Monday, 16 February 2015


Last Tuesday, Hamish brought his three bonsai trees into class and we got to observe and then to sketch them. It was very fun, everybody loved it. There were three tables, one for each bonsai. Here are some examples of the sketches we did. Bonsai trees originated in China and have been carried on for centuries. You have to get seeds of trees that would normally grow quite big, but you try to keep them small by trimming the roots and branches of the tree.


-I liked that they looked like baby trees. Milly
-I liked how they were twisty and twirly. Liam
-I liked the little temple that was on one of the bonsai pots. Emma C
-It looked cool and plastic. Louis
-I liked the reactions of the students when they saw the bonsai and how I could share my passion with the class. Hamish
-I liked how they looked like they were from the past or from somewhere else. Molly
- Pohutakawa tree leaves look like paddles. Joab
- I liked how one of the Bonsai trees had a curve. Meg

By Jude and Oto 

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