Saturday, 23 March 2013

Some Writing About Camp

Predators and Prey

I was running from the T Rexes and bears. Predator and Prey was hard, especially if you were a chicken. The first round was hard but the last round was easy. I didn’t tag many people because everyone I went for was too fast. Some people were too slow and too easy. I wasn’t going to tag Connor, even though he was a bear, because we teamed up on someone. Everything at camp was fun. Abseiling was good too but that is a different story. 

by Adam

Mud Slide

I whooshed down the mud slide like a speed 
boat. Once I landed in the water, it was slimy, 
muddy and dirty. It felt like I was surrounded 
by slime monsters. 

by Louie


John’s paddle fell out of his kayak. He stood up in his kayak and he fell out… 

by James

Water Games

Suddenly, I started to hear the sound of water coming towards me and splash! I get soaked with water oh no, it’s Chanel’s turn. Oh no, Chanel got soaked too… so we go to the back of the line and we sat down and we chatted until it was our go again. 

by Francesca

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