Thursday, 30 April 2015

Students as archeologists: We found many old things buried down the bank including some old milk bottles.

Students as archeologists:  we found many old things down the bank including some old milk bottles.
This is research done by Perry, Abay and Joel.

If You Learned Here- EBook Publication Day

 "The day has come, and our If You Learned Here eBook is ready! We should all be proud of what we have created together. It is something you will want to read multiple times to notice all the details, and share with friends and family. 

From your iPad*, please click here to download your copy. Be patient -- the file may take some time to download. Remember to “open in” iBooks (with the arrow in the upper right corner) so you can enjoy the finished publication. If you “open in” Book Creator by mistake, you will get an editable version, in which elements may move as you swipe from page to page." 

You can also download The Readium extension for the Chrome browser on a computer
Calibre for a computer

Read more At:

Here are the pages from Worser Bay School:

This is us reading the book:

"It is a very interesting book. We liked the pictures of schools and how they learn."

"It was great to see other schools in the world. We love being part of this!"

"The book is incredible"

"We enjoyed reading the ebook and finding out about other people's schools across the world."

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Personal Writing...

A time I was scared by Sophia
As I shuffled towards the window, which I was supposed to abseil down, fear was slowing me down. As soon as I was leaning out of the window I began to whimper, sob and shake, but then I heard my teacher, Hamish say, “If you get down Sophia, I’ll give you two sour worms!” My eyes lit up. I was torn between my fear of heights and desire for lollies. My desire won and the next thing I knew, I was half way down the wall telling the instructor about dragons. When I got to the bottom, I smiled and thought to myself, that wasn’t so bad after all!

A Time When I Got Scared by Angelina

I was rushing up the stairs, wanting to get home, I unlocked the bottom lock. I didn’t know the top lock was locked. I put my foot against the glass, but it didn’t open. Suddenly, CRASH! My knee went through the glass. I cried. When I saw the blood trickling down my leg, I screamed like mad. I was afraid. Then my grandma quickly came because she heard the smash. She thought that I smashed the door by accident. “Stupid Girl” she called up to me. She saw me then took me to the hospital. I nearly got stitches. I don’t like stitches.

The Eyes by Louis

I lazily lumbered in to my room to get my pj’s. They were waiting on my bunk bed.
I carefully climbed up my bunk slide and I placed my hand on my pj’s.
Suddenly a cold shiver went up my spine. I felt like I was being watched by a thousand tiny eyes. I turned around and screamed. I thought my teddies had real eyes.
I jumped off the top of my bunk onto the tramp, and ran desperately into my mum and dad’s room. I leapt onto their bed and rolled myself under the covers. I felt like I was safe.  

Tower of Terror: A Time I was scared by Hanne

The lights flickered off. We waited in the dark, then we heard a click. Suddenly we rushed backwards through a pitch black tunnel. The sound was like thunder echoing around us.
“Wait, what was that big tower we saw when we came into Dreamworld?” I asked my dad.
“The tower we are about to go up.” He shouted back to me.
“What?” I screamed. Then we came outside and the tower got closer and closer.
Then we went up the tower backwards up to the top and hung there.
“Oh no, what goes up, must come down” I screamed as we went down, down, down…
Back into the tunnel.
I thought to myself, I want to do that again!

I cried over spilt milk by Gretel

¨Ow, ow, ow!!!¨ I scream.
Mum comes rushing in looking tired.
¨What’s happened¨ she asks with a with worry in her voice.
¨Tessa spilt her milk all over the floor¨ I say in between sobs, ¨I slipped on it and banged my head on the edge of that wall.¨
I am clutching my head like it was the most important thing to me. I slowly take my hands off my head, adjusting to the pain. I wince at the huge pain it is giving me. As my hands finally reach the side of my body I see a flicker of red on my hand, I look more closely. It’s blood!

Rabbit Island by Chester

The boat zooms off to Rabbit Island. Crash! A huge wave comes over the side of the boat. We come to an abrupt stop. Everyone jolts forward and back. There was a sudden strike of lightning and a gust of wind. What an adventure.

ANZAC Biscuits

We made some ANZAC biscuits yesterday at school because ANZAC day was on Friday. ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps. ANZAC day is a day to commemorate and remember the young soldiers who fought in war and risked their lives. 

By Janne and Kaia

Ingredients for Anzac Biscuits
You will need:
¼  cups of plain
1 cup of rolled oats
½ cup of caster sugar
¾ cup desiccated coconut
2 tablespoon golden syrup
1 cup of unsalted butter
½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

By Parker

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Thank you to Milton who came to talk to us about bees and beehives

Emma. M’s Grandad (Milton) came in to talk about bees and beehives.

