Thursday, 29 November 2012

Quadblogging: Questions for the International Schools

We wanted to ask you questions about your playtimes

1. What are the most popular games at school?

2. Do you have different play spaces?

3. Does your school have much shade/ trees?

4. Do you make up your own games?

5. Do you have a PE shed?

6. What equipment do you have in the playground?

7. Do you prefer chasing games or ball games?

8. Do you always play with the same people?

9. Can you join in with anyone else in a game and feel comfortable?

10. Are you kind to others and are others kind to you?

11. Do you learn while you are playing games and if so, how do you learn during these games? What are the games?

12. Do you use your playing time to read?

13. Do you have children that run games at playtime and lunchtime?

14. Do your teachers supervise at playtime?

15. Do you have a library?

16. Are you happy with your school environment?

17. Do you prefer to play inside or outside?

18. Are you allowed to play on the computers?

19. How long do you have to eat and play?

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