By Felix

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