Thursday, 30 April 2015

If You Learned Here- EBook Publication Day

 "The day has come, and our If You Learned Here eBook is ready! We should all be proud of what we have created together. It is something you will want to read multiple times to notice all the details, and share with friends and family. 

From your iPad*, please click here to download your copy. Be patient -- the file may take some time to download. Remember to “open in” iBooks (with the arrow in the upper right corner) so you can enjoy the finished publication. If you “open in” Book Creator by mistake, you will get an editable version, in which elements may move as you swipe from page to page." 

You can also download The Readium extension for the Chrome browser on a computer
Calibre for a computer

Read more At:

Here are the pages from Worser Bay School:

This is us reading the book:

"It is a very interesting book. We liked the pictures of schools and how they learn."

"It was great to see other schools in the world. We love being part of this!"

"The book is incredible"

"We enjoyed reading the ebook and finding out about other people's schools across the world."


  1. I love the pictures of your students reading the eBook. Thanks so much for participating in If You Learned Here, Worser Bay!

    1. We got a lot out of it, so thank you!