Saturday, 4 April 2015

Mahutonga's Great Walk

Mahutonga: Great Walk Site
As part of our inquiry, "what is in your backyard" we have been learning about what is in New Zealand's backyard. We will focus on one of the great walks - The Routeburn Track

We will be entering a competition. The deadline is the 9th April.
Read more about the competition at:

We have tracked the walks that we have done at school. 
If you have anything to share then please send pictures and a blurb to Nicola: 

All pictures, movies, presentation etc. will be added to: 

Please answer the following questions in the comments section below:

1.       Which Great Walk did you choose and why?

2.       How far did you walk locally and the final distance walked?

3.       Tell/show us three things you discovered about conservation

4.       Tell/show us three things you discovered walking your local tracks

5.       Is there a difference between your chosen Great Walk and your local tracks?

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  1. Q1. Routeburn: We really enjoyed the Bear Grylls Air New Zealand safety movie and wanted to find out more about the track.

    Q2. We have walked further than the Routeburn Track distance.