Friday, 8 March 2013

Karapoti Bike Ride by Liam

This is my homework.

This is when I was at the Karapoti bike ride.

The picture at the top is when me and my dad are just about to start.

The second picture at the top is when he was starting .

The race I did was 5kms. The one dad did a 50kms. It was so hard my breathing started to sound like a house was breathing my lungs started to hurt, my legs  started to hurt. I was tired. I'm pretty sure the same thing was happening to dad!

I came 3rd out of my year group out of 100 competitors. Not in my year group there was 300 and I came 16 out of that.

by Liam 

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  1. Liam, that is amazing. You must have been so pleased to do so well. Congratulations. Nicola