Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Personal Writing...

A time I was scared by Sophia
As I shuffled towards the window, which I was supposed to abseil down, fear was slowing me down. As soon as I was leaning out of the window I began to whimper, sob and shake, but then I heard my teacher, Hamish say, “If you get down Sophia, I’ll give you two sour worms!” My eyes lit up. I was torn between my fear of heights and desire for lollies. My desire won and the next thing I knew, I was half way down the wall telling the instructor about dragons. When I got to the bottom, I smiled and thought to myself, that wasn’t so bad after all!

A Time When I Got Scared by Angelina

I was rushing up the stairs, wanting to get home, I unlocked the bottom lock. I didn’t know the top lock was locked. I put my foot against the glass, but it didn’t open. Suddenly, CRASH! My knee went through the glass. I cried. When I saw the blood trickling down my leg, I screamed like mad. I was afraid. Then my grandma quickly came because she heard the smash. She thought that I smashed the door by accident. “Stupid Girl” she called up to me. She saw me then took me to the hospital. I nearly got stitches. I don’t like stitches.

The Eyes by Louis

I lazily lumbered in to my room to get my pj’s. They were waiting on my bunk bed.
I carefully climbed up my bunk slide and I placed my hand on my pj’s.
Suddenly a cold shiver went up my spine. I felt like I was being watched by a thousand tiny eyes. I turned around and screamed. I thought my teddies had real eyes.
I jumped off the top of my bunk onto the tramp, and ran desperately into my mum and dad’s room. I leapt onto their bed and rolled myself under the covers. I felt like I was safe.  

Tower of Terror: A Time I was scared by Hanne

The lights flickered off. We waited in the dark, then we heard a click. Suddenly we rushed backwards through a pitch black tunnel. The sound was like thunder echoing around us.
“Wait, what was that big tower we saw when we came into Dreamworld?” I asked my dad.
“The tower we are about to go up.” He shouted back to me.
“What?” I screamed. Then we came outside and the tower got closer and closer.
Then we went up the tower backwards up to the top and hung there.
“Oh no, what goes up, must come down” I screamed as we went down, down, down…
Back into the tunnel.
I thought to myself, I want to do that again!

I cried over spilt milk by Gretel

¨Ow, ow, ow!!!¨ I scream.
Mum comes rushing in looking tired.
¨What’s happened¨ she asks with a with worry in her voice.
¨Tessa spilt her milk all over the floor¨ I say in between sobs, ¨I slipped on it and banged my head on the edge of that wall.¨
I am clutching my head like it was the most important thing to me. I slowly take my hands off my head, adjusting to the pain. I wince at the huge pain it is giving me. As my hands finally reach the side of my body I see a flicker of red on my hand, I look more closely. It’s blood!

Rabbit Island by Chester

The boat zooms off to Rabbit Island. Crash! A huge wave comes over the side of the boat. We come to an abrupt stop. Everyone jolts forward and back. There was a sudden strike of lightning and a gust of wind. What an adventure.


  1. It been really fun writing these storys!!
    - Gretel

  2. The verbs you used helped me understand the story better. I enjoyed your short awesome story.