Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My New Puppy

This is my puppy. She is so cute. She is only ten weeks old she she can run faster than me, she has only played with one other dog. My puppy has white and brown spots and she is always very excited, so if she is excited around you then don't be surprised if she bites you.

By Felix


  1. She is soooo cute what is her name ? I have a dog to her name is Lola . What type is she ?

    Lola is a pattadale

    1. my dogs name is dusty

  2. I love dogs there my favourite animals I have my one called Toby he's a black Labrador ratrever. Great description she sounds a bit like my dog.

  3. You're puppy is very cute I can't stop myself looking at the cute thing did you have a pet day at you'r school because if you did I won't look at any other pet if I was there.

  4. Beautiful dog, great picture.

  5. Dusty is such a cute are lucky Felix to have such a cute new friend. PS This is from Sarah (Felix's mum) not anonymous.