Sunday, 26 April 2015

A time when I was scared...

This week we have been working on personal stories. We have been writing recounts about a time when we were scared. 

We have used our best words and added detail to our writing.

Locked in! By Eloise

The door slammed shut, I heard the lock click shut behind me. I was locked in!
My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. I fumbled around for the light switch, finding it I switched it on. A sudden burst of light illuminated the dark room, filling it with bright yellow light. I could now see the wine bottles lined up on the wooden shelves along the rock walls. The dark liquid inside the bottles seemed to glow through the glass armor around them. They just sat on their shelf, waiting. And I would wait with them. How long was I going to be there? Just waiting for someone to rescue me from this small cold room, I couldn't wait any longer. “Mum” I shouted at the top of my voice hearing it echo around the small room. But no one replied.  

My dog by Alexandra

The time is ticking, it feels like hours, but it has only been minutes. I couldn't get to sleep, I wish my dog was here! Suddenly I heard a noise it is a tick ticking noise. I feel scared so I put my blanket over my head. All of a sudden, something jumps on my bed. I scream. I didn’t move. I shouldn’t leave the door open. I peep over my blanket. It’s Harry!
“Come on Harry, you must be hungry.” I go to give him food. I look at my dog, he’s in the middle of the bed and sleeping.   

BIG JUMP by George

My turn! My teeth were chattering together. I think to myself, I’ve had a good life.
Everyone is demanding "JUMP". I’m off I was in the air for so long I could have had a cup of tea and a sandwich. KAPOW! I hit the water with a humongous splash. I’m under the water for a while, like time stopped, I slowly float up. "Yaaay" I hear everyone cheering for me with a sense of relief. I say I'm never doing that again.

The time I was scared by Hayley

One time I went to a forest with my mum and my dog, Jock. There was a pond filled with algae. Splash! My dog fell in. It was the end of him. So I thought to myself, shall I just take my clothes off and jump in or let him die… but he jumped out! And after all that he never went back to the pond in the forest.
Whenever I get scared I think about this, even though it seems like a dream!

Tarzan Swing by Hunter

I quietly shuffle closer and closer to the Tarzan swing, regretfully.  My hands shake, and reach up to the thick mouldy, brown rope. I look back to Dad, he says “You can do it”. I take a deep breath and step backwards for my run-up, curling my legs around the rope, holding on tight. I’m swooping across the river with freedom. Dad was standing on the ledge behind me, he yells “LET GO” so I plop into the cold river. That was awesome, I’m definitely doing that again!


  1. There was some great describing words

  2. Great Writing by Greer (Hunter's little sister)

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