Friday, 13 February 2015

You can't beat Wellington on a Good Day!

We have been writing poems about Wellington. We will share our poems with Class 11 at St Giles School, Lincoln, UK

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What poetry features can you see in our poems? 

Windy Wellington 
By Sam
The sky is blue, the wind is free,
The air is surrounding everywhere ‘round me,  
On every good day, bet you know what they say,
You can't beat Wellington on a good day.
The sun is up, the sea is down,
The sun glitters all over town,
The people say hey,
You can’t beat  Wellington on a good day,
The sea is down, the night is black,
Calm and heavy you'll follow the track,
On every good day, bet you know what they say,
You can't beat Wellington on a good day!

You Can’t Beat Wellington On Any Day
By George

Some days you can chill at the beach,
And the bad weather is out of reach.

But the other days are not so nice,
The rain pouring, no blue sky.

Then there are the middle days,
With multiple things like Te Papa and Wellington’s museums.

So simply Wellington is the best,
Better than all the rest!

By Jack H
The wind screams in my face
Trees fall on the road
Leafs spins around like a green tornado
The sky is grey
Why is Wellington so windy?

You Can Never Beat Wellington On a Good Day
By Betty
The clouds bounce across the pacific sky
The ocean gently touches the sand
The summer breeze blows the beautiful trees elegantly
The sun is scorching the bay
That's why you can’t beat Wellington on a good day!
The clouds are fading away
Then that's the start to a better day
Divers diving in the sea
What time is it, I can't see
It's the afternoon now, it’s hot, why did I wear long sleeves?
Now I say “can't we go to scorcher bay?”
That is why you can't beat Wellington on a good day
The sea whimpers through the night
Now I'm getting frost bite
Now that's the start of a bad day, but I say
You can't beat Wellington on a good day!!

Wellington Custard
By Gretel
Ice- cream,
Lets Scream,
It’s sunny,
I can spend some money,
Down at the Dairy,
The shopkeepers hairy,
He gives me some rice,
With some pet mice,
The birds are chirping,
And something's murking,
Then the rain comes,
And the supermarket is filled with moms.


Wellington Poem from Matariki on Vimeo.


  1. You can't beat Australia on a good day

    The colourful chameleons sunbathing on the big hot rocks.
    The slivering snakes slithering through the bush.

    The boiling Sun is shining on the on the tallest tower in Sydney, the Eiffel Tower.
    The flowers are blossoming quickly out of the house
    So we can see the flowers blossoming‼️
    And that is why you cant' beat Australia on a good day!

    By Jasper

  2. Wellington
    A seagull circles overhead,
    oh how wish I were you,
    above the grey looming storm clouds,
    away from the pouring rain,
    never to feel the breeze in your feathers,
    away from the wind of Wellington
    by Emma.S

  3. Windy Wellington

    The sea roars over the wind,
    The wind roars back.
    Trees rustle through the leaves,
    Fog silently swifts around the harbour.

    Mountains are just visible through the marathon running clouds.
    The lighthouse flashes on and off,
    dancing through the waves.
    The weeds of wisdom dance to the music of the wind.
    By Anna

  4. You can’t beat wellington on a
    good day
    Blue ocean sparkles like a popstar
    rocks rattle like thunder
    swishing seaweed surrounding the boat
    leafs are falling like the sky is falling
    sun is setting and the moon shining.

    By Lucie

  5. You can’t beat wellington on a windy day
    you can’t beat wellington on a windy day
    the rough blue sea crashes the wharf
    the leaves falling
    clouds bursts through the sky
    “oh what a windy day’’
    sailors cancelling the boat trips
    people surfing
    people laughing
    the cold wing pushing my body
    you can’t beat welington on a windy day!!!

  6. You can’t beat Wellington on a good day by Hunter

    You can’t beat Wellington on a good day
    The cicadas are singing
    The birds are humming
    You can’t beat Wellington on a good day
    The boats are parked up
    The tree’s are growing up
    And the children are playing around
    The waves are crashing in
    The cookies are gone from the tin
    And the ice blocks sticks have filled up in the bin
    So without a doubt
    No questions about
    You can’t beat Wellington on a good day.

  7. You can’t beat Wellington on a good day!

    The sky is blue
    the clouds are gone
    the trees are still
    the boats are sailing
    the pool is full
    I had a spill
    cause my tummy is full
    from the sea pool
    in dynamite fall

    by Chester

  8. Congratulations on some amazing poems!! We loved reading your descriptions of where you live, and we spotted some great onomatopoeia and similes! It sounds so different to our city. At the moment it is winter here so it is very cold and icy. We have written a few of our poems onto our blog. Let us know what you think!

    1. Thanks! We will have a look at your poems. Yes, our cities sound very different.

  9. You cant beat wellington on
    a bad day . By: Danielle.G

    The mountains loom over me,
    Casting a shadow over the land.
    The wind howls through the trees,
    The sea roars at the passing boats.
    You can't beat Wellington on a bad day!
    The rain pounds on the roof of the car.
    A bike shed rolls across the road,
    a tree falls in front of us.
    “We have to take the long way home” said Andy.
    We pull into the drive.
    I sprint into my house to a fresh apple pie.
    The next day school was canceled.
    You know what they say-
    You cant beat Wellington on a bad day!

  10. Windy wellington
    Trees sway angrily
    People with long black clocks from their necks to their knees
    The sea punching the rooks and then drawing back to strike a again
    The rain hits and punches people
    Cars with windscreen wipers on and people huddled up inside
    The sad gray ski floats above
    Cars drive through puddles soaking people
    as they walk sadly and quietly along the pavement
    And that is Wellington on a good day
    by Emma M

  11. Wellington Boat sailing sun rising
    ants in my pants
    cicada jumping
    dead trees
    sea calm
    vines growing
    leaves throwing
    dead grass
    everyone having a good time.
    by Hugo W.