Saturday, 20 October 2012

In the holidays...

The 10th tooth

Light shone into my eyes, a metal strap was wrapped
around my tooth, a crunching sound was going on
inside my mouth. Suddenly it stopped and a man took
out a white blood stained object and replaced it with a
piece of cotton wool. It was over. I had lost my 10th

By Aidan


The sand crunched beneath my feet and the 
wind blew against my face as I walked along the 
beach. I lay down and let the soft, silky sand 
slide beneath my fingers while I heard the waves 
crashing against the shore. The salt, light as air 
slipped into my open mouth. Children laughing 
and screaming, jumping and playing while I sat 
still as a stone, looking and listening.

By Anneke

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