First, he talked about all the bees and about himself. Drones are the boy bees and the lazy and bossy bees. Also, they can’t even feed themselves! All the other bees kick them out at the end of the season.

Next he talked about the gear and how important it is to wear it. He even made Blake wear the suit (he looked very funny).

Then Milton spoke about the design of the hive and why they built it that way.

The cone (where all the honey is made) was passed around so everyone got to feel and see what it is like.

By Hanne and Sophia

Monday, 27 April 2015

If You Learned Here E Book will be published this week...

We have been connecting with other schools across the globe, finding out about life in other schools.  We have contributed towards an ebook and this will be published on Wednesday.  

Beginning at 12 p.m. Central Standard Time, our If You Learned Here global eBook will be available for the world to download and enjoy!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

A time when I was scared...

This week we have been working on personal stories. We have been writing recounts about a time when we were scared. 

We have used our best words and added detail to our writing.

Locked in! By Eloise

The door slammed shut, I heard the lock click shut behind me. I was locked in!
My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. I fumbled around for the light switch, finding it I switched it on. A sudden burst of light illuminated the dark room, filling it with bright yellow light. I could now see the wine bottles lined up on the wooden shelves along the rock walls. The dark liquid inside the bottles seemed to glow through the glass armor around them. They just sat on their shelf, waiting. And I would wait with them. How long was I going to be there? Just waiting for someone to rescue me from this small cold room, I couldn't wait any longer. “Mum” I shouted at the top of my voice hearing it echo around the small room. But no one replied.  

My dog by Alexandra

The time is ticking, it feels like hours, but it has only been minutes. I couldn't get to sleep, I wish my dog was here! Suddenly I heard a noise it is a tick ticking noise. I feel scared so I put my blanket over my head. All of a sudden, something jumps on my bed. I scream. I didn’t move. I shouldn’t leave the door open. I peep over my blanket. It’s Harry!
“Come on Harry, you must be hungry.” I go to give him food. I look at my dog, he’s in the middle of the bed and sleeping.   

BIG JUMP by George

My turn! My teeth were chattering together. I think to myself, I’ve had a good life.
Everyone is demanding "JUMP". I’m off I was in the air for so long I could have had a cup of tea and a sandwich. KAPOW! I hit the water with a humongous splash. I’m under the water for a while, like time stopped, I slowly float up. "Yaaay" I hear everyone cheering for me with a sense of relief. I say I'm never doing that again.

The time I was scared by Hayley

One time I went to a forest with my mum and my dog, Jock. There was a pond filled with algae. Splash! My dog fell in. It was the end of him. So I thought to myself, shall I just take my clothes off and jump in or let him die… but he jumped out! And after all that he never went back to the pond in the forest.
Whenever I get scared I think about this, even though it seems like a dream!

Tarzan Swing by Hunter

I quietly shuffle closer and closer to the Tarzan swing, regretfully.  My hands shake, and reach up to the thick mouldy, brown rope. I look back to Dad, he says “You can do it”. I take a deep breath and step backwards for my run-up, curling my legs around the rope, holding on tight. I’m swooping across the river with freedom. Dad was standing on the ledge behind me, he yells “LET GO” so I plop into the cold river. That was awesome, I’m definitely doing that again!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Thursday, 23 April 2015

WBS ANZAC remembrance ceremony

Today we had a ceremony to remember the people who fought in wars. ANZAC day is when we remember all the people who risked their lives for us.

We said our karakia, we heard the bugle, Jude gave a speech and we did one minute of silence.

We put our poppies into the ground in front of the crosses.

By Molly D


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

ANZAC: Remembering people that fought in war

In our reading sessions this week, we have been finding out about ANZAC day.

Has anyone in your family fought in a war? 
We are going to create a remembrance wall to remember people that fought for their country. Please add to our wall by finding photos/ and or a blurb about them.

Here are some examples...

Suzanne’s Poppa - Joseph James Williams

20150419_204030.jpg Lucy’s Poppa Joe was in the Royal NZ Air Force.  He was a flying officer (Aircrew) In World War II 1939-1945.

This is Suzanne’s Papa -  Grandfather.  

Arthur Julian Brooking
Serial No:        25817           Surname:   Brooking                Forename(s):   Arthur
Next of kin on enlistment:      Mrs K. Brooking (mother), Te Araroa, New Zealand Rank:    Private Te Araroa, New Zealand

Papa had experiences with the Maori Battalion, from training in New Zealand in 1940 to fighting in Greece and Crete in 1941 where he was captured. He talked about his time in Germany in a Prisoner of War camp which only ended in 1945,  in the book NGA TAMA TOA - THE PRICE OF CITIZENSHIP - Monty Soutar

Suzanne’s Father - Moana Nui a Kiwa is named after his uncle -

Te Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa Ngarimu.

Te Moananui Ngarimu was born at Whareponga on the East Coast in 1919. He attended Whareponga and Hiruharama Native Schools and Te Aute College. He then worked on the family farm.

Early in World War II Sir Apirana Ngata convinced the Government to form the 28th New Zealand (Maori) Battalion, organised on a tribal basis and entirely composed of volunteers. Among the earliest to join, Ngarimu signed up in February 1940.

The Battalion left New Zealand in may 1940. Ngarimu subsequently became a second lieutenant and a platoon leader in the C Company, drawn from the Eastern Bay of Plenty, East Coast and Poverty Bay.  

The Maori Battalion was in heavy fighting in Greece, Crete and Libya. In February 1943 C Company officers, including Ngarimu, wrote to Sir Apirana Ngata, ‘the father of the Battalion’, about the many casualties, that wounded men were having to fight, and suggesting that the men needed a rest.

Shortly after this the Battalion went into action in at Tebag Gap, Tunisia. The objective was a hill called Point 209, which the Ngati Porou soldiers named Hikurangi after their mountain at home. Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bennett, wrote of Ngarimu: "Displaying courage and leadership of the highest order, he was himself on the hill crest, personally annihilating at least two enemy machine gun posts".

Although wounded in the shoulder and leg, Ngarimu stayed with his men. ‘Hikurangi’ was attacked many times during the night and Ngarimu led the defence, driving the attackers back with his machine gun and throwing stones in hand-to-hand combat when weapons were disables or grenades had run out.
On the morning of 27 March 1943 the enemy counter-attacked again and Moananui Ngarimu was killed. Later that day the Germans on Point 209 surrendered.

Moananui Ngarimu was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery, determination and outstanding leadership. It was presented to his parents by the Governor General at a large hui at Ruatoria in October 1943. The only Victorian Cross ever awarded to a Maori, it is displayed in the Tairawhiti Museum’s Prize of Citizenship Gallery.

Te Moananui-a-Kiwa Ngarimu VC is buried in the Sfax Cemetery in Tunisia.

Monday, 20 April 2015

What did you enjoy last term?

We are interested in finding out what you found interesting, engaging and motivating last term. We will think about what an engaged learner looks like, sounds like and feels like. These ideas will link to our daily goals and reflections.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Mahutonga's Great Walk

Mahutonga: Great Walk Site
As part of our inquiry, "what is in your backyard" we have been learning about what is in New Zealand's backyard. We will focus on one of the great walks - The Routeburn Track

We will be entering a competition. The deadline is the 9th April.
Read more about the competition at:

We have tracked the walks that we have done at school. 
If you have anything to share then please send pictures and a blurb to Nicola: 

All pictures, movies, presentation etc. will be added to: 

Please answer the following questions in the comments section below:

1.       Which Great Walk did you choose and why?

2.       How far did you walk locally and the final distance walked?

3.       Tell/show us three things you discovered about conservation

4.       Tell/show us three things you discovered walking your local tracks

5.       Is there a difference between your chosen Great Walk and your local tracks?

If you learned here- Favourite books

We have been collaborating with schools across the world in a project called, "if you learned here". Find out about what we love to read... 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Celebration of learning

Celebrating our Learning with Parents. What a fantastic day!

It was really packed and noisy when Parents, Friends and Family came in today, It was really fun. Everybody was looking at the work we have done and the artefacts that we found down the bank. All the parents were so excited to explore the classrooms and find out what is down the bank, they also enjoyed seeing what we have to offer. There was also some delicious Kawa-kawa tea that we put out for the parents and students, tasty! There was a table for sketching and drawing with charcoal, so the parents could do some art. The parents  loved all of the amazing bird feeders that we made! We  planted the seed bombs down the bank with the parents and teachers so that they could see what the seed bombs do. Here are the parents looking at the footprints we got through our tracking tunnels, The parents look at the treasure we found down the bank  and planting seed bombs!
photo 1.JPG

The parents look at the treasure we found down the bank.

Planting seed bombs,(These were the ones we froze first.)

photo 1.JPG